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 Catalog of high extinction clouds (Rygl+, 2010) Query images/fits /fits
    J/A+A/515/A42/table1(c)Catalog of high extinction clouds (HECs) with the peak color excess, E<(3.6-4.5)> (226 rows)
    J/A+A/515/A42/table2Properties of the high extinction clouds (31 rows)
    J/A+A/515/A42/clumps(c)Positions and fluxes of the clumps from the 1.2mm continuum data (table 3) and their properties derived from NH3 and the 1.2mm continuum (table 7) (44 rows)
    J/A+A/515/A42/table4(c)Positions (J2000) and determined properties toward the positions without clumps (13 rows)
    J/A+A/515/A42/table5Observed ammonia parameters with uncertainties from hyperfine and Gaussian fits with CLASS (51 rows)
    J/A+A/515/A42/fig1(c)List of FITS files containing the 3.6-4.5um color excess maps for the inner part of the Galaxy[image/fits] (120 rows)
    J/A+A/515/A42/fig5(c)List of FITS files containing the 1.2mm dust continuum maps[image/fits] (25 rows)

       (c)  indicates tables which contain celestial coordinates 
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