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The 2 columns in color are computed by VizieR, and are not part of the original data.
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NGC 5053 variables VrI light curves (Arellano Ferro+, 2010)
List of stars (37 rows)





1LCBS1  Cl* NGC 5053 SMBS 1Simbad
2LCBS2  Cl* NGC 5053 SMBS 2Simbad
3LCBS3  Cl* NGC 5053 SMBS 3Simbad
4LCBS4 0.5238200Cl* NGC 5053 SMBS 4Simbad
5LCBS5 0.0384700Cl* NGC 5053 SMBS 5Simbad
6LCBS6  Cl* NGC 5053 SMBS 6Simbad
7LCBS8  Cl* NGC 5053 SMBS 8Simbad
8LCBS9  Cl* NGC 5053 SMBS 9Simbad
9LCBS10  Cl* NGC 5053 SMBS 10Simbad
10LCBS12  Cl* NGC 5053 SMBS 12Simbad
11LCBS17  Cl* NGC 5053 SMBS 17Simbad
12LCBS18  Cl* NGC 5053 SMBS 18Simbad
13LCBS19 0.0292900Cl* NGC 5053 SMBS 19Simbad
14LCBS21  Cl* NGC 5053 SMBS 21Simbad
15LCBS22 0.0772500Cl* NGC 5053 SMBS 22Simbad
16LCBS23 0.1210200Cl* NGC 5053 SMBS 23Simbad
17LCBS24  Cl* NGC 5053 SMBS 24Simbad
18LCBS25 0.0452100Cl* NGC 5053 SMBS 25Simbad
19LCBS26  Cl* NGC 5053 SMBS 26Simbad
20LCBS27  Cl* NGC 5053 SMBS 27Simbad
21LCBS28 0.0454700Cl* NGC 5053 SMBS 28Simbad
22LCBS29 0.0341100Cl* NGC 5053 SMBS 29Simbad
23LCBS30 0.0253500Cl* NGC 5053 SMBS 30Simbad
24LCBS31 0.0510500Cl* NGC 5053 SMBS 31Simbad
25LCNC7 0.0370000Cl* NGC 5053 NC 7Simbad
26LCNC11 0.0376500Cl* NGC 5053 NC 11Simbad
27LCNC13 0.0339600Cl* NGC 5053 NC 13Simbad
28LCNC14 0.0341100Cl* NGC 5053 NC 14Simbad
29LCNC15 0.0357400Cl* NGC 5053 NC 15Simbad
30LCV2 0.3789550  Simbad
31LCV3 0.5929440  Simbad
32LCV4 0.6670750  Simbad
33LCV5 0.7148605  Simbad
34LCV6 0.2921850  Simbad
35LCV7 0.3519000  Simbad
36LCV8 0.3628640  Simbad
37LCV10 0.7758500  Simbad
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