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NIR spectra of Centaurs and Kuiper Belt objects (Barkume+, 2008)
List of studied Centaurs and Kuiper Belt objects (47 rows)






12000OJ67_hk.txtsp1348602000 OJ67  
22000PE30_hk.txtsp  2000 PE30  
31996TP66_hk.txtsp 158751996 TP66  
4Chaos_hk.txtsp 19521Chaos1998 WH24
5Varuna_hk.txtsp 20000Varuna2000 WR106
61995SM55_hk.txtsp 248351995 SM55  
71996GQ21_hk.txtsp 261811996 GQ21  
81999DE9_hk.txtsp 263751999 DE9  
9Ixion_hk.txtsp 28978Ixion2001 KX76
101998VG44_hk.txtsp 333401998 VG44  
11Huya_hk.txtsp 38628Huya2000 EB173
122001UR163_hk.txtsp 423012001 UR163  
132002TC302_hk.txtsp 471711999 TC36  
142000GN171_hk.txtsp 479322000 GN171  
15Quaoar_hk.txtsp 50000Quaoar2002 LM60
162002AW197_hk.txtsp 555652002 AW197  
172002TX300_hk.txtsp 556362002 TX300  
182002UX25_hk.txtsp 556372002 UX25  
192002VE95_hk.txtsp 556382002 VE95  
201999RZ253_hk.txtsp 666521999 RZ253  
211999TC36_hk.txtsp 845222002 TC302  
222003VS2_hk.txtsp 849222003 VS2  
232002KX14_hk.txtsp1199512002 KX14  
242003FY128_hk.txtsp1201322003 FY128  
252003OP32_hk.txtsp1201782003 OP32  
262004TY364_hk.txtsp1203482004 TY364  
272003EL61_hk.txtsp1361082003 EL61  
282005FY9_hk.txtsp1364722005 FY9  
292005RN43_hk.txtsp1454522005 RN43  
302005RR43_hk.txtsp1454532005 RR43  
312003AZ84_hk.txtsp  2003 AZ84  
322004NT33_hk.txtsp  2004 NT33  
332004PG115_hk.txtsp  2004 PG115  
342005QU182_hk.txtsp  2005 QU182  
352005UQ513_hk.txtsp  2005 UQ513  
36Chiron_hk.txtsp 2060Chiron1977 UB
37Pholus_hk.txtsp 5145Pholus1992 AD
38Asbolus_hk.txtsp 8405Asbolus1995 GO
39Chariklo_hk.txtsp 10199Chariklo1997 CU26
401999TD10_hk.txtsp 299811999 TD10  
41Elatus_hk.txtsp 31824Elatus1999 UG5
42Okyrhoe_hk.txtsp 52872Okyrhoe1998 SG35
43Bienor_hk.txtsp 54598Bienor2000 QC243
44Ceto_hk.txtsp 65489Ceto2003 FX128
45Crantor_hk.txtsp 83982Crantor2002 GO9
462002GZ32_hk.txtsp 956262002 GZ32  
472002XU93_hk.txtsp1275462002 XU93  
elapse time 0

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