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J/AJ/150/88/table4 Abundances in the local region. I. G and K giants (Luck, 2015)
Average element abundances [x/H] (2296 rows)
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ColumnValue  Explain   (UCD)
1559recno 1559  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification. (meta.record)

TypeIB  Data type (M=Mass determined gravity data, IB=Ionization balance determined gravity data) (meta.code)
Keyhr0255  Key name (see Table1 for cross identification) (
SceS  Source of spectra (S=Sandiford, E=ELODIE, H=HARPS, U=UVES) (Note G1)   (meta.ref;spect)
Teff4842 K Effective temperature (phys.temperature.effective)
logg 2.08 [cm/s2] Log surface gravity (phys.gravity)
Vt 1.51 km/s Microturbulent velocity (phys.veloc)
Na-0.47 [Sun] Log sodium abundance (phys.abund)
Mg-0.35 [Sun] Log magnesium abundance (phys.abund)
Al-0.28 [Sun] Log aluminum abundance (phys.abund)
Si-0.28 [Sun] Log silicon abundance (phys.abund)
S-0.13 [Sun] Log sulfur abundance (phys.abund)
Ca-0.43 [Sun] Log calcium abundance (phys.abund)
Sc-0.50 [Sun] Log scandium abundance (phys.abund)
Ti-0.49 [Sun] Log titanium abundance (phys.abund)
V-0.57 [Sun] Log vanadium abundance (phys.abund)
Cr-0.52 [Sun] Log chromium abundance (phys.abund)
Mn-0.71 [Sun] Log manganese abundance (phys.abund)
Fe-0.56 [Sun] Log iron abundance (phys.abund.Fe)
Co-0.51 [Sun] Log cobalt abundance (phys.abund)
Ni-0.54 [Sun] Log nickel abundance (phys.abund)
Cu-0.56 [Sun] Log copper abundance (phys.abund)
Zn-0.41 [Sun] Log zinc abundance (phys.abund)
Sr 0.09 [Sun] Log strontium abundance (phys.abund)
Y-0.65 [Sun] Log yttrium abundance (phys.abund)
Zr-0.84 [Sun] Log zirconium abundance (phys.abund)
Ba-0.56 [Sun] Log barium abundance (phys.abund)
La-0.57 [Sun] Log lanthanum abundance (phys.abund)
Ce-0.67 [Sun] Log cerium abundance (phys.abund)
Nd-0.50 [Sun] Log neodymium abundance (phys.abund)
Sm-0.67 [Sun] Log samarium abundance (phys.abund)
Eu-0.35 [Sun] Log europium abundance (phys.abund)
elapse time 0

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