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B/astorb/astorb Orbits of Minor Planets (Bowell+ 2014)
The catalog of Orbits (2014-01-05) (1078400 rows)
  Name===2006 WD92
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Note: This is a copy of the Asteroid Observing Services from the Asteroid Database at Lowell Observatory

ColumnValue  Explain   (UCD)
recno 620375  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification.

Planet   (i) [1,]+ Asteroid number (blank if unnumbered)
Name2006 WD92  (i) Name or preliminary designation.
CompNameL.H. Wasserman  Orbit Computer.
H18.65 mag Absolute magnitude H parameter (Note 1)   
G 0.15  Slope magnitude parameter (Note 1)   
B-V  mag Color index (see E.F.Tedesco, pp.1090-1138)
Diam  km IRAS diameter (see E.F.Tedesco, pp.1151-1161; catalog II/190)
IRAScl   IRAS Taxonomic classification

EphemEphem  Show the Ephemeride of this Asteroid (from IMCCE)

Xflg 0   [0/31] Planet-crossing code (Note 4)   
Oflg 0   [0/255] Orbit computation code (Note 5)   
Sflg 0   [0/31] Survey observation code (Note 6)   
MPCC 0   [0/7] MPC critical-list code (Note 7)   
LowC 0   [0/5] Lowell Observatory discovery code (Note 8)   
FlaC 3   [0/10] Flagstaff Station Code (Note 9)   
Narc 3305   Orbital arc, days, spanned by observations used in orbit computation.
Nobs 35  Number of observations used in orbit computation.
Epoch2021-03-27 "Y:M:D" (i) Epoch of osculation, yyyymmdd (TDT) (Note 2)   
M 95.270434 deg Mean anomaly (Note 3)   
omega115.175575 deg Argument of perihelion (Note 3)   
Omega232.468615 deg Longitude of ascending node (Note 3)   
i 7.402857 deg Inclination (Note 3)   
e 0.30895193  Eccentricity (Note 3)   
a 2.74961979 AU Semimajor axis (Note 3)   
DateOrb2015-12-31 "Y:M:D" Date of orbit computation
CEU 3e+00 arcsec Current Ephemeris Uncertainty (Note 10)   
dCEU 4e-04 arcsec/d Rate of change of CEU (Note 10)   
DateCEU2021-04-28 "Y:M:D" Date of CEU
PEU0 9e+00 arcsec Next Peak Ephemeris Uncertainty (PEU) (Note 11)   
DatePEU02022-03-02 "Y:M:D" Date of PEU0
PEU1 2e+01 arcsec Largest PEU in 10 years from DatePEU0 (Note 11)   
DatePEU12028-06-14 "Y:M:D" Date of PEU1
PEU2 4e+00 arcsec As PEU1, assuming that two observations were made at DatePEU0 (Note 11)   
DatePEU22028-06-15 "Y:M:D" Date of PEU2
moda   [a*] added or updated (Note 12)   
modDate2017-12-11 "Y:M:D" Date of last modification (Note 12)   

elapse time 0