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J/A+AS/139/555/table3 Catalogue and Bibliography of UV Cet stars (Gershberg+ 1999)
Non-optical data on the stars in their quiet state (463 rows)
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ColumnValue  Explain   (UCD)
recno 197  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification.

Seq197  (i) Sequential number
NameGl 338 A  Name
MultA  Multiplicity information
FIPC  3.10-11mW/m2 EINSTEIN IPC flux
logLX27.63 [10-7W] EINSTEIN X-ray luminosity
n_logLX    [-] - if interval
logLXu  [10-7W] Upper EINSTEIN X-ray luminosity if interval
n_logLXu    [J] Note on logLXu (Note 1)   
logLX2  [10-7W] EXOSAT X-ray luminosity
n_logLX2    [-] - if interval
logLX2u  [10-7W] Upper EXOSAT X-ray luminosity if interval
n_logLX2u    [J] Note on logLX2u (Note 1)   
S1a  ct/ks ROSAT WFC S1a (90-185eV) filter count rate
n_S1a    [F] Note on S1a (Note 2)   
S2a  ct/ks ROSAT WFC S2a (62-111eV) filter count rate
n_S2a    [F] Note on S2a (Note 2)   
PSPC 1.2e-12 mW/m2 ROSAT PSPC (Cat. IX/11)
n_PSPC    [J] Note on logLX3 (Note 1)   
logLX327.75 [10-7W] ROSAT X-ray luminosity
n_logLX3    [-] - if interval
logLX3u  [10-7W] Upper ROSAT X-ray luminosity if interval
100A  ct/ks EUVE 100Å count rate
n_100A    [#] Note on 100A (Note 3)   
200A  ct/ks EUVE 200Å count rate
n_200A    [#] Note on 200A (Note 3)   
400A  ct/ks EUVE 400Å count rate
n_400A    [#] Note on 400A (Note 3)   
600A  ct/ks EUVE 600Å count rate
XFlareX   [X] X: Existence of an X-ray flare observation
Lambda6. cm Wavelengths (././.)
l_Fradio<  Limit flag on Fradio
Fradio 0.15 mJy Radio flux
n_Fradio    [- /] -: interval; /: second value
l_Fradio2   Limit flag on Fradio
Fradio2  mJy Upper radio flux if interval or second value
n_Fradio2    [J] Note on Fradio2 (Note 1)   
Fradio3  mJy Third value of radio flux
l_logLr<  Limit flag on Lr
logLr20.51 [10-7W] Radio luminosity
logLr2  [10-7W] Second value of logLr
l_logLR   Limit flag on LR
logLR  [10-7W/Hz] Radio luminosity
n_logLR    [- /] -: interval; /: second value
logLR2  [10-7W/Hz] Second value or upper value of logLr
Note1    [J] Note on logLR2 (Note 1)   
Note2    [R] R: Existence of radio data for flares
elapse time 1

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