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V/84/intens Strasbourg-ESO Catalogue of Galactic Planetary Nebulae (Acker+, 1992)
Line intensities results (1) (1046 rows)
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ColumnValue  Explain   (UCD)
392recno 392  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification. (meta.record)

PNG060.8-03.6  (i) Designation of the Galactic Planetary Nebula (;meta.main)
ObsLabelOHP-CAR+CCD 1988-06-18  Observation name (includes the date) (;obs)
LineRefb   [ab] Line taken as reference (value=100): 'a'=H-alpha (6563), 'b'=H-beta (4861) (meta.note)
I4686 70.0   ]0/15000] Line intensity of HeII at 468.6nm (spect.line.intensity;em.opt.B)
u_I4686   Uncertainty flag on I4686 (meta.code.error)
I4363 9.0   ]0/15000] Line intensity of [OIII] at 436.3nm (spect.line.intensity;em.line.OIII)
u_I4363:  Uncertainty flag on I4363 (meta.code.error)
n_I5007    [*] '*' if the measurement refers to 495.9nm because 500.7nm line is saturated (meta.note)
I5007 1106.0   ]0/15000] Line intensity of [OIII] at 500.7nm (spect.line.intensity;em.line.OIII)
u_I5007   Uncertainty flag on I5007 (meta.code.error)
I5876    ]0/15000] Line intensity of HeI (spect.line.intensity)
u_I5876   Uncertainty flag on I5876 at 587.6nm (meta.code.error)
I6563 262.0   ]0/15000] Line intensity of H-alpha at 656.3nm (spect.line.intensity;em.line.Halpha)
u_I6563   Uncertainty flag on I6563 (meta.code.error)
I6584 255.0   [0/15000] Line intensity of [NII] at 658.4nm (spect.line.intensity;em.opt.R)
u_I6584   Uncertainty flag on I6584 (meta.code.error)
n_I6717    [B] 'B' if line is blended (meta.note)
I6717 21.0   ]0/15000] Line intensity of [SII] at 671.7nm (spect.line.intensity;em.opt.R)
u_I6717:  Uncertainty flag on I6717 (meta.code.error)
n_I6731    [B] 'B' if line is blended (meta.note)
I6731 24.0   ]0/15000] Line intensity of [SII] at 673.1nm (spect.line.intensity;em.opt.R)
u_I6731:  Uncertainty flag on I6731 (meta.code.error)
elapse time 0

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