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I/239/hip_va_1 The Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues (ESA 1997)
Variability Annex: Periodic variables (2712 rows)
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ColumnValue  Explain   (UCD)
1128recno 1128  Record number within the original table (starting from 1) (meta.record)

HIP 48662  Identifier (HIP) (P1) (;meta.main)
NewVar    [*] Flag if new variable (P2) (meta.note)
SpTypeN0v  Spectral type (P3) (src.spType)
HvarTypeP   [CDMPRU] Variability type (1-letter) (P4) (Note)   (meta.note)
VarTypeSR  Variability type as in GCVS/NSV (P5) (Note)   (meta.code;src.var)
n_VarType    [*] Flag if newly classified by Hipparcos (P6) (meta.note)
maxMag 6.525 mag Magnitude at max from curve fitting (P7) (phot.mag)
l_minMag    [>] Limit flag (>) (P8) (Note)   (meta.code.error)
minMag 6.969 mag Magnitude at min from curve fitting (P9) (phot.mag)
log(sA/A) -1.1   log10(sigmaA / A) (P10) (;src.var)
Period 195.0000000 d Mean period in days (P11) (time.period)
log(sP) 0.1 [d] log10(sigmaP) (P12) (stat.error)
Ep-24400008597.3000 d Epoch (JD-2440000) of zero phase (P13) (time.epoch)
q_Ep-24400001   [0/5] Precision flag (P14) (Note)   (meta.code.qual)
morePhotoA   [ABC] Light curve Annex (P15) (meta.note)
NotesP   [DGPWXYZ] Existence of notes (P16) (Note)   (meta.note)
VarNameX_Vel  Variable star name (P17) (
period 140.00000 d Period from literature (P18) (time.period)
epoch  d Epoch from literature (P19) (time.epoch)
max10.30 mag Magnitude at max from literature (P20) (phot.mag)
min11.53 mag Magnitude at min from literature (P21) (phot.mag)
BandB   [UBVKIRPYb] Photometric band (P22) (Note)   (meta.note)
refFlagR   [R] Reference in printed catalogue (P23) (meta.note)
elapse time 2

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