List of all UCDs

AT                               Atomic Data
  AT_COLL                        Atomic Collisional Quantities
    AT_COLL_EXCIT-RATE           Collisional Excitation Rate
    AT_COLL_STRENGTH             Collisional strength
  AT_CONFIG                      Electronic Configuration
  AT_CONSTANT                    Atomic Constant
  AT_DAMPING                     Damping Quantities, like natural damping, van der waals damping, ...
  AT_DATA                        Various Atomic data
  AT_DEGENERACY                  Atomic Degeneracy Parameter
  AT_DIPOLE                      Atomic Dipole
    AT_DIPOLE_MISC               Atomic Dipole
    AT_DIPOLE_MOMENT             Atomic Dipole Momentum
  AT_EIGENVECTOR                 Atomic Eigenvector
  AT_ELEC-COEFF                  Atomic Electric Coefficient
  AT_ELEMENT                     Atomic Element Name or number, eventually with ionization stage
  AT_EMISSIVITY                  Atomic Emissivity
  AT_ENERGY                      Atomic Energy or Potential
    AT_ENERGY_BAND               Atomic (molecular) Energy Band
    AT_ENERGY_DIFF               Energy difference between experimental and calculated quantities
    AT_ENERGY_EXCIT              Excitation Energy
    AT_ENERGY_IONIZ              Ionization Energy or Potential
    AT_ENERGY_LEVEL              Energy Level
    AT_ENERGY_FORMATION          Formation energy (or heat for molecules)
    AT_ENERGY_POTENTIAL          Atomic Energy or Potential
    AT_ENERGY_ROTATION           Rotation Energy
    AT_ENERGY_TOTAL              Total atomic energy
  AT_FREQUENCY                   Transition Frequency
    AT_FREQUENCY_NU              Transition Frequency at rest
    AT_FREQUENCY_ROTAT           Rotation Frequency
  AT_FS                          Fine Structure Quantities
    AT_FS_COLL-STR               Fine Structure Collision Strength
    AT_FS_CONSTANT               Fine Structure Constant
    AT_FS_CONTRIB                Fine Structure Contribution to Line Profile
    AT_FS_SPLIT                  Fine Structure Splitting
  AT_GA                          Atomic ga value
  AT_INTENSITY                   Line Intensity
  AT_ION                         Ions
    AT_ION_ID                    Ion Identification
    AT_ION_STAGE                 Ionization Stage
  AT_LANDE-FACT                  Lande Factor (gf)
  AT_LEVEL                       Level Identification
  AT_LIFETIME                    Radiative Lifetime
  AT_LINE                        Atomic or Molecular Lines
    AT_LINE_EMISSIVITY           Line Emissivity
    AT_LINE_FLUOR-YIELD          Line Fluorescence Yield
    AT_LINE_ID                   Line Identification
    AT_LINE_STRENGTH             Line Strength
  AT_MAIN-TERM                   Main Term
  AT_MOL                         Quantities Related to Molecules
    AT_MOL_DIEL-FN               Molecular Dielectric Function
    AT_MOL_DISS-ENRGY            Molecular Dissociation Energy
    AT_MOL_ID                    Molecule Identification
    AT_MOL_LEVEL                 Molecule Transition Level
  AT_MULTIPLET                   Quantities Related to Multiplets
    AT_MULTIPLET_ID              Multiplet Identification
    AT_MULTIPLET_N               Multiplet Number element
  AT_NUMBER                      Atomic Number
  AT_OSC                         Oscillator Related Quantities
    AT_OSC_STRENGTH              Oscillator Strength
  AT_PARITY                      Atomic Parity
  AT_Q-N                         Atomic Structure, Quantum Numbers
    AT_Q-N_ANG-MOM               Angular Momentum Quantum Number
    AT_Q-N_K                     K quantum number
    AT_Q-N_MISC                  Atomic Structure Quantum Number
    AT_Q-N_ORBITAL               Orbital Quantum Number
    AT_Q-N_PRINCIPAL             Principal Quantum Number
      AT_Q-N_PRINCIPAL_FIRST     First Principal Quantum Number
      AT_Q-N_PRINCIPAL_SECOND    Second Principal Quantum Number
    AT_Q-N_ROTATIONAL            Rotational Quantum Number
    AT_Q-N_TORSIONAL             Torsional Quantum Number
    AT_Q-N_VIBRATIONAL           Vibrational Quantum Number
  AT_REACTION                    Atomic Reaction
  AT_SHELL-NUMBER                Shell Quantum Numbers
  AT_SPECIES                     Atomic Species Participating in a Reaction
  AT_STARK                       Stark Effect
    AT_STARK_BROAD               Broadening due to Stark Effect
    AT_STARK_INTENSITY           Intensity due to Stark Effect
  AT_STAT-WEIGHT                 Statistical Weight
  AT_STRENGTH-PARAM              Strength Parameter or Expect Width
  AT_TRANS                       Quantities Related to Transitions
    AT_TRANS_BRNCH-RATIO         Transition Branching Ratio
    AT_TRANS_ENERGY              Transition Energy (or wavenumber)
    AT_TRANS_ID                  Transition Identification
    AT_TRANS_LEVELS              Transition Level
    AT_TRANS_MISC                Parameter or Descriptor of a transition
    AT_TRANS_PROB                Transition Probability
    AT_TRANS_STRENGTH            Transition Strength
    AT_TRANS_TYPE                Transition Type
    AT_TRANS_RECOMBIN            Recombination coefficients in atomic transitions
  AT_WAVELENGTH                  Laboratory or Theoretical Line Wavelength
  AT_WEIGHT                      Atomic Weight
CLASS                            Various Classification Descriptors
  CLASS_BRIGHT                   Brightness class or code
  CLASS_CODE                     Classification Code
  CLASS_COLOR                    Color Classification
  CLASS_DISTANCE                 Abell Distance Class
  CLASS_MISC                     Various Classification Descriptors
  CLASS_OBJECT                   Object Type Classification
  CLASS_RICHNESS                 Abell Richness Class
  CLASS_STAR/GALAXY              Star galaxy discriminator or classification, typically the stellarity index given by SExtractor
  CLASS_STRUCT                   Structure Classification (e.g. cluster Bautz-Morgan classification)
CODE                             Codes or Flags
  CODE_ERROR                     Flag denoting uncertainty about a given quantity
  CODE_LIMIT                     Lower or Upper limit Flag
  CODE_MEMB                      Membership Code
  CODE_MISC                      Miscellaneous Codes or Flags
  CODE_MULT                      Codes related to Multiplicity (particularly stars)
    CODE_MULT_FLAG               A code or flag indicating a multiplicity of binarity
    CODE_MULT_FREQUENCY          Multiplicity Frequency Code
    CODE_MULT_INDEX              Multiplicity Index Code
  CODE_QUALITY                   Quality Code
  CODE_VARIAB                    Variability Code or Flag
DATA                             Quantities Related to the Data
  DATA_FACTOR-EXP                Scale Factor Exponent (Base 10)
  DATA_LINK                      Link to additional data (in VizieR or any other database)
  DATA_MAXIMUM                   Maximum data value found in a database column
  DATA_SCALE-FACTOR              Factor to Convert a Data Column to a normal value
  DATA_SIZE                      Data size
  DATA_TYPE                      Data Type
DYN                              Dynamic Data Quantities (mixed column content)
  DYN_QUANTITY                   Used when a Column means more than one thing.
  DYN_VALUE                      Identification of a Dynamic Value
ERROR                            Error or Uncertainty in Measurements (including the error ellipses)
EXTENSION                        Quantities used to describe the extension in the sky of objects
  EXTENSION_AREA                 Angular Area Covered by an Object
  EXTENSION_DEC                  Angular Extension in Declination
  EXTENSION_DIAM                 Angular Diameter or Size of the Major Axis
  EXTENSION_FWHM                 Angular Full Width at Half Maximum (FWHM)
    EXTENSION_FWHM_CIRC          Angular Full Width at Half Maximum (FWHM)
    EXTENSION_FWHM_MAJ           Angular FWHM along the Major Axis
    EXTENSION_FWHM_MIN           Angular FWHM along the Minor Axis
    EXTENSION_MISC               Angular Size along some direction, e.g. galactic plane
  EXTENSION_MIN                  Angular Diameter of an object along the Minor Axis
  EXTENSION_NORM                 Angular diameter normalized to beam size
  EXTENSION_RA                   Angular extension in right ascension
  EXTENSION_RAD                  Angular radius of an object or Semi-major axis
  EXTENSION_SC-LENGTH            Angular Scale Length (bulge or disk)
  EXTENSION_SMIN                 Angular size of Semi-Minor Axis
FIT                              Fits of Models to Observational Data
  FIT_ERROR                      Fit Error
  FIT_GOODNESS                   Fit Goodness
  FIT_ID                         Identification of the fit or solution
  FIT_LF                         Fit of Luminosity Function
    FIT_LF_GENERAL               Fit of Luminosity Function
    FIT_LF_MAG                   Magnitudes related to the LF
      FIT_LF_MAG_MAX             Magnitude interval upper limit
      FIT_LF_MAG_MIN             Magnitude interval lower limit
  FIT_PARAM                      Fit Parameter
    FIT_PARAM_ID                 Fit Parameter Identification
    FIT_PARAM_VALUE              Miscellaneous fit parameters
    FIT_PARAM_COVAR              Covariance of the fitting parameter
  FIT_RATIO                      Ratio of Measurement to Theoretical Value
  FIT_RESIDUAL                   Fit Residual
  FIT_CHI2                       Chi-square Fit Measurement
  FIT_STDEV                      Fit's Standard Deviation
  FIT_TYPE                       Fit or Solution Type
  FIT_ZP                         Fit Zero Point (mostly in linear fits)
ID                               Fields Used as Identifiers
  ID_ALTERNATIVE                 Alternative identification
  ID_AREA                        Area Identification (usually in a photographic plate)
  ID_ASSOCIATED                  Identification of Associated Object (counterpart)
  ID_AUTHOR                      Author Name
  ID_CANDIDATE                   Candidate Identification
  ID_CATALOG                     Catalog Identification
  ID_CHART                       Finding Chart Identification
  ID_COMPARISON                  Name of a Comparison Object
  ID_CONSTEL                     Constellation Name
  ID_CROSSID                     Cross Identification (counterpart)
  ID_DATABASE                    Database Identification
  ID_DATASET                     Data-Set Identification
  ID_EXPOSURE                    Exposure Identification
  ID_FIBER                       Fiber Optics Identification (for M.O.S.)
  ID_FIELD                       Field Identification
  ID_FIGURE                      Figure Identification Number
  ID_FILE                        File Identification
  ID_FRAME                       Frame Identification
  ID_GROUP                       Group Identification
  ID_HUMAN                       Identification of Discoverer or Observer
  ID_IDENTIFIER                  Identification of a source or object, incomplete or for internal use.
  ID_IMAGE                       Image Identification
  ID_MAIN                        Main Identifier of a Celestial Object
  ID_MAIN:1                      First component of an identification field.
  ID_MAIN:2                      Second component of an identification field.
  ID_MAIN:3                      Third component of an identification field.
  ID_MAP                         Map Identification
  ID_NUMBER                      Numeric Identification (usually sequential)
  ID_PARAM                       Identification or name of a parameter, or the name of a column in a table
  ID_PARENT                      Parent Identification (galaxy, cluster, nebulae)
  ID_PLATE                       Plate Identification
  ID_REGION                      Region or Zone Identification (not necessarily sky region)
  ID_SET                         Set or Subset Identification, also bin or sample number
  ID_SLIT                        Slit Identification (usually in the context of M.O.S.)
  ID_SURVEY                      Survey Identification
  ID_TABLE                       Table Identification
  ID_TARGET                      Target Identifier
  ID_VARIAB                      Variable Object Identification
  ID_VERSION                     Identification of the software version.
INST                             Instrumental Quantities
  INST_ANG                       Angular Properties of the Instruments/Telescopes
    INST_ANG_OFFAXIS             Off-axis angle respect to main direction of observation
    INST_ANG_PHASE               Satellite phase angle
    INST_ANG_RESOL               Angular resolution of instrument
    INST_ANG_VEL                 Satellite angular velocity
  INST_ANTENNA-TEMP              Antenna temperature
  INST_APERT                     Instrument/telescope aperture
  INST_AREA                      Collecting area or detector area
  INST_BACKGROUND                Background contribution
  INST_BAND                      Instrumental Band quantities
    INST_BAND_DRIFT              Band's drift rate
    INST_BAND_PASS               Bandpass
  INST_BANDWIDTH                 Spectral window used for the observation
  INST_BASELINE                  Baseline (interferometry)
  INST_BEAM                      Beam properties
    INST_BEAM_MISC               Miscellaneous beam properties
    INST_BEAM_SIZE               Beam width or size
    INST_BEAM_TEMP               Beam temperature (measure of radio flux)
  INST_CALIB                     Instrument calibration quantities
    INST_CALIB_ERROR             Instrument calibration error
    INST_CALIB_MISC              Miscellaneous instrument calibration quantities
    INST_CALIB_PARAM             Calibration parameter
  INST_CORR-FACTOR               Correction (no only correction factor)
  INST_DET                       Detector parameters
    INST_DET_LIMIT               Detector limit
    INST_DET_MISC                Miscellaneous quantities related to the detector (plate or CCD)
    INST_DET_SIZE                Detector size
  INST_DISPERSION                Dispersion scale in a spectrograph (number of channels in radio)
  INST_EFFICIENCY                Instrument efficiency
  INST_ERROR                     Errors associated to the instrument
  INST_FILTER                    Filter characteristics
    INST_FILTER_CODE             Filter characteristics type/code
    INST_FILTER_FWHM             FWHM of the used filter (also bandpass)
    INST_FILTER_TRANSM           Transmission characteristics of the filter (response)
  INST_ID                        Instrument/Detector Identification
  INST_LINE-WIDTH                Instrumental Line-Width
  INST_NOISE                     Detector/Instrument noise level rms
  INST_PARAM                     Various Instrumental Parameters
  INST_PIXSIZE                   Pixel Size
  INST_PLATE                     Quantities related to Photographic Plates
    INST_PLATE_DIMENSION         Size or plate dimension
    INST_PLATE_DIST              Distance measurement on a plate
    INST_PLATE_EMULSION          Plate Emulsion Type
    INST_PLATE_EXTENSION         Extension of an object in a plate (in plate units)
  INST_POS                       Position on a detector or M.O.S template
  INST_PRECISION                 Instrumental Precision
  INST_PSF                       Detector's Point Spread Function (PSF)
  INST_QE                        Detector's Quantum Efficiency
  INST_S/N                       Instrumental signal to noise ratio (S/N)
  INST_SAMP-TIME                 Instrumental Sampling Time
  INST_SCALE                     Instrumental Scale (ccd or plate)
  INST_SEEING                    Seeing or fwhm of PSF
  INST_SENSITIVITY               Detector's Sensitivity (Flux limit)
  INST_SETUP                     Instrument configuration or setup
  INST_SKY                       Instrumental Sky Properties
    INST_SKY_LEVEL               Local Sky Level
    INST_SKY_TEMP                Sky Temperature
    INST_SKY_SIGMA               Sigma of sky value distribution
  INST_SPECT                     Spectroscopic instruments' quantities
    INST_SPECT_BAND              Spectroscopic observation band
    INST_SPECT_CODE              Spectroscopic instrument specification (prism, grism, grating)
    INST_SPECT_ORDER             Spectral Order
    INST_SPECT_SLIT-LENGTH       Slit Length
    INST_SPECT_SLIT-WIDTH        Slit Width
  INST_TEMP                      Instrument Temperature (radio regime)
    INST_TEMP_SYST               System Temperature
  INST_TRIGGER                   Detector's triggering Threshold
  INST_TYPE                      Instrument Type
  INST_VELOC                     Velocity Quantities at the Instrumental Level
    INST_VELOC_CENTRAL           Instrumental Central Velocity
    INST_VELOC_SPACING           Instrumental Velocity Channel Spacing
    INST_VELOC_WINDOW            Detector's Velocity Range
  INST_WAVELENGTH                Observation's Wavelength properties
    INST_WAVELENGTH_COVERAGE     Instrument's Wavelength Range
    INST_WAVELENGTH_EFFECTIVE     Observation's Effective Wavelength
    INST_WAVELENGTH_VALUE        Wavelength related to an instrument, filter, etc.
LUNAR-OCCULT                     Lunar Occultation related quantities
  LUNAR-OCCULT_ANGLE             Lunar Occultation Contact Angle
  LUNAR-OCCULT_FRACTION          Percentage of the moon illuminated during the time of occultation
  LUNAR-OCCULT_LIMB-SLOPE        Lunar Occultation Limb Slope
MODEL                            Quantities generated by Models
  MODEL_CONTINUUM                Continuum level
  MODEL_CORRECTION               Correction or adjustment
  MODEL_DRIFT-VELOC              Terminal drift velocity
  MODEL_DYN-TRIAX                Dynamical triaxiality
  MODEL_ENERGY                   Energy modeled quantities
    MODEL_ENERGY_DIST            Energy distribution
  MODEL_EOS                      Equation of state
    MODEL_EOS_ID                 Name of used equation of state
  MODEL_EXTINCTION               Interstellar extinction quantities
    MODEL_EXTINCTION_COEFF       Interstellar extinction coefficient
  MODEL_FEATURE                  Model Feature
  MODEL_FLUX                     Modeled Flux
  MODEL_ID                       Model Identification
  MODEL_LINE-FLUX                Model Spectral Line Flux
  MODEL_MAG                      Model-generated Magnitude
    MODEL_MAG_CORR               Magnitude Correction or Difference
    MODEL_MAG_VALUE              Magnitude (in any band) generated by a model (or templates)
  MODEL_PARAM                    Model Parameter
  MODEL_POP-SYNTHESIS            Population Synthesis Quantity
  MODEL_RESIDUAL                 Model Residual
  MODEL_RESULT                   Model Solution Value
  MODEL_TYPE                     Model Type
  MODEL_ZEEMAN                   Zeeman Effect Quantities
    MODEL_ZEEMAN_COEFF           Zeeman Effect Coefficient
MORPH                            Morphology of celestial objects
  MORPH_ARMS                     Spiral Arms Structure (galaxies)
    MORPH_ARMS_RATIO             Ratio of Spiral Arm (galaxies)
    MORPH_ARMS_WOUND             Wound Parameter of a spiral arm galaxy
  MORPH_ASYMMETRY                Asymmetry Induced by Rotation
  MORPH_BAR                      Presence or detection of a bar in a galaxy
  MORPH_CODE                     Code refering to a morphological property
  MORPH_PARAM                    Morphological (geometrical) parameter
  MORPH_TYPE                     Morphological Type
NOTE                             A Note related to a certain quantity or value
NUMBER                           Number Of ``things'' (stars, observations, etc.)
NUTATION                         Earth's Nutation Related Quantities
  NUTATION_PARAM                 Nutation Parameter
OBS                              Observational Quantities
  OBS_ANG-SIZE                   Observational angular size
  OBS_BAND                       Band or Filter used for the observation
  OBS_CALIB                      Calibrations related to observations
    OBS_CALIB_CONST              Calibration's Constant
    OBS_CALIB_FACTOR             Calibration conversion factor
  OBS_CODE                       Observation code for observing run
  OBS_CONDITIONS                 Observation condition
  OBS_DETECT-LIMIT               Detection Limit
  OBS_DETECT-SIGNIF              Detection Significance or Threshold, frequently expressed by a S/N ratio
  OBS_DIFF                       Observations' offset, difference, or deviation
  OBS_DRIFT                      Positional drift during the observation
  OBS_FREQUENCY                  Frequency of the observation
  OBS_ID                         Observation identification
  OBS_LW                         Observed gaussian line-width
  OBS_METHOD                     Observational Method/Technique
  OBS_OTHER                      Other Measurements
  OBS_PARAM                      Additional Observational Parameters
  OBS_PLATE                      Quantities related to measurements on plates
    OBS_PLATE_APERT              Plate (Circular) Aperture
    OBS_PLATE_EXTENSION          Linear diameter of an object measured on a Plate
  OBS_PRED/OBS                   Fraction of predicted to observed quantities
  OBS_RUN                        Observation run
  OBS_SIZE                       Observed size
    OBS_SIZE_DEC                 Observed size in declination
  OBS_SLIT                       Spectroscopic slit properties
    OBS_SLIT_OFFSET              Slit offset respect to the nucleus of galaxy
    OBS_SLIT_ORIENT              Slit orientation
  OBS_SPECTRUM                   Spectral observations
  OBS_TYPE                       Type of observation
OBSTY                            Data on Observatories
  OBSTY_ALTITUDE                 Observatory Altitude
  OBSTY_CODE                     Observatory Code
  OBSTY_ID                       Observatory Identification/Name
ORBIT                            Orbital elements (planets, double stars, galaxies)
  ORBIT_ASC-NODE                 Longitude of ascending node
  ORBIT_DISTANCE                 Distance, perihelion, or separation between components
  ORBIT_ECCENTRICITY             Orbital eccentricity
  ORBIT_FREQUENCY                Orbital frequency (orbital angular velocity)
  ORBIT_MEAN-ANOMALY             Mean anomaly
  ORBIT_P-ASTRON                 Quantities related to the Periastron
    ORBIT_P-ASTRON_ARG           Periastron argument or longitude
    ORBIT_P-ASTRON_DATE          Date of occurance of periastron
    ORBIT_P-ASTRON_RATE          Rate of periastron advance
  ORBIT_P-HELION                 Perihelion argument or longitude
  ORBIT_PARAM                    Orbital parameter
  ORBIT_PERIOD                   Orbital period
    ORBIT_PERIOD_DERIVATIVE      Time derivative of orbital period
  ORBIT_PHASE-ANGLE              Orbital phase angle
  ORBIT_RV                       Orbital radial velocity properties
    ORBIT_RV_S-AMPLITUDE         Semi amplitude of radial velocity curve
  ORBIT_SEPARATION               Orbital Separation (angular distance)
  ORBIT_SIZE                     Orbital size
    ORBIT_SIZE_RADIUS            Orbital radius (binary stars)
    ORBIT_SIZE_SMAJ              Semi-major axis of the orbit
PHOT                             Photometry, extending to several wavelength regimes (X to Radio)
  PHOT_13C                       13 color system (Stellar Applications) GCPD#66
    PHOT_13C_33-52               Color index 33-52 (13C)
    PHOT_13C_35-52               Color index 35-52 (13C)
    PHOT_13C_37-52               Color index 37-52 (13C)
    PHOT_13C_40-52               Color index 40-52 (13C)
    PHOT_13C_45-52               Color index 45-52 (13C)
    PHOT_13C_52                  Magnitude 52 (13C)
    PHOT_13C_52-110              Color index 52-110 (13C)
    PHOT_13C_52-58               Color index 52-58 (13C)
    PHOT_13C_52-63               Color index 52-63 (13C)
    PHOT_13C_52-72               Color index 52-72 (13C)
    PHOT_13C_52-80               Color index 52-80 (13C)
    PHOT_13C_52-86               Color index 52-86 (13C)
    PHOT_13C_52-99               Color index 52-99 (13C)
  PHOT_ABS-MAG                   Absolute magnitude
    PHOT_ABS-MAG_BAND            Absolute magnitude in a band, regardless of band
    PHOT_ABS-MAG_BOL             Bolometric absolute magnitude
  PHOT_ATM                       Earth Atmosphere Parameters Linked to Photometry
    PHOT_ATM_AIRMASS             Air mass
    PHOT_ATM_EXT                 Atmospheric extinction coefficient
  PHOT_BOL                       Bolometric Quantities
    PHOT_BOL_CORR                Bolometric correction
    PHOT_BOL_FLUX                Bolometric Flux
    PHOT_BOL_LUMINOSITY          Bolometric luminosity
    PHOT_BOL_MAG                 Bolometric magnitude
  PHOT_BRIGHTNESS-SLOPE          Spatial brightness distribution slope
  PHOT_CI                        Color index in unspecified system
    PHOT_CI_OPT                  Various optical color index
    PHOT_CI_UV                   Various ultra-violet color index
    PHOT_CI_102-C220             Color index 102-C220
    PHOT_CI_B-R                  Color index B-r
    PHOT_CI_ALPHA                Color index based on H-alpha line
    PHOT_CI_BETA                 Color index beta or h-beta (not Stroemgren index)
    PHOT_CI_BALMER               Color index using the Balmer lines Hgamma or higher
    PHOT_CI_B-I                  Color index B-I from heterogeneous photometric systems
    PHOT_CI_B-K                  Color index B-K from heterogeneous photometric systems
    PHOT_CI_B-V                  Color index B-V in a non-conventional system
    PHOT_CI_CN-TIO               Color index CN-TiO (Mould filters)
    PHOT_CI_CODE                 Codes associated with color index
    PHOT_CI_GB-GV                Color index gb-gv
    PHOT_CI_GU-GB                Color index gu-gb
    PHOT_CI_IR                   Various far IR color indices (e.g. with IRAS bands)
    PHOT_CI_IR-OPT               Color index Infrared minus optical
    PHOT_CI_M-51                 Color index M-51
    PHOT_CI_R-HALPHA             Color index R minus Halpha
    PHOT_CI_R-I                  Color index R-I
    PHOT_CI_U-B                  Color index u-B U-B
    PHOT_CI_U-R                  Color index u-r
    PHOT_CI_UNDEF                Color index in unspecified system
    PHOT_CI_UV-OPT               Color index uv minus Optical (UV-OPT)
    PHOT_CI_V-I                  Color index V-I (no standard system specified)
    PHOT_CI_V-R                  Color index V-R (no standard system specified)
    PHOT_CI_VIL                  Various color indices in the Vilnius system
  PHOT_CLASS                     Classification of photometry
  PHOT_COLOR                     Quantities related to color indices
    PHOT_COLOR_EXCESS            Color excess (not just E(B-V))
  PHOT_COUNT-RATE                Count rates in several wavelength regimes
    PHOT_COUNT-RATE_UV           Count rate in ultraviolet
    PHOT_COUNT-RATE_X            Count rate in x-ray
  PHOT_COUNTS                    Count measured in the detector
    PHOT_COUNTS_UV               Count from IUE
    PHOT_COUNTS_MISC             Count measurement in the detector
      PHOT_COUNTS_RADIO          Counts in radio regime
      PHOT_COUNTS_GAMMA          Count in gamma-ray regime
      PHOT_COUNT-RATE_GAMMA      Count rate of gamma photons
      PHOT_COUNTS_RATIO          Ratio of photon counts, or relative counts.
    PHOT_COUNTS_X                Counts in X-ray
  PHOT_COUS                      Cousins photometric system GCPD#54
    PHOT_COUS_I                  Cousins magnitude Ic
    PHOT_COUS_R                  Cousins magnitude R COUS
    PHOT_COUS_R-I                Cousins R-I color index COUS
    PHOT_COUS_V-I                (Kron-)Cousins V-I color index COUS
    PHOT_COUS_V-R                (Kron-)Cousins V-R color index
  PHOT_DDO                       DDO Photometric System GCPD#12
    PHOT_DDO_35-38               Color index 35-38 DDO
    PHOT_DDO_38-41               Color index 38-41 DDO
    PHOT_DDO_41-42               Color index 41-42 DDO
    PHOT_DDO_42-45               Color index 42-45 DDO
    PHOT_DDO_CI                  Other color index in DDO photometry
    PHOT_DDO_45-48               Color index 45-48 DDO
    PHOT_DDO_48-51               Color index 48-51 DDO
    PHOT_DDO_MAG                 Magnitude m48 DDO
  PHOT_DIFF                      Differences or differential quantities
    PHOT_DIFF_CI                 Difference in color index
    PHOT_DIFF_MAG                Difference in or differential magnitude
    PHOT_DIFF_SB                 Difference in surface brightness
  PHOT_DIST-MOD                  Distance Modulus
  PHOT_EXTINCTION                Extinction total to differential
    PHOT_EXTINCTION_GAL          Galactic extinction
    PHOT_EXTINCTION_INT          Internal extinction
    PHOT_EXTINCTION_ISM          Interstellar Absorption
    PHOT_EXTINCTION_R            Interstellar extinction (ratio total to differential)
    PHOT_EXTINCTION_TOTAL        Total Extinction
  PHOT_FLUENCE                   Fluence
  PHOT_FLUX                      Flux
    PHOT_FLUX_DENSITY            Flux density
    PHOT_FLUX_GAMMA              Flux in gamma rays
    PHOT_FLUX_HALPHA             H-Alpha Flux
    PHOT_FLUX_HBETA              H Beta line flux
    PHOT_FLUX_IR                 IR flux (IRAS or others)
      PHOT_FLUX_IR_6             Flux density around 6 microns (e.g. ISO at 6.7 microns) close to M filter
      PHOT_FLUX_IR_9             Flux density around 9 microns (range 8-10)
      PHOT_FLUX_IR_12            Flux density (IRAS) at 12 microns, or around 12 microns (ISO at 14.3)
      PHOT_FLUX_IR_25            Flux density (IRAS) at 25 microns
      PHOT_FLUX_IR_15            Flux density around 15 microns (e.g. 14.3um ISO)
      PHOT_FLUX_IR_60            Flux density (IRAS) at 60 microns
      PHOT_FLUX_IR_100           Flux density (IRAS) at 100 microns
      PHOT_FLUX_IR_170           Far infra-red Flux density around 170um (1750GHz)
      PHOT_FLUX_IR_300           Far infra-red Flux density around 300um (1000GHz)
      PHOT_FLUX_IR_FAR           Far Infrared flux
      PHOT_FLUX_IR_J             Flux Density in J Band (1.2um)
      PHOT_FLUX_IR_H             Flux Density in H Band (1.6um)
      PHOT_FLUX_IR_K             Flux Density in K Band (2.2um)
      PHOT_FLUX_IR_L             Flux Density in L Band (3.5um)
      PHOT_FLUX_IR_MISC          Miscellaneous IR fluxes
    PHOT_FLUX_NORM               Normalized Flux, always dimensionless
    PHOT_FLUX_OPTICAL            Flux in the Optical (unspecified system and/or units)
    PHOT_FLUX_U                  Flux in the Optical (U band)
    PHOT_FLUX_B                  Flux in the Optical (B band)
    PHOT_FLUX_V                  Flux in the Optical (V band)
    PHOT_FLUX_R                  Flux in the Optical (R band)
    PHOT_FLUX_I                  Flux in the Optical (I band)
    PHOT_FLUX_RADIO              Flux density at radio frequencies
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_22M        Radio flux density around 22MHz (13.6m)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_31M        Radio flux density around 31MHz (9.7m)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_43M        Radio flux density around 43MHz (7.0m)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_61M        Radio flux density around 61MHz (4.9m)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_87M        Radio flux density around 87MHz (3.5m)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_110M       Radio flux density around 110MHz (2.7m)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_150M       Radio flux density around 150MHz (2.0m)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_175M       Radio flux density around 175MHz (1.7m)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_250M       Radio flux density around 250MHz (1.2m)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_325M       Radio flux density around 325MHz (92cm)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_365M       Radio flux density around 365MHz (82cm)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_400M       Radio flux density around 400MHz (75cm)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_500M       Radio flux density around 500MHz (60cm)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_600M       Radio flux density around 600MHz (50cm)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_700M       Radio flux density around 700MHz (43cm)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_850M       Radio flux density around 850MHz (35cm)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_1G         Radio flux density around 1GHz (30cm)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_1.4G       Radio flux density around 1.4GHz (21cm)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_1.6G       Radio flux density around 1.6GHz (OH maser 18cm)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_2G         Radio flux density around 2GHz (15cm)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_2.7G       Radio flux density around 2.7GHz (11cm)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_3.9G       Radio flux density around 3.9GHz (7.7cm)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_5G         Radio flux density around 5GHz (6cm)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_7.5G       Radio flux density around 7.5GHz (4cm)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_8.4G       Radio flux density around 8.4GHz (3.6cm)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_10.7G      Radio flux density around 10.7GHz (2.8cm)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_15G        Radio flux density around 15GHz (2cm)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_22G        Radio flux density around (H2O maser)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_36G        Radio flux density around 36GHz (8.3mm)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_43G        Radio flux density around 43GHz (7.0mm)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_63G        Radio flux density around 63GHz (4.8mm)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_90G        Radio flux density around 90GHz (3.3mm)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_125G       Radio flux density around 125GHz (2.4mm)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_180G       Radio flux density around 180GHz (1.7mm)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_250G       Radio flux density around 250GHz (1.2mm)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_350G       Radio flux density around 350GHz (860um)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_500G       Radio flux density around 500GHz (600um)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_700G       Radio flux density around 700GHz (430um)
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_MISC       Miscellaneous Radio flux density, e.g. Frequency given in another column
      PHOT_FLUX_RADIO_SIO-MASER   SiO maser peak radio flux
    PHOT_FLUX_EXCESS             Flux excess in a band (typically in mid-IR for the detection of disks)
    PHOT_FLUX_RATIO              Flux ratio
    PHOT_FLUX_REL                Relative (normalized) flux
    PHOT_FLUX_UV                 Ultraviolet flux (uv far-uv euv)
    PHOT_FLUX_X                  X-ray flux
    PHOT_FLUX_UNDEF              Flux of uncertain origin or different bands in same column
  PHOT_GEN                       Geneva's photometric system GCPD#13
    PHOT_GEN_B-V                 Geneva color index B-V (GEN)
    PHOT_GEN_B1-B                Geneva color index B1-B (GEN)
    PHOT_GEN_B2-B                Geneva color index B2-B (GEN)
    PHOT_GEN_G-B                 Geneva color index G-B (GEN)
    PHOT_GEN_MISC                various geneva photometric color indices (and linear combinations)
    PHOT_GEN_U-B                 Geneva color index U-B (GEN)
    PHOT_GEN_V                   Geneva magnitude filter V (GEN)
    PHOT_GEN_V-B                 Geneva color index V-B (GEN)
    PHOT_GEN_V1-B                Geneva color index V1-B (GEN)
  PHOT_GUNN                      Gunn Photometric System GCPD#38
    PHOT_GUNN_G                  Magnitude g (GUNN)
    PHOT_GUNN_G-I                Color index g-i (GUNN)
    PHOT_GUNN_G-R                Color index g-r (GUNN)
    PHOT_GUNN_I                  Magnitude i (GUNN), also used in DENIS (0.82{mu}m)
    PHOT_GUNN_I-Z                Color index I-z (GUNN)
    PHOT_GUNN_R                  Magnitude R (GUNN)
    PHOT_GUNN_R-I                Color index R-I (GUNN)
    PHOT_GUNN_V                  Magnitude v (GUNN)
    PHOT_GUNN_V-R                Color index V-R (GUNN)
    PHOT_GUNN_Z                  Magnitude z (GUNN)
  PHOT_HEI                       Heidelberg s Photometric System (HEI)
    PHOT_HEI_U-B                 Heidelberg photometry U-B (HEI)
  PHOT_HIPPAR                    Hipparcos' photometry system
  PHOT_HST                       HST Photometric System (by filter name) (HST)
    PHOT_HST_F1042M              Magnitude F1042M (HST)
    PHOT_HST_F140W               Magnitude M104W (HST)
    PHOT_HST_CI_IR               HST Color Index from IR filters, e.g. F140W-F210W
    PHOT_HST_CI_U-B              HST Color Index close to U-B, e.g. F336W-F430W
    PHOT_HST_F170W               Magnitude F170W or F175W (HST) in ultraviolet
    PHOT_HST_F220W               Magnitude F220W (HST)
    PHOT_HST_F255W               Magnitude F255W (HST)
    PHOT_HST_F275W               Magnitude F275W (HST)
    PHOT_HST_F300W               Ultraviolet Magnitude F300W (HST)
    PHOT_HST_CI_U-V              HST Color Index close to U-V, e.g. F336W-F555W
    PHOT_HST_F342W               Ultraviolet Magnitude in filters F330W or F342W (HST)
    PHOT_HST_F430W               Ultraviolet magnitude F430W, F435W or F439W (HST)
    PHOT_HST_CI_B-V              HST Color Index close to B-V, e.g. F430W-F555W
    PHOT_HST_F450W               Ultraviolet Magnitude F450W (HST)
    PHOT_HST_F480LP              Magnitude F480LP (HST)
    PHOT_HST_F547M               Magnitude F547M (HST)
    PHOT_HST_F555W               Magnitude F555W (HST)
    PHOT_HST_CI_B-R              HST Color Index close to B-R, e.g. F430W-F675W
    PHOT_HST_CI_V-R              HST Color Index close to V-R, e.g. F555W-F675W
    PHOT_HST_CI_R-I              HST Color Index close to R-I, e.g. F675W-F814W
    PHOT_HST_F569W               Magnitude F569W (HST)
    PHOT_HST_F606W               Magnitude F606W (HST)
    PHOT_HST_CI_V-I              HST Color Index close to V-I, e.g. F555W-F814W
    PHOT_HST_F622W               Magnitude F622W (HST)
    PHOT_HST_F675W               Magnitude F675W (HST)
    PHOT_HST_F702W               Magnitude F702W (HST)
    PHOT_HST_F725LP              Magnitude F725LP (HST)
    PHOT_HST_F785LP              Magnitude F785LP (HST)
    PHOT_HST_F775W               Magnitude F775W (HST)
    PHOT_HST_F791W               Magnitude F791W (HST)
    PHOT_HST_F814W               Magnitude F814W (HST)
    PHOT_HST_F850LP              Magnitude F850LP (HST)
    PHOT_HST_V                   Magnitude V (visual) HST (unspecified filter name)
  PHOT_INDX                      Photometric index (usually in narrow bands)
    PHOT_INDX_HI                 Neutral hydrogen HI photometry index
  PHOT_INT-MAG                   Integrated or isophotal magnitudes
    PHOT_INT-MAG_B               Integrated total or isophotal blue magnitude
    PHOT_INT-MAG_I               Integrated, total or isophotal, I magnitude
    PHOT_INT-MAG_J               Integrated, total or isophotal, J magnitude
    PHOT_INT-MAG_K               Integrated, total or isophotal, K magnitude
    PHOT_INT-MAG_H               Integrated, total or isophotal, H magnitude
    PHOT_INT-MAG_MISC            Miscellaneous Integrated or isophotal magnitudes
    PHOT_INT-MAG_R               Integrated, total or isophotal, R magnitude
    PHOT_INT-MAG_U               Integrated, total or isophotal, V magnitude
    PHOT_INT-MAG_V               Integrated, total or isophotal, V magnitude
  PHOT_INTENSITY                 Intensity
    PHOT_INTENSITY_ADU           Intensity expressed in ADU (analog to digital units)
    PHOT_INTENSITY_ESTIMATED     Estimated intensity
    PHOT_INTENSITY_MISC          Miscellaneous Intensity
    PHOT_INTENSITY_NORMALIZED     Normalized intensity
    PHOT_INTENSITY_PROFILE       Intensity profile
    PHOT_INTENSITY_RATIO         Intensity ratio
  PHOT_IR                        Infrared magnitudes (not well inserted in photometric systems)
    PHOT_IR_12-25                Infrared color index 12-25 (IRAS)
    PHOT_IR_2.29                 CO band index magnitude at 2.29 micron
    PHOT_IR_25-60                Infrared IRAS color index 25-60 microns
    PHOT_IR_3.4                  Infrared magnitude at 3.4 microns
    PHOT_IR_4.2                  Infrared magnitude at 4.2 micron
    PHOT_IR_BGAMMA               Infrared Bracket Gamma magnitude
    PHOT_IR_K-10                 Infrared color index K-10 (K minus 10 microns)
    PHOT_IR_K-100                Infrared color index K-100 (K minus 100 microns)
    PHOT_IR_K-12                 Infrared color index K-12 (K minus 12 microns)
    PHOT_IR_K-25                 Infrared color index K-25 (K minus 25 microns)
    PHOT_IR_K-60                 Infrared color index K-60 (K minus 60 microns)
    PHOT_IR_L0                   Infrared magnitude L at 3.7 micron
    PHOT_IR_MAG                  Far infrared magnitude mfir (may include IRAS bands)
    PHOT_IR_N1:8.38              Infrared magnitude at 8.38 microns
    PHOT_IR_N2:9.69              Infrared magnitude at 9.69 microns
    PHOT_IR_N3:12.89             Infrared magnitude at 12.89 microns
    PHOT_IR_N:10.4               Infrared magnitude N at 10.4 microns
    PHOT_IR_Q:18.06              Infrared magnitude at 18.06 microns
  PHOT_JHN                       Johnson's Photometric system GCPD#8 GCPD#9
    PHOT_JHN_B                   Johnson magnitude B (JHN), centered at 450nm
    PHOT_JHN_B-H                 Johnson color index B-H (JHN)
    PHOT_JHN_B-I                 Johnson color index B-I (JHN)
    PHOT_JHN_B-K                 Johnson color index B-K (JHN)
    PHOT_JHN_B-K'                Johnson color index B-K' (JHN)
    PHOT_JHN_B-R                 Johnson color index B-R (JHN)
    PHOT_JHN_B-V                 Johnson color index B-V (JHN)
    PHOT_JHN_H                   Johnson magnitude H (JHN), centered at 1.62{mu}m
    PHOT_JHN_H-K                 Johnson color index H-K (JHN)
    PHOT_JHN_I                   Johnson magnitude I (JHN), centered at 0.87{mu}m
    PHOT_JHN_I-K                 Johnson color index I-K (JHN)
    PHOT_JHN_J                   Johnson magnitude J (JHN), also used in DENIS (1.25{mu}m)
    PHOT_JHN_J-H                 Johnson color index J-H (JHN)
    PHOT_JHN_J-K                 Johnson color index J-K (JHN)
    PHOT_JHN_K                   Johnson magnitude K (JHN), and Ks filter in DENIS (2.15{mu}m)
    PHOT_JHN_K'                  Johnson magnitude K' (JHN)
    PHOT_JHN_K-L                 Johnson color index K-L (JHN), centered at 3.5{mu}m
    PHOT_JHN_K-L'                Johnson color index K-L' (JHN)
    PHOT_JHN_K-M                 Johnson color index K-M (JHN), centered at 5.0{mu}m
    PHOT_JHN_K-N                 Johnson color index K-N (JHN), centered at 9.0{mu}m
    PHOT_JHN_K-Q                 Johnson color index K-Q (JHN)
    PHOT_JHN_L                   Johnson magnitude L (JHN) (3.5{mu}m)
    PHOT_JHN_L'                  Johnson magnitude L' (JHN)
    PHOT_JHN_L-M                 Johnson color index L-M (JHN)
    PHOT_JHN_M                   Johnson magnitude M (JHN) (5.0{mu}m)
    PHOT_JHN_MISC                Johnson Photometric system GCPD#8 GCPD#9
    PHOT_JHN_N                   Johnson flux magnitude N (JHN) (9.0{mu}m)
    PHOT_JHN_R                   Johnson magnitude R (JHN)
    PHOT_JHN_R-H                 Johnson color index R-H (JHN)
    PHOT_JHN_R-I                 Johnson color index R-I (JHN)
    PHOT_JHN_R-K                 Johnson color index R-K
    PHOT_JHN_U                   Johnson magnitude U (JHN), centered at 360nm
    PHOT_JHN_U-B                 Johnson color index U-B (JHN)
    PHOT_JHN_U-V                 Johnson color index U-V (JHN)
    PHOT_JHN_V                   Johnson-Cousins magnitude V (JHN), centered at 555nm
    PHOT_JHN_V-H                 Johnson color index V-H (JHN)
    PHOT_JHN_V-I                 Johnson color index V-I (JHN)
    PHOT_JHN_V-J                 Johnson color index V-J (JHN)
    PHOT_JHN_V-K                 Johnson color index V-K (JHN)
    PHOT_JHN_V-L                 Johnson color index V-L (JHN)
    PHOT_JHN_V-M                 Johnson color index V-M (JHN)
    PHOT_JHN_V-N                 Johnson color index V-N (JHN)
    PHOT_JHN_V-R                 Johnson color index V-R (JHN)
  PHOT_K-CORRECTION              K correction
  PHOT_LCKWD                     Lockwood photometric system GCPD#30
    PHOT_LCKWD_81-78             Color index 81-78 LCKWD
  PHOT_MAG                       Magnitude of uncertain origin
    PHOT_MAG_5007                Magnitude O III lambda 5007
    PHOT_MAG_B                   Blue B magnitude (around 0.45um)
    PHOT_MAG_BLUE                Set of UCDs describing magnitudes in the "blue" region of the spectrum
    PHOT_MAG_CENTR               Central magnitude
    PHOT_MAG_CORR                Magnitude correction
    PHOT_MAG_DROP                Drop in magnitude
    PHOT_MAG_EYE                 Eye estimated magnitude (around 0.55um)
    PHOT_MAG_HI                  Magnitude associated with neutral hidrogen
    PHOT_MAG_I                   Near-Infrared magnitude around 0.9um (undefined or non-conventional system)
    PHOT_MAG_Y                   Near-Infrared magnitude around 1.0um (0.97-1.07)
    PHOT_MAG_J                   Near-Infrared magnitude around 1.2um (undefined or non-conventional system)
    PHOT_MAG_H                   Near-Infrared magnitude around 1.6um (undefined or non-conventional system)
    PHOT_MAG_K                   Near-Infrared magnitude around 2.2um (undefined or non-conventional system)
    PHOT_MAG_IR                  Set of UCDs describing infra-red magnitudes (NIR + FIR)
    PHOT_MAG_LIMIT               Magnitude limit
    PHOT_MAG_OFFST               Magnitude offset
    PHOT_MAG_OPTICAL             Optical magnitude
    PHOT_MAG_R                   Red (R) magnitude (around 0.7um)
    PHOT_MAG_RED                 Set of UCDs describing red magnitudes (lambda_eff < 7000A)
    PHOT_MAG_U                   U magnitude (around 0.36um)
    PHOT_MAG_UNDEF               Magnitude of uncertain origin or different bands in same column
    PHOT_MAG_UV                  Various Ultraviolet magnitude (TD1, ANS, FAUST, ...)
    PHOT_MAG_V                   Visual magnitude (around 0.55um)
    PHOT_MAG_VISUAL              Set of UCDs describing any magnitude near the "visual". eg, johnson's V
  PHOT_PHG                       Photographic magnitude Quantities
    PHOT_PHG_B                   Photographic blue magnitude B (includes the O magnitude of POSS)
    PHOT_PHG_B-R                 Photographic color index B-R (includes the O-E color index from POSS)
    PHOT_PHG_B-V                 Photographic color index B-V
    PHOT_PHG_BJ                  Photographic magnitude Bj
    PHOT_PHG_BJ-RF               Photographic color index Bj-Rf
    PHOT_PHG_I                   Photographic magnitude I
    PHOT_PHG_R                   Photographic red band magnitude R (includes E magnitude from POSS)
    PHOT_PHG_U-B                 Photographic color index U-B
    PHOT_PHG_MAG                 Photographic magnitude in unidentified band
    PHOT_PHG_U                   Ultraviolet photographic magnitude
    PHOT_PHG_U-V                 Photographic color index U-V (ultraviolet minus photovisual)
    PHOT_PHG_R-I                 Photographic color index R-I
    PHOT_PHG_V                   Photographic visual magnitude V
    PHOT_PHG_V-R                 Photographic color index V-R (or g-r)
  PHOT_PROFILE                   Light distribution profile
    PHOT_PROFILE_PAR             Light distribution's profile parameter, like Sersic's index
  PHOT_RADIO                     all radio data
    PHOT_RADIO_CM                Radio data 10cm > lambda > 1cm
    PHOT_RADIO_DECI-M            Radio data 100cm > lambda > 10cm
    PHOT_RADIO_HI-FREQ           Radio data > 100 GHz
    PHOT_RADIO_INT-FREQ          Radio data 1GHZ < nu < 100GHz
    PHOT_RADIO_LOW-FREQ          Radio data < 1GHz
    PHOT_RADIO_METRIC            Radio data lambda > 100cm
    PHOT_RADIO_MM                Radio data 1 to 9.9 mm
    PHOT_RADIO_SUBMM             Radio data < 1mm
  PHOT_RF                        Reddening Free Photometric Parameters
    PHOT_RF_MISC                 Miscellaneous reddening-free photometric indices
    PHOT_RF_B-L                  B-L extinction free color
    PHOT_RF_B-U                  B-U extinction free color
    PHOT_RF_Q                    Reddening free Q parameter
    PHOT_RF_STR                  Reddening free indices in the Stroemgren system
      PHOT_RF_STR_C0             Dereddened color index parameter c0
      PHOT_RF_STR_M0             Dereddened color index parameter m0
    PHOT_RF_U-W                  U-W extinction free color
    PHOT_RF_V                    Reddening free magnitude v
    PHOT_RF_X                    Reddening free geneva photometry parameter
    PHOT_RF_Y                    Reddening free geneva photometry parameter
    PHOT_RF_Z                    Reddening free geneva photometry parameter
  PHOT_SB                        Surface Brightness quantities
    PHOT_SB_CI                   Color index differential surface brightness
    PHOT_SB_CODE                 Encoded Surface Brightness
    PHOT_SB_GENERAL              Surface Brightness (in general)
    PHOT_SB_G                    Surface Brightness in Gunn G
    PHOT_SB_IR                   Surface Brightness in the infrared ({lambda}>3um)
    PHOT_SB_JHN                  Surface Brightness in Johnson's System
      PHOT_SB_B                  Surface Brightness in Johnson B
      PHOT_SB_B-R                Surface brightness Johnson's color B-R
      PHOT_SB_H                  Surface Brightness in Johnson H
      PHOT_SB_I                  Surface Brightness in Johnson I
      PHOT_SB_J                  Surface Brightness in Johnson J
      PHOT_SB_K                  Surface Brightness in Johnson K
      PHOT_SB_K'                 Surface Brightness in Johnson K'
      PHOT_SB_R                  Surface Brightness in Johnson R
      PHOT_SB_U                  Surface Brightness in Johnson U
      PHOT_SB_U-R                Surface Brightness color index U-R
      PHOT_SB_V                  Surface Brightness in johnson V
    PHOT_SB_LIMIT                Surface Brightness Limit
    PHOT_SB_RATIO                Surface Brightness Ratio, typically bulge/total for a galaxy
    PHOT_SB_SKY                  Sky Surface Brightness
  PHOT_SD/B-BRIGHT               Surface Density To Brightness Ratio
  PHOT_SDSS                      Sloan Digital Sky Survey photometric system (1996AJ....111.1748F)
    PHOT_SDSS_U                  Magnitude in u' or u* filter of Sloan Digital Sky Survey (1996AJ....111.1748F)
    PHOT_SDSS_G                  Magnitude in g' filter of Sloan Digital Sky Survey (1996AJ....111.1748F)
    PHOT_SDSS_R                  Magnitude in r' filter of Sloan Digital Sky Survey (1996AJ....111.1748F)
    PHOT_SDSS_I                  Magnitude in i' filter of Sloan Digital Sky Survey (1996AJ....111.1748F)
    PHOT_SDSS_Z                  Magnitude in z' filter of Sloan Digital Sky Survey (1996AJ....111.1748F)
    PHOT_SDSS_U-G                Color index u'-g' in  Sloan Digital Sky Survey system (1996AJ....111.1748F)
    PHOT_SDSS_G-R                Color index g'-r' in  Sloan Digital Sky Survey system (1996AJ....111.1748F)
    PHOT_SDSS_R-I                Color index r'-i' in  Sloan Digital Sky Survey system (1996AJ....111.1748F)
    PHOT_SDSS_I-Z                Color index i'-z' in  Sloan Digital Sky Survey system (1996AJ....111.1748F)
    PHOT_SDSS_CI                 Miscellanous color indexes in  Sloan Digital Sky Survey system (1996AJ....111.1748F)
  PHOT_INT-BAND                  Intermediate photometry bands (includes e.g. Stroemgren)
    PHOT_INT-BAND_U              Intermediate photometry bands in near-UV (300-400nm)
    PHOT_INT-BAND_B              Intermediate photometry bands in blue region (400-500nm)
    PHOT_INT-BAND_V              Intermediate photometry bands in visible region (500-600nm)
    PHOT_INT-BAND_R              Intermediate photometry bands in red region (600-800nm)
    PHOT_INT-BAND_I              Intermediate photometry bands in near-IR region (800-1000nm)
  PHOT_SPHOT                     Spectrophotometric quantities (narrow bands)
    PHOT_SPHOT_CONT-GRAD         Pseudo Continuum Gradient
    PHOT_SPHOT_CORR-FACT         Spectrophotometry Correction Factor
    PHOT_SPHOT_FLUX              Flux measured (in physical units) in a narrow-band filter (optical, near-IR or near-UV)
    PHOT_SPHOT_INDEX             Spectrophotometric Index defined by various combinations of narrow-band fluxes
    PHOT_SPHOT_INT-ENERGY        Intrinsic Energy in Narrow Spectral Band
    PHOT_SPHOT_MAG               Normalized magnitude in a narrow spectral band
  PHOT_STR                       Stroemgren Photometric System GCPD#4
    PHOT_STR_MISC                Miscellaneous Stroemgren indices, may include special filters like Ca
    PHOT_STR_B                   Stroemgren Magnitude b (STR)
    PHOT_STR_B-R                 Stroemgren Color Index b-r (STR)
    PHOT_STR_B-V                 Stroemgren Color Index b-v (STR)
    PHOT_STR_B-Y                 Stroemgren Color Index b-y (STR)
    PHOT_STR_C1                  Stroemgren Color Index c1 (STR)
    PHOT_STR_HBETA               Stroemgren Beta Value
    PHOT_STR_M1                  Stroemgren Color Index m1 (STR)
    PHOT_STR_U                   Stroemgren Magnitude u (STR)
    PHOT_STR_U-B                 Stroemgren Color Index u-b (STR)
    PHOT_STR_U-V                 Stroemgren Color Index u-v (STR)
    PHOT_STR_V                   Stroemgren Magnitude v (STR)
    PHOT_STR_V-B                 Stroemgren Color Index v-b (STR)
    PHOT_STR_V-Y                 Stroemgren Color Index v-y (STR)
    PHOT_STR_Y                   Stroemgren Magnitude y (STR)
  PHOT_SYS-ID                    Identification of the Photometric System in use
  PHOT_TRANSF                    Transformation of a Photometry, like conversion parameters between photometric systems
  PHOT_TRANSF_PARAM              Parameter used in photometric transformations
  PHOT_TOT-BRIGHT/B-BRIGHT       Total blue magnitude to Brightness ratio
  PHOT_TYCHO                     Tycho Photometric System
    PHOT_TYCHO_B                 Blue Tycho Magnitude B_T_
    PHOT_TYCHO_V                 Visual Tycho Magnitude V_T_
  PHOT_UBVR20                    UBVr20 Photometric System GCPD#69
    PHOT_UBVR20_B-V20            Color Index B-V20 (UBVr20)
    PHOT_UBVR20_U-B20            Color Index U-B20 (UBVr20)
    PHOT_UBVR20_V-R20            Color Index V-r20 (UBVr20)
  PHOT_UV                        UV Magnitude Photometry number # <= Lambda_central < #+100
    PHOT_UV_1300                 Far UV Magnitude 1300 to 1400 Angstrom UV
    PHOT_UV_1400                 Far UV Magnitude 1400 to 1500 Angstrom UV
    PHOT_UV_1500                 Far UV Magnitude 1500 to 1600 Angstrom UV
    PHOT_UV_1600                 Far UV Magnitude 1600 to 1700 Angstrom UV
    PHOT_UV_1700                 UV Magnitude 1700 to 1800 Angstrom UV
    PHOT_UV_1800                 UV Magnitude 1800 to 1900 Angstrom UV
    PHOT_UV_1900                 UV Magnitude 1900 to 2000 Angstrom UV
    PHOT_UV_2000                 UV Magnitude 2000 to 2100 Angstrom UV
    PHOT_UV_2200                 UV Magnitude 2200 to 2300 Angstrom UV
    PHOT_UV_2300                 UV Magnitude 2300 to 2400 Angstrom UV
    PHOT_UV_2400                 Near UV Magnitude 2400 to 2500 Angstrom UV
    PHOT_UV_2500                 Near UV Magnitude 2500 to 2600 Angstrom UV
    PHOT_UV_2700                 Near UV Magnitude 2700 to 2800 Angstrom UV
    PHOT_UV_2945                 Near UV Magnitude 2900 to 3000 Angstrom UV
    PHOT_UV_3150                 Near UV Magnitude 3100 to 3200 Angstrom UV
    PHOT_UV_3300                 Near UV Magnitude 3300 to 3400 Angstrom UV
    PHOT_UV_4250                 Near UV Magnitude 4200 to 4300 Angstrom UV
    PHOT_UV_COLOR                Ultraviolet Color Index (no bands specified)
    PHOT_UV_GENERAL              UV Magnitude unspecified band
  PHOT_UVBGRI                    UVBGRI Photometric System GCPD#6
    PHOT_UVBGRI_B                Filter Blue Magnitude UVBGRI
    PHOT_UVBGRI_G                Filter Green Magnitude UVBGRI
    PHOT_UVBGRI_I                Filter Infra Magnitude UVBGRI
    PHOT_UVBGRI_R                Filter Red Magnitude UVBGRI
    PHOT_UVBGRI_U                Filter Ultra Magnitude UVBGRI
    PHOT_UVBGRI_V                Filter Violet Magnitude UVBGRI
  PHOT_VIL                       Vilnius Photometric System GCPD#21
    PHOT_VIL_P-X                 Vilnius Color Index p-x (VIL)
    PHOT_VIL_S-V                 Vilnius Color Index s-v (VIL)
    PHOT_VIL_U-P                 Vilnius Color Index u-p (VIL)
    PHOT_VIL_U-V                 Vilnius Color Index u-v (VIL)
    PHOT_VIL_V                   Magnitude V Vilnius (VIL)
    PHOT_VIL_V-P                 Vilnius Color Index v-p (VIL)
    PHOT_VIL_V-S                 Vilnius Color Index v-s (VIL)
    PHOT_VIL_V-W                 Vilnius Color Index v-w
    PHOT_VIL_V-X                 Vilnius Color Index v-x (VIL)
    PHOT_VIL_V-Z                 Vilnius Color Index v-z (VIL)
    PHOT_VIL_X                   Magnitude X Vilnius (VIL)
    PHOT_VIL_X-Y                 Vilnius Color Index x-y (VIL)
    PHOT_VIL_Y-Z                 Vilnius Color Index y-z (VIL)
    PHOT_VIL_Z-V                 Vilnius Color Index z-v (VIL)
  PHOT_WASH                      Washington Photometric System GCPD#48
    PHOT_WASH_C-M                Washington Color Index c-m (WASH)
    PHOT_WASH_C-T1               Washington Color Index c-t1 (WASH)
    PHOT_WASH_C                  Washington C (391+/-110nm) magnitude
    PHOT_WASH_M                  Washington M (508+/-105nm) magnitude
    PHOT_WASH_M-T1               Washington Color Index m-t1 (WASH)
    PHOT_WASH_M-T2               Washington Color Index m-t2 (WASH)
    PHOT_WASH_T1                 Washington Magnitude T1 (WASH),  633+/-80nm
    PHOT_WASH_T2                 Washington Magnitude T2 (WASH), 788.5+/-140nm
  PHOT_WLRV                      Walraven Photometric System GCPD#11
    PHOT_WLRV_B                  Walraven Magnitude (flux intensity) B (WLRV)
    PHOT_WLRV_B-L                Walraven Color Index B-L (WLRV)
    PHOT_WLRV_B-U                Walraven Color Index B-U (WLRV)
    PHOT_WLRV_B-W                Walraven Color Index B-W (WLRV)
    PHOT_WLRV_L                  Walraven Magnitude (Flux Intensity) L (WLRV)
    PHOT_WLRV_U                  Walraven Magnitude (Flux Intensity) U (WLRV)
    PHOT_WLRV_U-W                Walraven Color Index U-W (WLRV)
    PHOT_WLRV_V                  Walraven Magnitude (Flux Intensity) V (WLRV)
    PHOT_WLRV_V-B                Walraven Color Index V-B (WLRV)
    PHOT_WLRV_W                  Walraven Magnitude (Flux Intensity) W (WLRV)
  PHOT_ZP                        Zero point coefficient for the photometric system
PHYS                             Physical Quantities
  PHYS_ABUND                     Abundances
    PHYS_ABUND_MISC              Abundance (other than H, He, and Fe)
    PHYS_ABUND_X                 Hydrogen Abundance (X)
    PHYS_ABUND_Y                 Helium Abundance (Y)
    PHYS_ABUND_Z                 Metal Abundance Z (metallicity)
    PHYS_ABUND_FE/H              Fe to H Abundance (Metallicity)
  PHYS_ACCEL                     Acceleration value or vector
  PHYS_ALBEDO                    Albedo
  PHYS_ANG-MOMENTUM              Angular Momentum
  PHYS_AREA                      Physical quantities related to Area
    PHYS_AREA_CR-SECT            Cross Section
    PHYS_AREA_GENERAL            Area (in general)
  PHYS_AXIS-RATIO                Axis Ratio
  PHYS_BRIGHT                    Object's brightness quantities
    PHYS_BRIGHT_CHANGE           Brightness Change
  PHYS_COLUMN                    Line Of Sight Column Properties
    PHYS_COLUMN_DENSITY          Column Density (by number of particles)
    PHYS_COLUMN_MASS-DENSITY     Mass Column Density
  PHYS_COMPACTNESS               Compactness Indicator
  PHYS_CONCENT                   Concentration Indicators
    PHYS_CONCENT_INDEX           Concentration Index
  PHYS_DENSITY                   Density (various flavours)
    PHYS_DENSITY_ELECT           Electron Density
    PHYS_DENSITY_ENERGY          Energy Density
    PHYS_DENSITY_MASS            Mass Density
      PHYS_DENSITY_MASS_SURF     Surface Mass-Density
      PHYS_DENSITY_MASS_VOL      Volume Mass-Density
    PHYS_DENSITY_NUMBER          Number Density
    PHYS_DENSITY_RATIO           Density Ratio
    PHYS_DENSITY_SURFACE         Surface Density
  PHYS_DISP-MEASURE              Dispersion Measure
  PHYS_DISTANCE                  Distance and related quantities
    PHYS_DISTANCE_DIFF           Distance Difference
    PHYS_DISTANCE_NORM           Relative or Normalized Distance
    PHYS_DISTANCE_PROJ           Projected Distance
    PHYS_DISTANCE_RATIO          Distance Fraction or Ratio
    PHYS_DISTANCE_RELATIVE       Relative Distance
    PHYS_DISTANCE_TRUE           Distance (true, linear distance)
  PHYS_ECCENTRICITY              Eccentricity
  PHYS_ELEC-FIELD                Electric (electrostatic) Field
  PHYS_ELLIPTICITY               Ellipticity (1-b/a)
  PHYS_EM-MEASURE                Emission Measure
  PHYS_ENERGY                    Energy and related quantities
    PHYS_ENERGY_CONTRIB          Energy Contribution
    PHYS_ENERGY_GENERAL          Energy in general
    PHYS_ENERGY_INDEX            Energy Index
    PHYS_ENERGY_ION              Ion Energy
    PHYS_ENERGY_LOSS-RATE        Energy Loss Rate
    PHYS_ENERGY_X                X-ray or Gamma-ray Energy
  PHYS_EXCITATION                Excitation in the Context of Ionizing Photons
    PHYS_EXCITATION_PARAM        Excitation Parameter
  PHYS_FLOW                      Matter Flow or Outflows Quantities
    PHYS_FLOW_POLARITY           Flow Polarity
  PHYS_GRADIENT                  Gradients (usually on galaxy context)
    PHYS_GRADIENT_CHEMICAL       Chemical Gradient
    PHYS_GRADIENT_CI             Color Index Gradient
    PHYS_GRADIENT_GENERAL        General gradients (usually on galaxy context)
    PHYS_GRADIENT_SB             Surface Brightness Gradient
    PHYS_GRADIENT_TEMP           Temperature Gradient
    PHYS_GRADIENT_VELOCITY       Velocity Gradient
  PHYS_GRAVITY                   Gravity and related properties
    PHYS_GRAVITY_POTENTIAL       Gravitational Potential
    PHYS_GRAVITY_PRESS           Gravitational pressure
    PHYS_GRAVITY_SURFACE         Surface Gravity
  PHYS_IMPACT-PAR                Impact Parameter
  PHYS_INERTIA-MOM               Moment of intertia (mr2)
  PHYS_INV-COMPTON-BEAM-FACT       Inverse Compton Effect Beam Factor
  PHYS_IONIZATION                Ionization quantities (in stellar/interstellar environments)
    PHYS_IONIZATION_PARAM        Ionization Parameter
    PHYS_IONIZATION_PHOTONS      Ionizing Photons
      PHYS_IONIZATION_PHOTONS_RATIO   Ionizing Photon Ratio
      PHYS_IONIZATION_PHOTONS_TOTAL   Total ionizing Photons
  PHYS_LIMB-DARK                 Limb Darkening Phenomena
    PHYS_LIMB-DARK_COEFF         Limb Darkening Coefficient
  PHYS_LUMINOSITY                Luminosity, in different bands and types
    PHYS_LUMINOSITY_B            Luminosity in blue light
    PHYS_LUMINOSITY_CARBON       Carbon luminosity
    PHYS_LUMINOSITY_CONTINUUM     Continuum luminosity
    PHYS_LUMINOSITY_DENSITY      Luminosity density
    PHYS_LUMINOSITY_GENERAL      Luminosity in general
    PHYS_LUMINOSITY_H2O          Water maser luminosity
    PHYS_LUMINOSITY_HALPHA       H alpha luminosity
    PHYS_LUMINOSITY_HBETA        H beta luminosity
    PHYS_LUMINOSITY_HE           Helium luminosity
    PHYS_LUMINOSITY_HYDROG       Hydrogen luminosity
    PHYS_LUMINOSITY_IR           Infrared luminosity
      PHYS_LUMINOSITY_IR_J       Luminosity in J-band (1.2um)
      PHYS_LUMINOSITY_IR_H       Luminosity in H-band (1.6um)
      PHYS_LUMINOSITY_IR_K       Luminosity in K-band (2.2um)
      PHYS_LUMINOSITY_IR_100     Luminosity at 100 micron
      PHYS_LUMINOSITY_IR_12      Luminosity at 12 micron
      PHYS_LUMINOSITY_IR_25      Luminosity at 25 micron
      PHYS_LUMINOSITY_IR_60      Luminosity at 60 micron
      PHYS_LUMINOSITY_IR_MISC    Infrared luminosity in general
    PHYS_LUMINOSITY_MASER        Maser luminosity
    PHYS_LUMINOSITY_NU           Neutrino luminosity
    PHYS_LUMINOSITY_OH           OH luminosity
    PHYS_LUMINOSITY_OPT          Luminosity in the optical light
    PHYS_LUMINOSITY_R            Luminosity in red light
    PHYS_LUMINOSITY_I            Luminosity in optical I light (0.8um)
    PHYS_LUMINOSITY_RADIO        Radio luminosity
    PHYS_LUMINOSITY_RATIO        Luminosity ratio
    PHYS_LUMINOSITY_SURFACE      Surface luminosity
    PHYS_LUMINOSITY_UV           Ultraviolet luminosity
      PHYS_LUMINOSITY_UV_LYA     Ionizing ultraviolet luminosity in lyman alpha
      PHYS_LUMINOSITY_UV_MISC    Ultraviolet luminosity
    PHYS_LUMINOSITY_X            X-ray luminosity
    PHYS_LUMINOSITY_GAMMA        gamma-ray luminosity
  PHYS_MAG-FIELD                 Magnetic Field
  PHYS_MASS                      Mass and related quantities
    PHYS_MASS_ABS-COEFF          Mass Absorption Coefficient
    PHYS_MASS_FLUX               Mass flux or flow
    PHYS_MASS_FRACTIONAL         Fractional Mass
    PHYS_MASS_FUNCTION           Function of mass, typically in spectroscopic binaries (M2*sini)^3^/(M1+M2)^2^
    PHYS_MASS_LOSS               Mass Loss
    PHYS_MASS_MISC               Mass
    PHYS_MASS_RATIO              Mass Ratio
    PHYS_MASS_YIELD              Mass yield associated to a given element
    PHYS_MASS/LIGHT              Mass to Light Ratio
  PHYS_OPACITY                   Opacity
  PHYS_OPTICAL-DEPTH             Optical Depth
  PHYS_OUTFLOW                   Outflows related quantities
    PHYS_OUTFLOW_PARAM           Outflow Parameter Factor
  PHYS_PLASMA                    Plasma Physics Parameters
    PHYS_PLASMA_PARAM            Plasma Physics Parameters
    PHYS_PLASMA_GAUNT-FACT       Plasma Physics Gaunt Factor
  PHYS_PRESS                     Pressure and related quantities
    PHYS_PRESS_ELECT             Electron Pressure
    PHYS_PRESS_GAS               Gas Pressure
  PHYS_RAD-MAX-ROT-VEL           Radius at which maximum rotational velocity occurs
  PHYS_RADIATIVE-ACCEL           Radiative Acceleration
  PHYS_REFLECTANCE               Reflectance
  PHYS_REFRACT-INDX              Refraction Index
  PHYS_SEPARATION                Pair Separation (in non-angular units)
  PHYS_SIZE                      Size (in non-angular units)
    PHYS_SIZE_DIAM               Diameter
    PHYS_SIZE_HEIGHT             Physical Height
    PHYS_SIZE_LENGTH             Physical Length or Dimension
    PHYS_SIZE_MAJ                Size (diameter) measured along the major axis
    PHYS_SIZE_MIN                Size (diameter) measured along the minor axis
    PHYS_SIZE_RADIUS             Radius and related quantities
      PHYS_SIZE_RADIUS_GENERAL   Linear Radius
      PHYS_SIZE_RADIUS_NORM      Normalized Radius
    PHYS_SIZE_RATIO              Size Ratio
    PHYS_SIZE_SMAJ               Size Of The Semi Major Axis
      PHYS_SIZE_SMAJ_GENERAL     Size Of The Semi Major Axis
      PHYS_SIZE_SMAJ_NORM        Normalized Size of the Major Axis
    PHYS_SIZE_SMIN               Size of the Semi Minor Axis
      PHYS_SIZE_SMIN_NORM        Normalized Size of the Minor Axis
  PHYS_STAR-FORM                 Star Formation Related Quantities
    PHYS_STAR-FORM_RATE          Star Formation Rate
  PHYS_SUN                       Solar Related Quantities
    PHYS_SUN_ATM                 Quantities Related to the Solar Atmosphere
      PHYS_SUN_ATM_ABS-COEFF     Solar Spectral Absorption Coefficient
      PHYS_SUN_ATM_PARAM         Solar Atmosphere Parameter
  PHYS_TANG-DOPPLER-FACT         Tangential Doppler Effect Factor
  PHYS_TEMP                      Temperature and related quantities
    PHYS_TEMP_DIFF               Temperature Amplitude or difference
    PHYS_TEMP_EFFEC              Effective Temperature
    PHYS_TEMP_ELECT              Electron Temperature
    PHYS_TEMP_EXCIT              Excitation Temperature
    PHYS_TEMP_F-F                Free-free or Bremsstrahlung Temperature
    PHYS_TEMP_KINETIC            Kinetic Temperature
    PHYS_TEMP_MISC               Temperature in general
    PHYS_TEMP_PLASMA             Plasma Temperature
    PHYS_TEMP_THETA              Effective temperature theta (5040/Teff)
    PHYS_TEMP_XRAY               X Ray temperature
  PHYS_TYPE                      Type of Phenomenon or Event
  PHYS_VOLUME                    Volume
    PHYS_VOLUME_MISC             Volume Ratio
    PHYS_VOLUME_RATIO            Volume Ratio
  PHYS_WIND                      Stellar or Solar Wind Properties
    PHYS_WIND_LUMINOSITY         Wind Luminosity
POL                              Polarization Related Quantities
  POL_DEGREE                     Degree of Polarisation
    POL_DEGREE_CIRC              Degree of Circular polarisation
    POL_DEGREE_LINEAR            Degree of Linear polarisation
    POL_DEGREE_MISC              Degree of Polarisation (unspecified type)
  POL_FLUX                       Polarized Flux (two flavours)
    POL_FLUX_LCP                 Left Circular Polarisation Flux
    POL_FLUX_LINEAR              Linearly polarized flux density
    POL_FLUX_RCP                 Right Circular Polarisation Flux
  POL_INDEX                      Polarisation Index
  POL_LAMBDA-MAX                 Maximum Polarisation's Wavelength
  POL_LINEAR/CIRC                Ratio of Linear to Circular Polarisation
  POL_PA                         Position Angle of the Polarisation vector
    POL_PA_EQ                    Position Angle in Equatorial Coordinates of the Polarisation vector
    POL_PA_GAL                   Position Angle in Galactic Coordinates of the Polarisation vector
    POL_PA_MISC                  Vector's Position Angle in unspecified coordinate system
  POL_ROTATION                   Faraday rotation of polarisation
  POL_SENSE                      Sense of (circular) Polarisation
  POL_SLOPE                      Polarimetry Slope
  POL_STOKES                     Polarisation Stokes Parameters
  POL_STOKES_I                   Stokes parameter I (total power)
  POL_STOKES_Q                   Stokes Parameter Q (absolute, or relative Q/I) [horizontal/vertical component]
  POL_STOKES_U                   Stokes Parameter U (absolute, or relative U/I) [diagonal component]
  POL_STOKES_V                   Stokes Parameter V (absolute, or relative V/I) [circular component]
POS                              Position Related Quantities
  POS_ANG                        Angular Position
    POS_ANG_DIST                 Angular Distance and related quantities
      POS_ANG_DIST_GENERAL       Angular Distance Or Separation
      POS_ANG_DIST_REL           Relative or Normalized Angular Distance
    POS_ANG_VEL                  Rate Of Position Change (drift motion, angular velocity)
  POS_CCD                        Positions Related To CCD's
    POS_CCD_X                    CCD Position Along the X Axis
    POS_CCD_Y                    CCD Position Along the Y Axis
  POS_DETECTOR                   Position Related to the Detector
    POS_DETECTOR_DIST            Distance Or Position In Detector Units
    POS_DETECTOR_RADIUS          Radius of an Object Expressed In Detector's Unit
  POS_DIR-COSINE                 Direction Cosine
  POS_EARTH                      Positions On The Earth
    POS_EARTH_LAT                Earth's Latitude
      POS_EARTH_LAT_MAIN         Earth's Latitude
      POS_EARTH_LAT_VAR          Variation of Local Latitude
    POS_EARTH_LOCATION           Earth Location
    POS_EARTH_LON                Earth Longitude
  POS_EC                         Ecliptic Coordinates and derivates
    POS_EC_LAT                   Ecliptic Latitude
    POS_EC_LON                   Ecliptic Longitude
  POS_EQ                         Equatorial Coordinates and related quantities
    POS_EQ_A-V-PRECESS           Annual Variation of Precession in RA
    POS_EQ_X                     X component of equatorial position: x=cos(Dec)cos(RA)
    POS_EQ_Y                     Y component of equatorial position: y=cos(Dec)sin(RA)
    POS_EQ_Z                     Z component of equatorial position: z=sin(Dec)
    POS_EQ_DEC                   Declination related quantities
      POS_EQ_DEC_3T              Third Term in Declination
      POS_EQ_DEC_MAIN            Declination
      POS_EQ_DEC_OFF             Declination or North-South Offset Difference
      POS_EQ_DEC_OTHER           Declination in Non-Standard Units or partial values
      POS_EQ_DEC_PRECESS         Precession Variation in Declination
      POS_EQ_DEC_REL             Relative Declination in a Special Scale
    POS_EQ_PLX                   Relations between Parallax and RA and Dec
      POS_EQ_PLX_FACTOR          Parallax Factor in Declination
      POS_EQ_PMDEC               Proper Motion in Declination (pmdec)
      POS_EQ_PM                  Total proper motion (can be in non-equatorial frame)
      POS_EQ_PM-PA               Position angle (North through East) of Proper Motion vector
      POS_EQ_PMRA                Proper Motion in Right Ascension (pmra)
    POS_EQ_PREC                  Annual Precession Quantities
      POS_EQ_PREC_DEC            Annual Precession In Declination
      POS_EQ_PREC_RA             Precession Variation In RA
    POS_EQ_RA                    Right Ascension related quantities
      POS_EQ_RA_2T               Second Component in right Ascension
      POS_EQ_RA_3T               Third Term In Right Ascension
      POS_EQ_RA_CORR             Correction in Right Ascension
      POS_EQ_RA_MAIN             Right Ascension
      POS_EQ_RA_OFF              RA Offset or Residual In Right Ascension or along East-West
      POS_EQ_RA_OTHER            Right Ascension in Non-Standard Units or partial values
      POS_EQ_RA_REL              Relative Right Ascension in a Special Scale
  POS_FRAME                       Coordinates and related quantities in a Specific frame
    POS_FRAME_LON                Longitude in a non-standard frame
    POS_FRAME_LAT                Latitude in a non-standard frame
    POS_FRAME_X                  X-position in a non-standard frame
    POS_FRAME_Y                  Y-position in a non-standard frame
    POS_FRAME_Z                  Z-position in a non-standard frame
  POS_GAL                        Galactic Coordinates and related quantities
    POS_GAL_COSEC-B              Cosecant of galactic latitude
    POS_GAL_LAT                  Galactic Latitude
    POS_GAL_LON                  Galactic Longitude
    POS_GAL_GC                   Galactocentric Distance
    POS_GAL_HC                   Heliocentric Distance
    POS_GAL_X                    X coordinate of object in Galactic Plane: x=r.cos(GLAT)cos(GLON)
    POS_GAL_Y                    Y coordinate of object in Galactic Plane: y=r.cos(GLAT)sin(GLON)
    POS_GAL_Z                    Z coordinate of object above Galactic Plane: z=r.sin(GLAT)
  POS_GENERAL                    Position in general
  POS_GEO                        Geocentric Quantities
    POS_GEO_ANGLE                Angle Of The Geocenter
    POS_GEO_DEC                  Geocentric declination
    POS_GEO_DISTANCE             Geocentric distance
    POS_GEO_RA                   Geocentric Right Ascension
    POS_GEO_X                    X coordinate of object in Geocentric (ecliptic) frame
    POS_GEO_Y                    Y coordinate of object in Geocentric (ecliptic) frame
    POS_GEO_Z                    Z coordinate of object in Geocentric (ecliptic) frame
  POS_HA                         Hour Angle
  POS_HC                         Heliocentric Coordinates
    POS_HC_X                     Heliocentric X
    POS_HC_Y                     Heliocentric Y
    POS_HC_Z                     Heliocentric Z
  POS_INCLIN                     Inclination angles
    POS_INCLIN_EC                Inclination Respect to the ecliptic
    POS_INCLIN_GP                Inclination Respect to the Galactic Plane
    POS_INCLIN_LOS               Inclination Respect to the Line Of Sight
  POS_JOVIC                      Jovicentric Coordinates (Jupiter's Phenomena)
    POS_JOVIC_X                  Jovicentric X
    POS_JOVIC_Y                  Jovicentric Y
  POS_LAMBERT                    Coordinates in the Lambert Projection
    POS_LAMBERT_R                Lambert Polar Distance
    POS_LAMBERT_X                Lambert X Coordinate
    POS_LAMBERT_Y                Lambert Y Coordinate
  POS_LIMIT                      Position Limit to an Observation
  POS_LITERAL                    Literal Alpha-Delta Identification of a Position
  POS_LOCATION                   Location of certain events not easily expressed in other categories
  POS_MAP                        Quantity Measurement on a Contour Map
  POS_OCCULT                     Quantity related to the lunar occultations
    POS_OCCULT_DIR               Direction of lunar motion
    POS_OCCULT_POS               Quantity related to the lunar occultations
    POS_OCCULT_SLOPE             Lunar Slope
  POS_OFFSET                     Positional offsets (distance from matching source, can be a string)
  POS_PAR-ANG                    Parallactic Angle
  POS_PARLX                      Parallax and related quantities
    POS_PARLX_DYN                Dynamical Parallax
    POS_PARLX_PHOT               Photometric Parallax
    POS_PARLX_MISC               Parallaxes derived from miscellaneous methods
    POS_PARLX_SPEC               Spectroscopic Parallax
    POS_PARLX_TRIG               Trigonometric Parallax
  POS_PLANETARY                  Coordinates in a System Related Non-Jovian Planets
  POS_PLATE                      Positions measured in photographic plates
    POS_PLATE_DIFF               Difference in position or separation between objects
    POS_PLATE_X                  X Coordinate on a Plate
    POS_PLATE_Y                  Y Coordinate on a Plate
  POS_PM                         Proper Motion (non-equatorial) and related quantities
    POS_PM_DIFF                  Difference In Proper Motion
    POS_PM_DERIV                 Derivative of proper motion (angular acceleration)
    POS_PM_NON-EQ                Proper Motion (non-equatorial)
    POS_PM_PA                    Polar Angle of Proper Motion Vector in a non-equatorial frame
  POS_POS-ANG                    Position Angle (North through East) of a certain vector
  POS_PRECESSION                 Precession
  POS_RADIUS                     Radius Used To Calculate Other Quantity
  POS_REFERENCE-SYSTEM           Used Reference System
  POS_SG                         Super Galactic Coordinates
    POS_SG_LAT                   Supergalactic Latitude
    POS_SG_LON                   Supergalactic Longitude
    POS_SG_X                     Supergalactic X coordinate
    POS_SG_Y                     Supergalactic Y coordinate
    POS_SG_Z                     Supergalactic Z coordinate
  POS_SOLAR                      Solar Positions
    POS_SOLAR_ELEVAT             Solar Elevation
    POS_SOLAR_ELONG              Solar Elongation
  POS_TRANSF                     Transformation of a Position, like WCS constants
  POS_TRANSF_PARAM               Parameter used in astrometric transformations, e.g. WCS constants
  POS_TANG-PLANE                 Tangent Plane Position or a system attached to an object
  POS_TOPO                       Topocentric Positions
    POS_TOPO_DEC                 Topocentric Declination
    POS_TOPO_RA                  Topocentric right ascension
  POS_VAR                        Positional Variations
    POS_VAR_RATE                 Rate of Variation of positional quantities
  POS_ZD                         Zenith Distance and related quantities
    POS_ZD_MAIN                  Zenith Distance
    POS_ZD_RES                   Residual In Zenith Distance
RECORD                           Record Number
REDSHIFT                         Redshift
  REDSHIFT_DIFF                  Difference in redshift (usually between companions or nearby objects)
  REDSHIFT_CMB                   Galactocentric Redshift
  REDSHIFT_GC                    Redshift relative to the cosmic background
  REDSHIFT_HC                    Redshift (normally heliocentric, or barycentric)
  REDSHIFT_LG                    Redshift relative to the local group
  REDSHIFT_PHOT                  Photometric Redshift
REDUCT                           Quantities Associated with the Reduction Process
  REDUCT_EXTR-RAD                Extraction Radius
  REDUCT_METHOD                  Reduction Method or Technique
  REDUCT_PARAM                   Reduction Parameter
REFER                            References
  REFER_BIBCODE                  Reference Bibliographic Code
  REFER_CODE                     References (or reference code)
  REFER_TEXT                     Text related to a reference, may include author, journal, editor, publisher...
  REFER_JOURN                    Journal/Publication
  REFER_PAGE                     Page Number
  REFER_VOL                      Volume Number or Identification
REMARKS                          Remark or Comments
SPECT                            Spectroscopy and related quantities
  SPECT_BALMER                   Properties of hydrogen balmer series
    SPECT_BALMER_DEC             Balmer Decrement
    SPECT_BALMER_JUMP            Balmer Jump
  SPECT_CONTINUUM                Continuum Properties
    SPECT_CONTINUUM_CORR-FACT     Continuum Correction Factor
    SPECT_CONTINUUM_DEPTH        Continuum Depth
    SPECT_CONTINUUM_INDICATOR     Continuum Indicator
    SPECT_CONTINUUM_PROP         Continuum Properties
  SPECT_DOPPLER-PAR              Doppler Parameter
  SPECT_EMISSIVITY               Emissivity In A Certain Waveband
  SPECT_EQ-WIDTH                 Equivalent Width
  SPECT_FEATURE                  Spectroscopic Feature properties
    SPECT_FEATURE_PROP           Spectroscopic Feature properties
    SPECT_FEATURE_WIDTH          Equivalent Width of a given Feature
  SPECT_FLUX                     Flux, usually in a narrow spectral band
    SPECT_FLUX_NORM              Normalized Flux, usually in a narrow spectral band
    SPECT_FLUX_RATIO             Spectroscopic flux ratio
    SPECT_FLUX_UV                Spectroscopy line flux in the uv
    SPECT_FLUX_VALUE             Flux, usually in a narrow spectral band
  SPECT_GENERAL                  Spectroscopy in general
  SPECT_HARDNESS-RATIO           Hardness ratio usually in X-ray
  SPECT_ID                       Spectral identification
  SPECT_INDEX                    Spectroscopic index
    SPECT_INDEX_BANDPASS         Spectroscopic index bandpass
    SPECT_INDEX_HALPHA           H alpha spectroscopic index
    SPECT_INDEX_HBETA            H Beta spectroscopic index
    SPECT_INDEX_HGAMMA           H gamma spectroscopic index
    SPECT_INDEX_MISC             Miscellaneous spectroscopic index
  SPECT_INTEGRAL                 Integral spectrum
  SPECT_INTENSITY                Spectral Intensity
    SPECT_INTENSITY_ESTIMATED     Estimated Intensity
    SPECT_INTENSITY_FR-DROP      Intensity Drop Fraction
    SPECT_INTENSITY_HBETA-NORM     Hbeta Normalized Intensity
    SPECT_INTENSITY_INST-UNIT     Intensity In Instrumental Units
    SPECT_INTENSITY_MAIN         Spectral Intensity
    SPECT_INTENSITY_RATIO        Intensity Ratio
    SPECT_INTENSITY_REL          Relative Intensity
  SPECT_LINE                     Spectral Line Properties
    SPECT_LINE_BROADENING        Line Broadening
    SPECT_LINE_CENT              Line Central Position
    SPECT_LINE_DEPTH             Line Depth
      SPECT_LINE_DEPTH_DIFF      Difference In Line Depth
      SPECT_LINE_DEPTH_VALUE     Line Depth
    SPECT_LINE_ENERGY            Line Energy
    SPECT_LINE_FREQUENCY         Line Frequency (usually in radio)
    SPECT_LINE_DIFF-FREQ         Differential frequency between two lines (usually in radio)
    SPECT_LINE_FWHM              Line Full Width Half Maximum (FWHM)
    SPECT_LINE_ID                Line Identification
    SPECT_LINE_INTENSITY         Line Intensity
    SPECT_LINE_MOMENT            Line Moment
    SPECT_LINE_RATIO             Line Ratio
    SPECT_LINE_STRENGTH          Line Strength
    SPECT_LINE_TEMP              Line temperature
    SPECT_LINE_WIDTH             Line Width
  SPECT_LUM-CLASS                Luminosity Classification
  SPECT_LUM/WVLNGTH-INT          Luminosity per Wavelength Interval
  SPECT_LUMINOSITY               Monochromatic Luminosity
  SPECT_NORMALIZED               Normalized Spectrum
  SPECT_PECUL                    Spectral Peculiarities
  SPECT_RANGE                    Spectral Range
  SPECT_RESOLUTION               Spectral Resolution
  SPECT_S/N                      Spectrum Signal To Noise Ratio
  SPECT_SENSITIVITY              Spectral sensitivity
  SPECT_SOFTNESS-RATIO           Softness ratio usual in x ray
  SPECT_SP+INDEX                 Spectral Index (positive alpha)
  SPECT_SP-INDEX                 Spectral Index (negative alpha)
  SPECT_STARK                    Stark effect related quantities
  SPECT_SUN                      Solar Spectrum
  SPECT_TYPE                     Spectrum Classification
    SPECT_TYPE_GENERAL           Spectrum Classification
    SPECT_TYPE_MK                MK Spectral Classification
    SPECT_TYPE_RADIO             Radio Spectral Type
  SPECT_VELOC                    Velocity (associated with lines)
    SPECT_VELOC_VALUE            Velocity (associated with lines)
    SPECT_VELOC_WIDTH            Velocity width
  SPECT_WAVELENGTH               Wavelength (associated to lines)
    SPECT_WAVELENGTH_CENTRAL     Central wavelength
    SPECT_WAVELENGTH_DIFF        Difference in Wavelength
    SPECT_WAVELENGTH_MISC        Wavelength (associated to lines)
STAT                             Statistical Properties
  STAT_REJECT                    Percent of Rejection
  STAT_COMPLETENESS              Degree of Completeness of a Sample
  STAT_CORRELATION               Correlation
  STAT_COVAR                     Statistical covariance parameter
  STAT_LIKELIHOOD                Maximum Likelihood of existence or occurence
  STAT_LIKELIHOOD-RATIO          Likelihood Ratio
  STAT_MEAN                      Statistics Mean Value
  STAT_MEDIAN                    Statistics Median Value
  STAT_N-DOF                     Degrees of Freedom
  STAT_PARAM                     Statistic Parameter or Factor
  STAT_PROBABILITY               Probability
  STAT_PROP                      Statistical Properties
  STAT_SAMP-FACTOR               Sampling Factor
  STAT_SIGNIFICANCE              Statistical Significance
  STAT_STDEV                     Statistical standard deviation (square root of the variance)
  STAT_DISP                      Statistical measure of a dispersion (not an error)
  STAT_VAR                       Statistical variance (squared standard deviation) or second moment
TEL                              Telescopes
  TEL_SIZE                       Telescope size (dimension)
  TEL_FOCAL-LENGTH               Focal Length
  TEL_ID                         Telescope Identification
TIME                             Time and related Quantities
  TIME_AGE                       Age
  TIME_CROSSING                  Crossing Time
  TIME_CYCLE                     Cycle number of a variable object.
  TIME_DATE                      Date (Julian Date or Heliocentric Julian date)
  TIME_DELAY                     Time Delay
  TIME_DIFF                      Time Difference O-C Residual
  TIME_DP/DT                     Period Rate Of Change
  TIME_EPOCH                     Epoch
  TIME_EQUINOX                   Equinox
  TIME_EVOLUTION                 Evolution Time
  TIME_EXPTIME                   Exposure Time
  TIME_INTERVAL                  Time Interval
  TIME_LIMIT                     Time Limit
  TIME_MISC                      Time in general
  TIME_PERIOD                    Period
  TIME_PHASE                     Phase (in the context of periodic variable objects)
  TIME_RATE                      Rate Of Certain Phenomenon
  TIME_RELAXATION                Relaxation Time
  TIME_RESOLUTION                Time resolution
  TIME_SCALE                     Time Scale
  TIME_ZONE                      Time Zone
UNITS                            Units in which a quantity is measured
VAR                              Quantities related to variable objects
  VAR_AMPLITUDE                  Amplitude of variation and related quantities
    VAR_AMPLITUDE_RATIO          Amplitude Ratio
    VAR_AMPLITUDE_VALUE          Amplitude of variation
  VAR_CLASS                      Type of variability
  VAR_DF/DT2                     2nd time derivative of barycentric rotation frequency in seconds
  VAR_DF/DT3                     3rd time derivative of barycentric rotation frequency in seconds
  VAR_FRACT-LIGHT                Fraction Light
  VAR_FREQ                       Frequency of change in variability, like harmnoics
  VAR_INDEX                      Variability Index
  VAR_LIGHT-DROP                 Light Drop
  VAR_MAG-RANGE                  Magnitude Range
  VAR_MEAN                       Quantity at stage of mean
  VAR_MODEL-FIT                  Variability Fit Parameter
  VAR_PERIOD                     Period of Variability and related quantities
    VAR_PERIOD_VAR               Period Variations
  VAR_PRIM-MIN                   Primary Minimum Importance
  VAR_PROBABILITY                Probability of Variability
  VAR_PULSE                      Quantities related to pulses (pulsars)
    VAR_PULSE_EQ-WIDTH           Pulse Equivalent Width
    VAR_PULSE_WIDTH              Pulse Width
  VAR_OSCILL                     Radial Oscillation Parameter
  VAR_RRLYRA-FREQ                Frequency Of RR Lyrae
  VAR_SEC-MIN                    Secondary Minimum Importance
VELOC                            Velocity
  VELOC_BARYCENTER               Barycenter Velocity
  VELOC_CM                       Velocity Refered to a Co-Moving System
    VELOC_CM_X                   Comoving Velocity Along X Eastward
    VELOC_CM_Y                   Comoving Velocity Along Y Northward
    VELOC_CM_Z                   Comoving Velocity Along the Line of Sight
  VELOC_CMB                       Velocity or Redshift with respect to the 3K CMB
  VELOC_CORR                     Velocity Correction
  VELOC_DIFF                     Velocity Difference
  VELOC_DISP                     Velocity Dispersion
  VELOC_ESCAPE                   Escape Velocity
  VELOC_EXPANSION                Expansion Velocity
  VELOC_GAL                      Space Velocity In Galactic Coordinates
    VELOC_GAL_PHI                Space Velocity In Galactic Coordinate Phi Component
    VELOC_GAL_RHO                Space Velocity In Galactic Coordinate Rho Component
    VELOC_GAL_U                  Space Velocity In Galactic Coordinate U Component
    VELOC_GAL_V                  Space Velocity In Galactic Coordinate V Component
    VELOC_GAL_W                  Space Velocity In Galactic Coordinate W Component
    VELOC_GAL_MISC               Miscellaneous Velocities, like Total or Tangent velocity
  VELOC_GC                       Galactocentric Radial Velocity (corrected from Sun motion)
  VELOC_GEOC                     Geocentric Radial Velocity
  VELOC_HC                       Heliocentric (or barycentric) Radial Velocity
  VELOC_LG                       Local Group Radial Velocity
  VELOC_LSR                      Radial Velocity Respect to the Local Standard of Rest
  VELOC_MAX                      Maximum or Terminal Velocity
  VELOC_MEAN                     Mean Velocity
  VELOC_MICRO-TURB               Microturbulence Velocity
  VELOC_MISC                     Velocity in general
  VELOC_OBS                      Observed velocity (without corrections)
  VELOC_OCCULT                   Occultation Velocity
  VELOC_ORBIT                    Orbital Velocity
  VELOC_PECULIAR                 Peculiar Velocity
  VELOC_PRE-ENTRY                Pre-Entry Velocity (meteorites)
  VELOC_PULSAT                   Pulsation Velocity
  VELOC_RANGE                    Velocity Range
  VELOC_RELAT                    Relative Velocity
  VELOC_RESID                    Residual velocity (any component or system)
  VELOC_RMS                      Velocity scatter or RMS
  VELOC_ROTAT                    Rotational Velocity
  VELOC_SPACE                    Space Velocity
    VELOC_SPACE_X                Space Velocity X Component
    VELOC_SPACE_Y                Space Velocity Y Component
    VELOC_SPACE_Z                Space Velocity Z Component
  VELOC_SYST                     Systemic Velocity
    VELOC_SYST_HC                Heliocentric Systemic Velocity
    VELOC_SYST_MISC              Systemic Velocity
  VELOC_TANG                     Tangential Velocities
    VELOC_TANG_GAL               Tangential Velocity in Galactic Frame
    VELOC_TANG_MISC              Tangential Velocity
    VELOC_TANG_PEC               Peculiar Tangential Velocity
  VELOC_TOTAL                    Total Velocity
  VELOC_WIND                     Wind Velocity
WEIGHT                           Statistical Weight Associated to Data Fits