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  Gaia DR2 catalogue is available in VizieR, by TAP or CDSclient scripts
  Face-on disk galaxies photometry. I. (de Jong+, 1994)
    J/A+AS/106/451/table1Optical observations calibration coefficients (16 rows)
    J/A+AS/106/451/table2Near-IR observations calibration coefficients (4 rows)
    J/A+AS/106/451/table3(c)Observed galaxies global UGC/RC3 parameters (86 rows)
    J/A+AS/106/451/table4Observation log of optical observations (326 rows)
    J/A+AS/106/451/table5Observation log of near-IR observations (123 rows)
    J/A+AS/106/451/table6BVRIHK PA, b/a and integrated magnitudes (86 rows)
    J/A+AS/106/451/table7Surface brightness at UGC radii and radii at 25 B-mag/arcsec2 and 23.5 R-mag/arcsec2 (86 rows)
    J/A+AS/106/451/paramsObservational parameters (480 rows)
    J/A+AS/106/451/profilesSurface brightness profiles (Fig.12 in the paper) (4463 rows)

       (c)  indicates tables which contain celestial coordinates 

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