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Interferometric study of SgrB2(N) (Belloche+, 2008)
List if FITS files
(24 rows)



1pdbil1p1.fitsPdBI, line cube 81.7GHz, channels 1 to 50
2pdbil1p2.fitsPdBI, line cube 81.7GHz, channels 51 to 100
3pdbil1p3.fitsPdBI, line cube 81.7GHz, channels 101 to 150
4pdbil1p4.fitsPdBI, line cube 81.7GHz, channels 151 to 200
5pdbil1p5.fitsPdBI, line cube 81.7GHz, channels 201 to 230
6pdbil2p1.fitsPdBI, line cube 82.2GHz, channels 1 to 50
7pdbil2p2.fitsPdBI, line cube 82.2GHz, channels 51 to 100
8pdbil2p3.fitsPdBI, line cube 82.2GHz, channels 101 to 150
9pdbil2p4.fitsPdBI, line cube 82.2GHz, channels 151 to 200
10pdbil2p5.fitsPdBI, line cube 82.2GHz, channels 201 to 230
11pdbic.fitsPdBI, continuum image 82GHz
12atcal1e.fitsATCA, line cube 90.6GHz, configuration H214
13atcal1i.fitsATCA, line cube 90.6GHz, configuration H168
14atcal1c.fitsATCA, line cube 90.6GHz, configuration H75
15atcal1m.fitsATCA, line cube 90.6GHz, configurations H214+H168
16atcal1a.fitsATCA, line cube 90.6GHz, configurations H214+H168+H75
17atcal2e.fitsATCA, line cube 90.8GHz, configuration H214
18atcal2i.fitsATCA, line cube 90.8GHz, configuration H168
19atcal2c.fitsATCA, line cube 90.8GHz, configuration H75
20atcal2m.fitsATCA, line cube 90.8GHz, configurations H214+H168
21atcal2a.fitsATCA, line cube 90.8GHz, configurations H214+H168+H75
22atcaca.fitsATCA, continuum image 93.2+97.4GHz, configs H214+H168+H75
23vlal.fitsVLA, line cube 9.1GHz
24vlac.fitsVLA, continuum image 9.1GHz
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