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The AllWISE and CMC15 catalogues are available in VizieR.
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 Rare earth abundances (Sneden+, 2009)
    J/ApJS/182/80/table3Solar rare Earth abundances (16 rows)
    J/ApJS/182/80/table45r-process-rich stars rare Earth abundances (Table 4 and 5 of the paper) (80 rows)
    J/ApJS/182/80/table10Measured hfs A-constants for PrII (Z=59) levels of interest in this investigation (115 rows)
    J/ApJS/182/80/table11Hyperfine structure line component patterns for PrII (Z=59) (936 rows)
    J/ApJS/182/80/table12Isotopic and hyperfine structure line component patterns for YbII (Z=70) (26 rows)
 C abundances in G and K nearby stars (Da Silva+, 2011)
    J/A+A/526/A71/cfe_3reg(c)[C/Fe] abundances and errors for the three C abundance indicators: 5128, 5165, and 5380 Å (table 7 of the paper) (172 rows)
    J/A+A/526/A71/atm_molAtomic and molecular line parameters (table 2 of the paper) (6928 rows)
    J/A+A/526/A71/atm_strgStrong atomic lines (table 3 of the paper) (50 rows)
 Line list for solar-type stars (Sousa+, 2014)
    J/A+A/561/A21/table2Atomic parameters of the spectral lines (151 rows)
 NLTE corrections for Mg and Ca lines (Merle+ 2011)
    J/MNRAS/418/863/gridGrid of Non-LTE corrections for Mg and Ca lines in the stellar parameter range Teff=[3500, 5250]K, log(g)=[0.5, 2.0], [Fe/H]=[-4.0,0.5] and [α/Fe]=[0.0,0.4] (18012 rows)

       (c)  indicates tables which contain celestial coordinates 
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