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  Gaia DR2 catalogue is available in VizieR, by TAP or CDSclient scripts
  Transitions of SI in visible and infra-red (Biemont+ 1993)
    J/A+AS/102/435/table1Configurations selected for the present SST and HFR calculations in S I (26 rows)
    J/A+AS/102/435/table2HFR fitted parameters (even configurations) (36 rows)
    J/A+AS/102/435/table3HFR fitted parameters (odd configurations) (37 rows)
    J/A+AS/102/435/table4Excitation energies and fine-structure splittings (133 rows)
    J/A+AS/102/435/table5Calculated HFR energy level (even configuration (33 rows)
    J/A+AS/102/435/table6Calculated HFR energy level (odd configuration) (40 rows)
    J/A+AS/102/435/table7Calculated oscillator strengths (3p3(4S)nl - 3p3(4S)n'l') (114 rows)
    J/A+AS/102/435/table8Calculated oscillator strengths (3p3 (2D)nl - 3p3(2D)n'l') (16 rows)
    J/A+AS/102/435/table9S I lines and corresponding gf values (30 rows)

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