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J/MNRAS/425/1819/fluxes Berkeley supernova Ia program. II. (Silverman+, 2012)
All fluxes (tables B1–9) (2304 rows)
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ColumnValue  Explain   (UCD)
791recno 791  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification. (meta.record)

SN2002ck  SN name (YYYYaa) (G1) (linked to SN properties ) (Note)   (;meta.main)
n_SN    [fgh] Non-standard SN designation (Note G1)   (meta.note)
Phase 3.64 d Phase of spectrum (Note G2)   (time.phase)

LineFeII  Designation of the line: CaIIhk(3945.28), SiII40(4129.73), MgII(∼4250), FeII(∼4625), SIIW(5624.32), SiII59(5971.85), SiII63=SiII(6355.21), OI triplet (7773.37), CaIIir(8578.75) (;spect.line)

Fluxb 1.02 10-16W/m2/nmFlux at blue endpoint (10-14erg/cm2/s/Å) (phot.flux)
e_Fluxb 0.03 10-16W/m2/nmrms uncertainty on e_Fluxb (stat.error)
Fluxr 0.84 10-16W/m2/nmFlux at red endpoint (10-14erg/cm2/s/Å) (phot.flux)
e_Fluxr 0.02 10-16W/m2/nmrms uncertainty on e_Fluxr (stat.error)
pEW144.4 0.1nm Pseudo-equivalent width (spect.line.eqWidth)
e_pEW 7.1 0.1nm rms uncertainty on pEW (stat.error)
DpEW -15.0 0.1nm Measured pEW minus the expected pEW at the same epoch using our linear or quadratic fit (Note 3)   (spect.line.eqWidth)
e_DpEW42.7 0.1nm rms uncertainty on DpEW (stat.error)
vexp  10+3km/s Expansion velocity (phys.veloc.expansion)
e_vexp  10+3km/s rms uncertainty on vexp (stat.error)
a    [0/1] Relative depth of the feature (phot.flux.density;arith.ratio)
e_a    rms uncertainty on a (stat.error)
FWHM  0.1nm FWHM of the feature (spect.line.width)
e_FWHM  0.1nm rms uncertainty on FWHM (stat.error;phys.angSize)
elapse time 1

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