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The ISO-SWS post-helium atlas (Vandenbussche+, 2002)
Sources in the ISO-SWS post-helium atlas
(293 rows)
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189300401HD 190429Simbad  O4 I f300.8725+36.0251
289300301HD 199579SimbadHR 8023O6 V ((f))314.1449+44.9247
390001601HD 206267SimbadHR 8281O6.5 V ((f))324.7401+57.4890
490000801HD 188001SimbadQZ SGEO7.5 Ia f298.0907+18.6719
590001701HD 209481SimbadLZ CepO9 V :330.5191+58.0004
688201401HD 193322SimbadHR 7767O9 V :((n))304.5291+40.7321
788502001HD 207198SimbadHR 8327O9 Ib-II326.2220+62.4606
890701901HD 38666Simbad{mu} ColO9.5 V086.4996-32.3064
990001501HD 209975Simbad19 CepO9.5 Ib331.2866+62.2798
1088000501HD 188209SimbadHR 7589O9.5 Iab297.9961+47.0273
1188300601HD 30614Simbad{alpha} CamO9.5 Ia e073.5125+66.3427
1290001101HD 195592Simbad  O9.7 Ia307.6457+44.3152
1390300701HD 202214SimbadHR 8119B0 V317.9510+59.9866
1425900905HD 93030Simbad{theta} CarB0 V p160.7392-64.3944
1588502101HD 206773Simbad  B0 V :pe325.6008+57.7361
1624801102HD 5394Simbad{gamma} CasB0 IV :e014.1772+60.7167
1788301201HD 198781SimbadHR 7993B0.5 V312.3225+64.0423
1888700901HD 207793Simbad  B0.5 III327.5103+52.6973
1988101201HD 185859SimbadHR 7482B0.5 Ia295.1180+20.4771
2025302001HD 116658Simbad{alpha} VirB1 V201.2982-11.1613
2190601301HD 212571Simbad{pi} AqrB1 V e336.3193+01.3774
2288701101HD 208218Simbad  B1 III :328.1464+62.7122
2342700702HD 2905Simbad{kappa} Cas; HR 130B1 Ia008.2500+62.9318
2488101401HD 190066Simbad  B1 Iab300.5921+22.1515
2590702001HD 50013Simbad{kappa} CMaB1.5 IV ne102.4602-32.5085
2688602001HD 52089Simbad{epsilon} CMaB1.5 III104.6565-28.9721
2713400638HD 190603SimbadHR 7678B1.5 Ia301.1507+32.2186
2890300501HD 200775Simbad  B2 V e315.4038+68.1633
2990702201HD 56139Simbad{omega} CMaB2 IV-V e108.7027-26.7727
3049101016HD 158926Simbad{lambda} ScoB2 IV263.4022-37.1038
3188500501HD 193924Simbad{alpha} PavB2 IV306.4119-56.7351
32 7200272HD 105435SimbadHR 4621B2 IV ne182.0896-50.7224
3388100301HD 205021Simbad{beta} CepB2 III evar322.1650+70.5607
3488300301HD 206165Simbad9 CepB2 Ib324.4801+62.0819
3588201301HD 194279SimbadV*V2118 CygB1.5 Ia305.8257+40.7591
3690301401V* V1685 CygSimbadBD+40B2305.1177+41.3643
3733504020HD 193237SimbadP CygB2 pe304.4467+38.0329
3822400153HD 94910SimbadAG CarB2 :pe164.0482-60.4536
3990700901HD 187811Simbad12 VulB2.5 V e297.7671+22.6100
4090601701HD 205637Simbad{epsilon} CapB2.5 V pe324.2701-19.4660
4189900901HD 191610Simbad28 CygB2.5 V e302.3567+36.8396
4288100501HD 198478Simbad55 CygB2.5 Ia e312.2345+46.1141
4390000101HD 10144Simbad{alpha} EriB3 V pe024.4285-57.2368
4489900101HD 160762Simbad{iota} HerB3 IV264.8662+46.0063
4590702101HD 56014SimbadEW CMaB3 III e108.5634-26.3525
4688701301HD 207330Simbad{pi}02 CygB3 III326.6984+49.3096
4789900801HD 198183Simbad{lambda} CygB5 V e311.8522+36.4907
4890701401HD 15371Simbad{kappa} EriB5 IV036.7463-47.7038
4988000901HD 184930Simbad{iota} AqlB5 III294.1803-01.2866
5088401401HD 191243SimbadHR 7699B5 II301.9227+34.4229
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