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  Pan-STARRS catalogue is available in VizieR [more]
  The 2MASS Redshift Survey (2MRS) (Huchra+, 2012)
    J/ApJS/199/26/table3(c)2MRS catalog (44599 rows)
    J/ApJS/199/26/table6(c)2MRS redshifts for 2MASS XSC galaxies beyond the main catalog limits (4291 rows)
    J/ApJS/199/26/table7(c)Redshifts for galaxies not in the 2MASS XSC which were observed serendipitously (14 rows)
    J/ApJS/199/26/table82MASS XSC or LGA objects removed from input catalog (324 rows)
    J/ApJS/199/26/table9(c)2MASS XSC objects with reprocessed photometry (74 rows)
    J/ApJS/199/26/table12Alternative redshifts chosen over NED default redshifts (334 rows)
    J/ApJS/199/26/table13Redshifts from 6dFGS, SDSS or NED for galaxies also observed by 2MRS (4857 rows)
    J/ApJS/199/26/table102MASS XSC objects with suspect photometry, flagged for reprocessing at a later date (87 rows)
    J/ApJS/199/26/table11(c)2MASS XSC objects with compromised photometry, flagged for reprocessing and removed from catalog (155 rows)
    J/ApJS/199/26/table42MRS Catalog - bibliographic references (590 rows)

       (c)  indicates tables which contain celestial coordinates 

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