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  Pan-STARRS catalogue is available in VizieR [more]
  The Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues (ESA 1997)
    I/239/hip_main(c)The Hipparcos Main Catalogue[timeSerie] (118218 rows)
    I/239/h_dm_com(c)Double and Multiples: Component solutions -COMP (24588 rows)
    I/239/hip_dm_oDouble and Multiples: Orbital solutions (235 rows)
    I/239/hip_va_1Variability Annex: Periodic variables (2712 rows)
    I/239/hip_va_2Variability Annex: Unsolved variables (5542 rows)
    I/239/solar_ha(c)Solar System Annex: Astrometric catalogue (5609 rows)
    I/239/solar_hpSolar System Annex: Photometric catalogue (2639 rows)
    I/239/solar_t(c)Solar System Annex: Tycho astrometry/photometry (291 rows)
    I/239/hd_notesHipparcos notes: Double and multiple systems (2622 rows)
    I/239/hg_notesHipparcos notes: General notes (3898 rows)
    I/239/hp_notesHipparcos notes: Photometric notes (2444 rows)
    I/239/hp_refsReferences Hipparcos stars (33769 rows)
    I/239/hp_authReferences of hp_notes.doc (4335 rows)
    I/239/dmsa_oReferences of hipdmo.dat (118 rows)
    I/239/tyc_main(c)The main part of Tycho Catalogue[timeSerie] (1058332 rows)

       (c)  indicates tables which contain celestial coordinates 

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