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Absorption coefficient of polystyrene (Kannuchova+, 2010)
*Absorption coefficient of polystyrene in the wavelength range 250-980nm after irradiation with 400keV Ar++
(925 rows) (Note)

1250.26 2.4234e+04 8.8582e+04 1.2285e+05 1.4093e+05 1.7505e+05 2.2003e+05
2251.05 2.4043e+04 8.8016e+04 1.2208e+05 1.4015e+05 1.7438e+05 2.1921e+05
3251.85 2.3916e+04 8.7470e+04 1.2134e+05 1.3935e+05 1.7372e+05 2.1849e+05
4252.65 2.3753e+04 8.6842e+04 1.2056e+05 1.3869e+05 1.7305e+05 2.1783e+05
5253.44 2.3644e+04 8.6338e+04 1.1995e+05 1.3804e+05 1.7254e+05 2.1716e+05
6254.24 2.3502e+04 8.5771e+04 1.1929e+05 1.3737e+05 1.7199e+05 2.1647e+05
7255.04 2.3382e+04 8.5256e+04 1.1860e+05 1.3669e+05 1.7141e+05 2.1589e+05
8255.83 2.3311e+04 8.4755e+04 1.1804e+05 1.3617e+05 1.7108e+05 2.1544e+05
9256.63 2.3180e+04 8.4142e+04 1.1726e+05 1.3547e+05 1.7046e+05 2.1480e+05
10257.43 2.2972e+04 8.3447e+04 1.1646e+05 1.3469e+05 1.6968e+05 2.1405e+05
11258.22 2.2698e+04 8.2653e+04 1.1557e+05 1.3390e+05 1.6910e+05 2.1335e+05
12259.02 2.2470e+04 8.1878e+04 1.1474e+05 1.3314e+05 1.6842e+05 2.1262e+05
13259.82 2.2330e+04 8.1283e+04 1.1414e+05 1.3261e+05 1.6805e+05 2.1214e+05
14260.61 2.2128e+04 8.0554e+04 1.1340e+05 1.3198e+05 1.6751e+05 2.1165e+05
15261.41 2.1740e+04 7.9922e+04 1.1265e+05 1.3126e+05 1.6706e+05 2.1115e+05
16262.20 2.1551e+04 7.9320e+04 1.1211e+05 1.3083e+05 1.6671e+05 2.1090e+05
17263.00 2.1434e+04 7.8883e+04 1.1176e+05 1.3055e+05 1.6676e+05 2.1083e+05
18263.79 2.1326e+04 7.8526e+04 1.1142e+05 1.3033e+05 1.6677e+05 2.1079e+05
19264.59 2.1251e+04 7.8078e+04 1.1106e+05 1.3010e+05 1.6662e+05 2.1061e+05
20265.39 2.1172e+04 7.7834e+04 1.1077e+05 1.2996e+05 1.6667e+05 2.1063e+05
21266.18 2.0988e+04 7.7394e+04 1.1040e+05 1.2964e+05 1.6671e+05 2.1051e+05
22266.98 2.0794e+04 7.6730e+04 1.0970e+05 1.2923e+05 1.6640e+05 2.1038e+05
23267.77 2.0521e+04 7.5965e+04 1.0905e+05 1.2865e+05 1.6609e+05 2.0986e+05
24268.57 2.0332e+04 7.5402e+04 1.0851e+05 1.2833e+05 1.6588e+05 2.0974e+05
25269.36 2.0065e+04 7.4956e+04 1.0818e+05 1.2816e+05 1.6591e+05 2.0973e+05
26270.16 2.0087e+04 7.4894e+04 1.0832e+05 1.2843e+05 1.6635e+05 2.1019e+05
27270.95 1.9989e+04 7.4830e+04 1.0835e+05 1.2861e+05 1.6677e+05 2.1060e+05
28271.75 1.9894e+04 7.4705e+04 1.0837e+05 1.2885e+05 1.6726e+05 2.1102e+05
29272.54 1.9757e+04 7.4366e+04 1.0830e+05 1.2889e+05 1.6756e+05 2.1122e+05
30273.34 1.9527e+04 7.3957e+04 1.0796e+05 1.2872e+05 1.6763e+05 2.1138e+05
31274.13 1.9380e+04 7.3524e+04 1.0764e+05 1.2864e+05 1.6769e+05 2.1142e+05
32274.93 1.9254e+04 7.3067e+04 1.0732e+05 1.2847e+05 1.6778e+05 2.1161e+05
33275.72 1.9078e+04 7.2630e+04 1.0700e+05 1.2824e+05 1.6773e+05 2.1171e+05
34276.52 1.8979e+04 7.2131e+04 1.0652e+05 1.2806e+05 1.6770e+05 2.1174e+05
35277.31 1.8748e+04 7.1557e+04 1.0613e+05 1.2775e+05 1.6764e+05 2.1156e+05
36278.11 1.8315e+04 7.0836e+04 1.0551e+05 1.2733e+05 1.6742e+05 2.1116e+05
37278.90 1.7915e+04 6.9944e+04 1.0474e+05 1.2661e+05 1.6716e+05 2.1077e+05
38279.69 1.7276e+04 6.8933e+04 1.0376e+05 1.2590e+05 1.6667e+05 2.1025e+05
39280.49 1.6731e+04 6.8195e+04 1.0303e+05 1.2536e+05 1.6642e+05 2.0999e+05
40281.28 1.6574e+04 6.7664e+04 1.0268e+05 1.2522e+05 1.6635e+05 2.0998e+05
41282.08 1.6397e+04 6.7206e+04 1.0244e+05 1.2507e+05 1.6633e+05 2.1016e+05
42282.87 1.6385e+04 6.6978e+04 1.0210e+05 1.2486e+05 1.6617e+05 2.1024e+05
43283.67 1.6244e+04 6.6507e+04 1.0173e+05 1.2451e+05 1.6613e+05 2.1004e+05
44284.46 1.6058e+04 6.5882e+04 1.0109e+05 1.2401e+05 1.6591e+05 2.0965e+05
45285.25 1.5456e+04 6.5109e+04 1.0024e+05 1.2325e+05 1.6554e+05 2.0901e+05
46286.05 1.4889e+04 6.4235e+04 9.9459e+04 1.2262e+05 1.6511e+05 2.0864e+05
47286.84 1.4357e+04 6.3573e+04 9.8857e+04 1.2220e+05 1.6489e+05 2.0838e+05
48287.63 1.4207e+04 6.3239e+04 9.8560e+04 1.2206e+05 1.6477e+05 2.0840e+05
49288.43 1.4200e+04 6.2961e+04 9.8317e+04 1.2198e+05 1.6493e+05 2.0841e+05
50289.22 1.4193e+04 6.2709e+04 9.7952e+04 1.2174e+05 1.6472e+05 2.0820e+05
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Absorption coefficient of polystyrene (Kannuchova+, 2010)
*Absorption coefficient of polystyrene in the wavelength range 250-980nm after irradiation with 200keV H+
(960 rows) (Note)

1250.26 9.1899e+03 5.1318e+04 7.6094e+04 1.0764e+05 1.4709e+05
2251.05 9.1443e+03 5.0969e+04 7.5385e+04 1.0663e+05 1.4588e+05
3251.85 9.1321e+03 5.0602e+04 7.4774e+04 1.0568e+05 1.4472e+05
4252.65 9.1018e+03 5.0228e+04 7.4069e+04 1.0470e+05 1.4356e+05
5253.44 9.0605e+03 4.9889e+04 7.3490e+04 1.0383e+05 1.4248e+05
6254.24 9.0533e+03 4.9616e+04 7.2936e+04 1.0301e+05 1.4144e+05
7255.04 9.0523e+03 4.9294e+04 7.2434e+04 5.0223e;05 1.4047e+05
8255.83 9.0637e+03 4.9023e+04 7.1940e+04 1.0149e+05 1.3954e+05
9256.63 9.0841e+03 4.8695e+04 7.1325e+04 1.0066e+05 1.3847e+05
10257.43 9.0301e+03 4.8258e+04 7.0747e+04 9.9823e+04 1.3750e+05
11258.22 8.9177e+03 4.7781e+04 7.0014e+04 9.8881e+04 1.3642e+05
12259.02 8.8966e+03 4.7390e+04 6.9414e+04 9.8100e+04 1.3542e+05
13259.82 8.8310e+03 4.6999e+04 6.8832e+04 9.7338e+04 1.3453e+05
14260.61 8.7383e+03 4.6537e+04 6.8192e+04 9.6502e+04 1.3359e+05
15261.41 8.6082e+03 4.6089e+04 6.7602e+04 9.5814e+04 1.3275e+05
16262.20 8.5035e+03 4.5730e+04 6.7121e+04 9.5181e+04 1.3206e+05
17263.00 8.4904e+03 4.5474e+04 6.6744e+04 9.4664e+04 1.3148e+05
18263.79 8.4969e+03 4.5161e+04 6.6331e+04 9.4177e+04 1.3080e+05
19264.59 8.4371e+03 4.4847e+04 6.5860e+04 9.3561e+04 1.3018e+05
20265.39 8.4519e+03 4.4510e+04 6.5422e+04 9.3034e+04 1.2954e+05
21266.18 8.3342e+03 4.4055e+04 6.4835e+04 9.2358e+04 1.2879e+05
22266.98 8.2379e+03 4.3500e+04 6.4149e+04 9.1595e+04 1.2797e+05
23267.77 8.1241e+03 4.2846e+04 6.3326e+04 9.0731e+04 1.2705e+05
24268.57 7.9869e+03 4.2292e+04 6.2616e+04 8.9879e+04 1.2613e+05
25269.36 7.9573e+03 4.1973e+04 6.2179e+04 8.9409e+04 1.2563e+05
26270.16 7.9247e+03 4.1746e+04 6.1881e+04 8.9064e+04 1.2525e+05
27270.95 7.9498e+03 4.1526e+04 6.1632e+04 8.8777e+04 1.2491e+05
28271.75 7.8947e+03 4.1234e+04 6.1276e+04 8.8343e+04 1.2442e+05
29272.54 7.8540e+03 4.0849e+04 6.0765e+04 8.7838e+04 1.2387e+05
30273.34 7.7881e+03 4.0361e+04 6.0166e+04 8.7201e+04 1.2318e+05
31274.13 7.6693e+03 3.9824e+04 5.9490e+04 8.6452e+04 1.2244e+05
32274.93 7.6495e+03 3.9304e+04 5.8843e+04 8.5762e+04 1.2165e+05
33275.72 7.6116e+03 3.8812e+04 5.8186e+04 8.5104e+04 1.2090e+05
34276.52 7.5545e+03 3.8232e+04 5.7488e+04 8.4294e+04 1.2009e+05
35277.31 7.4542e+03 3.7585e+04 5.6746e+04 8.3488e+04 1.1924e+05
36278.11 7.2801e+03 3.6901e+04 5.5862e+04 8.2564e+04 1.1828e+05
37278.90 6.9244e+03 3.6049e+04 5.4841e+04 8.1512e+04 1.1727e+05
38279.69 6.6093e+03 3.5251e+04 5.3857e+04 8.0452e+04 1.1625e+05
39280.49 6.3746e+03 3.4540e+04 5.2968e+04 7.9488e+04 1.1536e+05
40281.28 6.3021e+03 3.4032e+04 5.2285e+04 7.8728e+04 1.1456e+05
41282.08 6.3037e+03 3.3571e+04 5.1640e+04 7.7981e+04 1.1379e+05
42282.87 6.2795e+03 3.3168e+04 5.1078e+04 7.7307e+04 1.1303e+05
43283.67 6.1999e+03 3.2679e+04 5.0425e+04 7.6589e+04 1.1228e+05
44284.46 6.0305e+03 3.2105e+04 4.9700e+04 7.5699e+04 1.1138e+05
45285.25 5.6838e+03 3.1401e+04 4.8815e+04 7.4747e+04 1.1038e+05
46286.05 5.3278e+03 3.0646e+04 4.7913e+04 7.3698e+04 1.0949e+05
47286.84 5.0482e+03 3.0002e+04 4.7095e+04 7.2762e+04 1.0856e+05
48287.63 4.9880e+03 2.9590e+04 4.6527e+04 7.2113e+04 1.0791e+05
49288.43 4.9789e+03 2.9222e+04 4.6002e+04 7.1495e+04 1.0720e+05
50289.22 5.0170e+03 2.8916e+04 4.5547e+04 7.0886e+04 1.0649e+05
Result truncated to 50 rows
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