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5 catalogs found
 Photometry of UCM galaxies. II. (Perez-Gonzalez+, 2001)
    J/A+A/365/370/table2Bulge and disk parameters in the Johnson B band, bulge-to disk ratios, mean ellipticity and PA of the outer isophotes (191 rows)
    J/A+A/365/370/table3Concentration indices, isophote 24.5mag/arcsec2 data, effective surface brightness and asymmetry coefficient (191 rows)
 Photometry of bulges at intermediate z (Dominguez-Palmero+, 2008)
    J/A+A/488/1167/Bulge(c)Bulge sample (54 rows)
    J/A+A/488/1167/nonBulge(c)Non-bulge sample (137 rows)
 Photometry & morphology of UCM galaxies (Vitores+, 1996)
    J/A+AS/118/7/table2Apparent and absolute magnitudes of UCM objects (212 rows)
    J/A+AS/118/7/table3B+D decomposition parameters for UCM objects (212 rows)
    J/A+AS/118/7/table4Photometric parameters of UCM objects (212 rows)
    J/A+AS/118/7/table5Mean photometric parameters and concentration indices of UCM objects. (212 rows)
    J/A+AS/118/7/table6Morphological type, according to the different photometric criteria, for objects of UCM sample (212 rows)
    J/A+AS/118/7/table7Special comments on individual UCM objects (519 rows)
 Photometry of UCM galaxies (Perez-Gonzalez+, 2000)
    J/A+AS/141/409/table1Redshifts, morphology, spectral type and Gunn r magnitude of UCM objects (191 rows)
    J/A+AS/141/409/table3Johnson B magnitudes (total and isophote 24), effective radius and B-r colours (effective and isophote 24). (191 rows)
 SHELS galaxies with 0.02<z<0.1 (Geller+, 2012)
    J/AJ/143/102/table1(c)SHELS0.1 redshifts (Smithsonian Hectospec Lensing Survey) (592 rows)
    J/AJ/143/102/table2(c)*Low-redshift candidate list (Note) (86 rows)

       (c)  indicates tables which contain celestial coordinates 
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