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 Classification of stellar spectra 644-681nm (Damiani+, 2014)
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1.J/A+A/566/A50/table3Spectral indices for γ Vel dataset (for 1242 distinct stars) (1802 rows)

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  Nspec   [1/1802] Sequential spectrum number (meta.record;phys.atmol.number)
  JName (char) Star name from coordinates (HHMMSSss+DDMMSSs) (;meta.main)
  JD d Julian Date of observation (time.epoch)
  Vmag mag [12/19] Apparent Johnson V magnitude (phot.mag;em.opt.V)
  V-Ic mag [0.2/5.0] Johnson-Cousins V-I color index (phot.color;em.opt.V;em.opt.I)
  S/N  Signal/noise ratio (stat.snr)
  mu1  Index µ1 (definition) (spect.index)
  e_mu1  (n) Error on mu1 (stat.error)
  mu2  Index µ2 (definition) (spect.index)
  e_mu2  (n) Error on mu2 (stat.error)
  mu3  Index µ3 (definition) (spect.index)

ALL cols
(n) indicates a possible blank or NULL column  
  e_mu3  (n) Error on mu3 (stat.error)
  mu4  Index µ4 (definition) (spect.index)
  e_mu4  (n) Error on mu4 (stat.error)
  mu5  Index µ5 (definition) (spect.index)
  e_mu5  (n) Error on mu5 (stat.error)
  mu6  Index µ6 (definition) (spect.index)
  e_mu6  (n) Error on mu6 (stat.error)
  mu7  Index µ7 (definition) (spect.index)
  e_mu7  (n) Error on mu7 (stat.error)
  alphaw  Index αw (definition) (spect.index)
  e_alphaw  Error on alphaw (stat.error)
  alphac  Index αc (definition) (spect.index)
  e_alphac  (n) Error on alphac (stat.error)

ALL cols
(n) indicates a possible blank or NULL column  
  betat  Index βt (definition) (spect.index)
  e_betat  (n) Error on betat (stat.error)
  betac  Index βc (definition) (spect.index)
  e_betac  (n) Error on betac (stat.error)
  zeta1  Index ζ1 (definition) (spect.index)
  e_zeta1  (n) Error on zeta1 (stat.error)
  gamma1  Index γ1 (definition) (spect.index)
  e_gamma1  (n) Error on gamma1 (stat.error)
  mu  Index µ=0.25(µ1357) (spect.index)
  e_mu  Error on mu (stat.error)
  beta  Index β=1-βct (spect.index)
  e_beta  (n) Error on beta (stat.error)
  gamma  Index γ=β+γ1 (spect.index)
  e_gamma  Error on gamma (stat.error)
  tau  Index τ = min(αw,1) - βt - ζ1 + 3*µ (spect.index)
  e_tau  Error on tau (stat.error)
  Notes (char) [M SB2] Membership/binarity flags (Note 1)   (meta.note)
  _RA deg Positions (from star name) (right ascension part) (pos.eq.ra;meta.main)
  _DE deg Positions (from star name) (declination part) (pos.eq.dec;meta.main)

ALL cols
(n) indicates a possible blank or NULL column  
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