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J/A+AS/139/555/table2 Catalogue and Bibliography of UV Cet stars (Gershberg+ 1999)
Data form optical and infrared observations stellar parameters (463 rows)
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ColumnValue  Explain   (UCD)
recno 197  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification.

Seq197  (i) Sequential number
NameGl 338A  Usual name

SimbadSimbad  ask the SIMBAD data-base about this object

MultA  Multiplicity indication
n_Dist    [#*] Note on distance origin (Note 1)   
Dist 6.2 pc Distance
SpClassM0Ve/K7  Spectral class (Note 2)   
n_EWHa*   [*] Note on EWHa origin (Note 3)   
EWHa-0.5 0.1nm Hα equivalent width
B-V 1.430 mag B-V colour index
n_B-V    [J] Note on B-V (Note 4)   
Umag10.270 mag U magnitude
n_Umag    [J] Note on Umag (Note 4)   
Bmag 9.070 mag B magnitude
n_Bmag    [J pg] Note on Bmag (Note 4)   
Vmag 7.640 mag V magnitude
n_Vmag    [J] Note on Vmag (Note 4)   
Rmag  mag R magnitude
n_Rmag    [J] Note on Rmag (Note 4)   
Imag  mag I magnitude
n_Imag    [J] Note on Imag (Note 4)   
Jmag  mag J magnitude
n_Jmag    [J] Note on Jmag (Note 4)   
Hmag 4.25 mag H magnitude
n_Hmag    [J] Note on Hmag (Note 4)   
Kmag 4.09 mag K magnitude
n_Kmag    [J] Note on Kmag (Note 4)   
Lmag 4.00 mag L magnitude
n_Lmag    [J] Note on Lmag (Note 4)   
F12um  Jy IRAS flux at 12µm
u_F12um    [:)] Note or uncertainty (Note 5)   
n_F12um    [-] "-" if interval
F12umu  Jy Upper 12µm flux if interval
n_F12umu    [J] Note on F12umu (Note 4)   
F25um  Jy IRAS flux at 25µm
u_F25um    [:)] Note or uncertainty (Note 5)   
n_F25um    [-] "-" if interval
F25umu  Jy Upper 25µm flux if interval
n_F25umu    [)] Note on F25umu (Note 5)   
F60um  Jy IRAS flux at 60µm
u_F60um    [:)] Note or uncertainty (Note 5)   
n_F60um    [-] "-" if interval
F60umu  Jy Upper 60µm flux if interval
n_F60umu    [)] Note on F60umu (Note 5)   
F100um  Jy IRAS flux at 100µm
u_F100um    [:)] Note or uncertainty (Note 5)   
n_F100um    [-] "-" if interval
F100umu  Jy Upper 100µm flux if interval
n_F100umu    [)] Note on F100umu (Note 5)   
logLbol32.24 [solLum] Bolometric luminosity
n_logLbol    [J] Note on logLbol (Note 4)   
Mass 0.52 [solMass] Stellar mass
Rad 0.71 [solRad] Stellar radius
n_Rad    [AB] AB: radius for A and B components
Note2    [S] Note on stellar spottedness (Note 6)   
elapse time 0

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