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  3748 FGK stars spectroscopic parameters (Sarmento+, 2020)
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1.J/A+A/636/A85/solmaskLine mask used (solarmaskfilterednoGe1676lines) (250 rows)

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  recno  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification. (meta.record)
  El (char) Element (element) (phys.atmol.element)
  lambda 0.1nm Wavelength, in Angstroem (wave_A) (em.wl)
  lambda2 nm Wavelength, in nm (wave_nm) (em.wl)
  loggf [-] Oscillator strength (loggf) (phys.atmol.oscStrength)
  lstate eV Lower state, in eV (lowerstateeV) (;phys.atmol.level)
  lstate2 cm-1 Lower state, in cm–1 (lowerstatecm1) (;phys.atmol.level)
  lJ  Lower J (lower_j) (phys.atmol.qn)
  upstate eV Upper stater, in eV (upperstateeV) (;phys.atmol.level)
  upstate2 cm-1 Upper state, in cm–1 (upperstatecm1) (;phys.atmol.level)
  uJ  Upper J (upper_j) (phys.atmol.qn)

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  ug  Upper g (upper_g) (phys.atmol.qn)
  b_Lande  Lower value of Lande parameter interval (lande_lower) (phys.atmol.lande;stat.min)
  B_Lande  Upper value of Lande parameter interval (lande_upper) (phys.atmol.lande;stat.max)
  spttype (char) [99 GA] Spectrum transition type (spectrumtransitiontype) (src.spType)
  tsprad  10 to the power of the radiative damping parameter (turbospectrum_rad) (phys.damping)
  rad  Radiative damping parameter (rad) (phys.damping)
  stark  Stark damping parameter (stark) (phys.damping)
  Waals  van der Waals damping parameter (format for AO theory) (waals) (stat.param)
  Waalssg  van der Waals damping parameter (classic) (waalssinglegamma_format) (stat.param)
  tspdamp  Fudge factor (common for the same atomic number and ion) (turbospectrum_fdamp) (phys.atmol)
  spFudge  Spectrum fudge factor (spectrumfudgefactor) (phys.atmol)
  Depthth 0.1nm Theoretical depth (theoretical_depth) (phys.absorption.opticalDepth)
  EWth 0.1nm Theoretical equivalent width (theoretical_ew) (spect.line.eqWidth)

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  lorbtype (char) [Xdpsx] Lower orbital type (lowerorbitaltype) (phys.atmol)
  uorbtype (char) [Xdfpsx] Upper orbital type (upperorbitaltype) (phys.atmol)
  Mol (char) [FT] Molecule ? (molecule) (meta.note)
  spsi   [0/12] Spectrum synthetic isotope (spectrumsyntheisotope) (phys.atmol)
  Ion   [1] Ion ? (e.g. 0 for neutral lines, 1 for ionized) (ion) (phys.atmol.ionStage)
  spmoogspec  Species code: 'atomic number' + '.' + 'ion state - 1' (spectrummoogspecies) (phys.atmol)
  tssppec  Species code: 'atomic number' + '.' + 'isotope code' (turbospectrum_species) (phys.atmol)
  Widhtspec  Species code: 'atomic number. + '.0' + 'ion state - 1' (width_species) (phys.atmol)
  Ref (char) Reference code (reference_code) (meta.note)
  spsupp (char) [F/T] Spectrum support (spectrum_support) (meta.code)
  tspsup (char) [T] Turbospectrum support (turbospectrum_support) (meta.code)
  moogsup (char) [T] Moog support (moog_support) (meta.code)
  widthsup (char) [F/T] Width support (width_support) (meta.code)

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  synthsup (char) [F/T] Synthetic support (synthe_support) (meta.code)
  smesup (char) [T] SME support (sme_support) (meta.code)
  Wavepk 0.1nm Wavelength peak (wave_peak) (em.wl)
  Wavebase 0.1nm Wavelength base (wave_base) (em.wl)
  Wavetop 0.1nm Wavelength top (wave_top) (em.wl)
  Peak pix Peak (peak) (em.wl)
  Base pix Base (base) (em.wl)
  Top pix Top (top) (em.wl)
  Depth 0.1nm Line depth (depth) (phys.absorption.opticalDepth;spect.line)
  RDepth  Relative depth, in flux units (relative_depth) (phot.flux.density;arith.ratio)
  Wavebasef 0.1nm Wave base fit (wavebasefit) (em.wl)
  Wavetopf 0.1nm Wave top fit (wavetopfit) (em.wl)
  Basef pix Base fit (base_fit) (em.wl)

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  Topf pix Top fit (top_fit) (em.wl)
  mu  Parameter of the gaussian fit to the line, mu (mu) (
  sig  Parameter of the gaussian fit to the line, sig (sig) (
  A  A parameter (A) (
  Baseline  Baseline from where the line fit is adjusted (baseline) (instr.baseline)
  gamma  gamma (gamma) (
  e_mu  rms uncertainty on mu (mu_err) (stat.error)
  FWHM  FWHM of the line fit (fwhm) (spect.line.width;spect.line;meta.modelled)
  FWHM2 km/s FWHM, in km/s (fwhm_kms) (spect.line.width)
  R  R parameter (R) (
  Depthf 0.1nm Depth fit (depth_fit) (phys.absorption.opticalDepth;meta.modelled)
  RDepthf  Relative depth fit (relativedepthfit) (phot.flux.density;arith.ratio)
  IntFlux  Integrated flux (integrated_flux) (phot.flux.density)

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  EWR  Equivalent width reduced (ewr) (spect.line.eqWidth)
  EW 0.1nm Equivalent width (ew) (spect.line.eqWidth)
  e_EW 0.1nm rms uncertainty on EW (ew_err) (stat.error;spect.line.eqWidth)
  SNR  Signal-to-noise ratio (snr) (stat.snr)
  Fluxm  Mean flux (mean_flux) (phot.flux.density)
  Fluxcontm  Mean continuum flux (meanfluxcontinuum) (phot.flux.density)
  dwave 0.1nm Difference wavelength (diff_wavelength) (em.wl;arith.diff)
  rms  rms (rms) (stat.error)
  twavepk 0.1nm Telluric wave peak (telluricwavepeak) (em.wl)
  tFWHM  Telluric FWHM (telluric_fwhm) (spect.line.width)
  TR   [0] Telluric R (telluric_R) (phys.atmol)
  tDepth 0.1nm Telluric depth (telluric_depth) (phys.absorption.opticalDepth)
  Grouped (char) [F] Grouped ? (grouped) (meta.code)
  r_Grouped (char) [F] Refernce for Group (referenceforgroup) (meta.ref;pos.frame)
  Discarb (char) [F] Discarded ? (discarded) (meta.code)

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