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 Wavelength Dependence of Galactic UV Extinction (Aiello+ 1988)
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1.III/130/atlasThe Atlas of Extinction data (115 rows)

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  recno  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification. (meta.record)
  Seq   [1/115] Running number (;meta.main)
  Name (char) Star name (
  plot  Plot of the extinction curve $E(λ-V)E(B-V)$ (meta.ref.url)
  Assoc (char) Association name (
  E3000  (n) Extinction ratio E(300nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2980  (n) Extinction ratio E(298nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2960  (n) Extinction ratio E(296nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2940  (n) Extinction ratio E(294nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2920  Extinction ratio E(292nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2900  Extinction ratio E(290nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)

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(n) indicates a possible blank or NULL column  
  E2880  Extinction ratio E(288nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2860  Extinction ratio E(286nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2840  Extinction ratio E(284nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2820  Extinction ratio E(282nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2800  Extinction ratio E(280nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2780  Extinction ratio E(278nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2760  Extinction ratio E(276nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2740  Extinction ratio E(274nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2720  Extinction ratio E(272nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2700  Extinction ratio E(270nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2680  Extinction ratio E(268nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2660  Extinction ratio E(266nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2640  Extinction ratio E(264nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)

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(n) indicates a possible blank or NULL column  
  E2620  Extinction ratio E(262nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2600  Extinction ratio E(260nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2580  Extinction ratio E(258nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2560  Extinction ratio E(256nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2540  Extinction ratio E(254nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2520  Extinction ratio E(252nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2500  Extinction ratio E(250nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2480  Extinction ratio E(248nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2460  Extinction ratio E(246nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2440  Extinction ratio E(244nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2420  Extinction ratio E(242nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2400  Extinction ratio E(240nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2380  Extinction ratio E(238nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)

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(n) indicates a possible blank or NULL column  
  E2360  Extinction ratio E(236nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2340  Extinction ratio E(234nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2320  Extinction ratio E(232nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2300  Extinction ratio E(230nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2280  Extinction ratio E(228nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2260  Extinction ratio E(226nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2240  Extinction ratio E(224nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2220  Extinction ratio E(222nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2200  Extinction ratio E(220nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2180  Extinction ratio E(218nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2160  Extinction ratio E(216nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2140  Extinction ratio E(214nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2120  Extinction ratio E(212nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)

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(n) indicates a possible blank or NULL column  
  E2100  Extinction ratio E(210nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2080  Extinction ratio E(208nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2060  Extinction ratio E(206nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2040  Extinction ratio E(204nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2020  Extinction ratio E(202nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E2000  Extinction ratio E(200nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1980  Extinction ratio E(198nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1960  Extinction ratio E(196nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1940  Extinction ratio E(194nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1920  Extinction ratio E(192nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1900  Extinction ratio E(190nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1880  Extinction ratio E(188nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1860  Extinction ratio E(186nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)

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(n) indicates a possible blank or NULL column  
  E1840  Extinction ratio E(184nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1820  Extinction ratio E(182nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1800  Extinction ratio E(180nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1780  Extinction ratio E(178nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1760  Extinction ratio E(176nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1740  Extinction ratio E(174nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1720  Extinction ratio E(172nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1700  Extinction ratio E(170nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1680  Extinction ratio E(168nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1660  Extinction ratio E(166nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1640  Extinction ratio E(164nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1620  Extinction ratio E(162nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1600  Extinction ratio E(160nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)

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(n) indicates a possible blank or NULL column  
  E1580  Extinction ratio E(158nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1560  Extinction ratio E(156nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1540  Extinction ratio E(154nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1520  Extinction ratio E(152nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1500  Extinction ratio E(150nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1480  Extinction ratio E(148nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1460  Extinction ratio E(146nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1440  Extinction ratio E(144nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1420  Extinction ratio E(142nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1400  Extinction ratio E(140nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1380  Extinction ratio E(138nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1360  Extinction ratio E(136nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1340  Extinction ratio E(134nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1320  Extinction ratio E(132nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1300  Extinction ratio E(130nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1280  Extinction ratio E(128nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  E1260  Extinction ratio E(126nm-V)/E(B-V) (;arith.ratio)
  Simbad  ask the Simbad data-base about this object (meta.ref.url)
  _RA deg Right Ascension (J2000) from SIMBAD (not part of the original data) (pos.eq.ra;meta.main)
  _DE deg Declination (J2000) from SIMBAD (not part of the original data) (pos.eq.dec;meta.main)

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