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 LIRAS: LoCuSS IR AGN survey (Xu+, 2015)
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1.J/ApJS/219/18/hdet1Fluxes of the 24um-selected Herschel-detected type-1 AGN sample with redshifts and derived parameters (tables 3 and 5) (107 rows)

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  recno  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification. (meta.record)
  Seq  Running sequence number (
  LIRAS (char) LIRAS source designation ( (;meta.main)
  RAJ2000 deg Right ascension in decimal degrees (J2000) (pos.eq.ra;meta.main)
  DEJ2000 deg Declination in decimal degrees (J2000) (pos.eq.dec;meta.main)
  FJ mJy [0.01/3.3] UKIRT/WFCAM J-band flux density (phot.flux.density;em.IR.J)
  FK mJy [0.01/3.7] UKIRT/WFCAM K-band flux density (phot.mag;em.IR.K)
  F3.4 mJy [0/3.2] WISE 3.4um flux density (phot.mag;em.IR.3-4um)
  F4.6 mJy [0/4.5] WISE 4.6um flux density (phot.mag;em.IR.4-8um)
  F12 mJy [0/11.5] WISE 12um flux density (phot.flux.density;em.IR.8-15um)
  F24 mJy [1/20] Spitzer/MIPS 24um flux density (phot.flux.density;em.IR.15-30um)

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  l_F100 (char) 3σ upper limit flag on F100 (meta.code.error)
  F100 mJy (n) [10.8/568] Herschel/PACS 100um flux density (phot.flux.density;em.IR.60-100um)
  l_F160 (char) 3σ upper limit flag on F160 (meta.code.error)
  F160 mJy (n) [11.9/549] Herschel/PACS 160um flux density (phot.flux.density;
  l_F250 (char) 3σ upper limit flag on F250 (meta.code.error)
  F250 mJy [8.5/298] Herschel/SPIRE 250um flux density (phot.flux.density;
  l_F350 (char) 3σ upper limit flag on F350 (meta.code.error)
  F350 mJy [8.6/150] Herschel/SPIRE 350um flux density (phot.flux.density;
  l_F500 (char) 3σ upper limit flag on F500 (meta.code.error)
  F500 mJy [11.5/62.1] Herschel/SPIRE 500um flux density (phot.flux.density;
  z   [0.1/4.5] Redshift (src.redshift)
  LX 10+10Lsun(n) [0.05/48.2] Chandra 0.5-8keV X-ray luminosity (phys.luminosity;em.X-ray)
  LB 10+11Lsun [0/16.8] Subaru/SuprimeCam B-band luminosity (phys.luminosity;em.opt.B)

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(n) indicates a possible blank or NULL column  
  LIR 10+11Lsun [0.4/322.1] Total IR luminosity (phys.luminosity;em.IR)
  LSF 10+11Lsun [0/89.8] SF IR luminosity (phys.luminosity;em.IR)
  dLSF  (n) [-1/0] Decrease in the fraction of the SF IR luminosity (Note 1)   (phys.luminosity;arith.ratio)
  Lagn 10+11Lsun [0.1/322.1] AGN IR luminosity (phys.luminosity;em.IR)
  Lwarm 10+11Lsun(n) [7.5/70.8] Warm component luminosity if warm component required in the SED fit (phys.luminosity;em.IR)
  dLw  (n) [0/211.5] Warm component luminosity if warm component is a d.o.f. in the SED fit (Note 2)   (phys.luminosity;arith.ratio)
  Line (char) Line identification (;spect.line)
  l_FWHM (char) Limit flag on FWHM (meta.code.error;phys.angSize)
  FWHM km/s [1037/17310] Broad emission line FWHM (spect.line.width;spect.line)
  BHM 10+8Msun (n) [0.1/123.8] Black hole mass (Note 3)   (phys.mass)
  M* 10+11Msun(n) Host galaxy stellar mass estimated from the local BHM/M* ratio unless flagged (src.class.starGalaxy)
  f_M* (char) [d] d: derived from K-band luminosity (meta.code)
  SDSS  (n)Sources within 1" of SDSS-DR7 and DR9 photometric catalogs (V/139 and II/294) (meta.ref.url)
  Sloan  Display the online SDSS data for the nearest object (meta.ref.url)
  Simbad  ask the Simbad data-base about this object (meta.ref.url)

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(n) indicates a possible blank or NULL column  
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