Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects

 tter 'A' is added    at the end of the format.
 in source:M 16 = Eagle Nebula = NGC 6611
 in source:M 20
 in source:NGC 2264
 in source:SH 2-140
     byHEALY K.R.
 Astrophys. J., 610, 835-850 (2004)

    A very large array search for water masers in six H II regions:
    tracers of triggered low-mass star formation.
oText: <[PAB98] πN> (Nos π4, π5) added. Table 3: <[HHC2004] H2O M16    col2> N=1, <[HHC2004] H2O M16 col4> N=1, <[HHC2004] H2O M16 col5 A> (Nos A-C),    <[HHC2004] H2O M16 NBay A> (Nos A-C), <[HHC2004] H2O M20 SE> N=1, <[HHC2004] H2O    M20 TC3 A> (Nos A-C), <[HHC2004] H2O NGC 2264> N=1, <[HHC2004] H2O S140 A> (Nos    A-C).

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