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J/ApJ/830/51/cdfsz FourStar galaxy evolution survey (ZFOURGE) (Straatman+, 2016)
CDFS EAZY photometric redshift catalog and spectroscopic redshifts (cdfszout and cdfszsp) (30911 rows)
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ColumnValue  Explain   (UCD)
5654recno 5654  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification. (meta.record)

Seq 5654  (i) [1/30911] Running sequence number (linked to all data for this source) (;meta.main)
zspec    [0/6.2] Spectroscopic redshift (src.redshift;pos.heliocentric)
za 0.559   [0.005/10] Photometric redshift derived without a K luminosity prior (src.redshift;pos.heliocentric)
zml 0.559   [0.005/10] Weighted redshift derived without a K luminosity prior (src.redshift;pos.heliocentric)
Chia 1.453689e+01   [/3683] Minimum χ2 derived without a K luminosity prior (
zp 0.559   [0.005/10] Best-fit redshift after applying the prior (src.redshift;pos.heliocentric)
Chip 1.453689e+01   [/1e+08] Minimum χ2 after applying the prior (
zm2 0.559   [0.005/10] Weighted redshift after applying the prior (src.redshift;pos.heliocentric)
odds 1.000   [0/1] Parameter indicating presence of second χ2 minimum (1 if no minimum) (
l68 0.544   [0.005/9.9] 1 sigma lower confidence interval (stat.error)
u68 0.574   [0.01/10] 1 sigma upper confidence interval (stat.error)
l95 0.533   [0.005/9.8] 2 sigma lower confidence interval (stat.error)
u95 0.591   [0.01/10] 2 sigma upper confidence interval (stat.error)
l99 0.504   [0.005/9.8] 3 sigma lower confidence interval (stat.error)
u99 0.623   [0.01/10] 3 sigma upper confidence interval (stat.error)
nfilt 32   [3/39] Number of filters used in the fit (meta.number)
Qual 5.95475e-02   z quality parameter (meta.code.qual)
zpk 0.5593   [/9.9] Default derived photometric redshift (src.redshift;pos.heliocentric)
pkProb 1.000   [0/1] Peak probability (
zmc 0.5591   [0.005/10] Randomly drawn redshift value from redshift probability distribution (src.redshift;pos.heliocentric)
zsp    [0/6.2] Redshift spectroscopic (Note G5)   (src.redshift)
elapse time 1

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