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  Stellar yields and the initial mass function (Molla+, 2015)
    J/MNRAS/451/3693/table2aStellar yields from Van der Hoek et al. (1997. Cat. J/A+AS/123/305) (VHK) (112 rows)
    J/MNRAS/451/3693/table2bStellar yields from Marigo et al. (2001A&A...370..194M) (MAR) (182 rows)
    J/MNRAS/451/3693/table2cStellar yields from Gavilan et al. (2005, Cat. J/A+A/432/861) (GAV) (511 rows)
    J/MNRAS/451/3693/table2dStellar yields from Karakas (2010, Cat. J/MNRAS/403/1413) (KAR) (105 rows)
    J/MNRAS/451/3693/table4aStellar yields from Woosley & Weaver (1995ApJS..101..181W) (WOW) (98 rows)
    J/MNRAS/451/3693/table4bStellar yields from Portinari et al. (1998A&A...334..505P) (PCB) (63 rows)
    J/MNRAS/451/3693/table4cStellar yields from Limongi & Chieffi (2003ApJ...592..404L) and Chieffi & Limongi (2004, Cat.J/ApJ/608/405) (CLI) (49 rows)
    J/MNRAS/451/3693/table4dStellar yields from Kobayashi et al. (2006ApJ...653.1145K) (KOB) (56 rows)
    J/MNRAS/451/3693/table4eStellar yields from Rauscher et al. (2002ApJ...576..323R); Frohlich et al. (2006ApJ...637..415F) and Heger & Woosley (2010, Cat. J/ApJ/724/341) (HEG) (63 rows)
    J/MNRAS/451/3693/table4fStellar yields from Limongi & Chieffi (2006ApJ...647..483L) and Limongi & Chieffi (2012, Cat. J/ApJS/199/38) (LIM) (112 rows)
    J/MNRAS/451/3693/table6Chi2 results for the 144 models (144 rows)
    J/MNRAS/451/3693/catalogResults of the 144 chemical evolution models for MWG for the present time (2592 rows)

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