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 Lunar Occultation Archive (Herald+ 2012)
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1.VI/132B/lunaroccLunar occultation archive (Detailed information concerning the derivation of the data, the corrections applied, and the basis of the reductions) (478843 rows)

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  recno  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification. (meta.record)
  Obs "Y-M-D,h:m:s" [1623,2020] Year of the observation (time.epoch)
  CatID (char) [APRSXU] The star catalogue or object type (Note 1)   (;meta.dataset)
  CatNum   [0,999999] Number in catalogue (Note 2)   (
  WDS (char) [A-Z, a-z] Double star component identifier (Note 3)   (
  Phen (char) [BDEFMORSX?] Phenomena type (Note 4)   (meta.code;obs)
  Limb (char) [DBU?] Bright or dark limb (Note 5)   (meta.note)
  Graze (char) [G?] Flag for grazing occultation event (Note 6)   (meta.note)
  PE  (n) [0.00,9.99] Personal equation. (
  PEApp (char) [ABESUX?] Application of Personal equation (Note 7)   (
  Meth1 (char) [CEGKMOPSTVX?] First method of timing and recording 1 (Note 8)   (meta.note)

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(n) indicates a possible blank or NULL column  
  Meth2 (char) [ACEGKMOPSTVX?] Second method of timing and recording (Note 8)   (meta.note)
  Time (char) [CMNGORT?] Time source (Note 9)   (meta.note)
  Accur s (n) [0.000,9.999] Accuracy of time. (time.resolution)
  Cert (char) [123?] Certainty (Note 10)   (meta.code.qual)
  SN  (n) [0.0-9.9] Signal-to-Noise ratio (Note 11)   (stat.snr)
  Double (char) [BEFNSUW?] Double star or unidentified star (Note 12)   (meta.code.multip)
  Durn s (n) [0.000,94] Duration of non-instantaneous event (Note 13)   (time.interval)
  LLevel (char) [TF?] Light level at event (Note 14)   (meta.note)
  Stabil (char) [123?] Sky stability (1=good, 3=poor) (Note 15)   (meta.note;obs)
  Transp (char) [123?] Sky transparency (1=good, 3=poor) (Note 15)   (meta.note;obs)
  Remark (char) [123456789?] Remarkable circumstances (Note 17)   (meta.note)
  Temp degC (n) [-49,+50] Temperature, degrees Celsius (;phys.temperature)
  Acc (char) [123456789?] Accuracy (Note 18)   (meta.code.qual)

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(n) indicates a possible blank or NULL column  
  Cond (char) [123456789?] Condition (Note 19)   (meta.note)
  Ad_Dbl (char) [28?] Time adjusted; Double star (Note 20)   (meta.note)
  TMeth (char) [0123456789?] Timing method (Note 21)   (meta.note)
  EGraze (char) [GX?] Graze - additions from original reports (Note 22)   (meta.note)
  Graze2 (char) [2?] Graze observed at 2nd Limit (Note 23)   (meta.note)
  Srce (char) [AHIMNOPRSX] Source of observation (Note 24)   (meta.ref;pos.frame)
  DupErr (char) [DIKX?] Duplicate/erroneous observation (Note 25)   (meta.note)
  Valid (char) [ABCDEFGSTUWXYZ?] Observation validity (Note 26)   (meta.code.qual)
  GZyear yr (n) [1706,2020] Graze identifier - year (Note 27)   (
  GZnum  (n) [1,150] Graze identifier - number in year (Note 27)   (
  Long "d:m:s" (n) [0,180] Site location: degrees of longitude (
  Lat "d:m:s" (n) [0,89] Site location: degrees of latitude (
  HDatum  (n) Horizontal datum code (Note 28)   (;instr.obsty)

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(n) indicates a possible blank or NULL column  
  Alt m (n) [-999.9,+9999.9] Altitude (
  VDatum (char) [ME] Vertical datum code (Note 29)   (;instr.obsty)
  ILOCst (char) ILOC Station + Telescope code (;instr.obsty)
  RGOst (char) RGO station + Observer code (;instr.obsty)
  Town (char) Closest town or landmark, and Country. (;instr.obsty)
  Tel (char) [*CNOR?] Type of telescope (Note 30)   (meta.note)
  Mount (char) [*AE?] Telescope mounting (Note 31)   (meta.code;instr)
  Drive (char) [*DM?] Telescope drive (Note 32)   (meta.code;instr)
  Apert cm (n) Telescope aperture (;instr.fov)
  FL cm (n) Telescope focal length (
  Name (char) Observer name (;
  Src "Y-M-D,h:m:s"(n) [19,2094] Year in source data (time.epoch)
  SrcCat (char) [AHMOPRSXU?] Star catalogue or object type in source data (Note 1)   (;meta.dataset)

ALL cols
(n) indicates a possible blank or NULL column  
  SrcNum  (n) Number in catalogue in source data (Note 2)   (
  SrcLg "d:m:s" (n) [0,180] degrees of longitude in source data (
  SrcLt "d:m:s" (n) [0,89] degrees of latitude in source data (
  SrcHDt  (n) Horizontal datum code in source data (Note 28)   (;instr.obsty)
  SrcAlt m (n) [-999.,+9999.9] Altitude in source data (
  SrcVDt (char) [EM?] Vertical datum code in source data (Note 29)   (;instr.obsty)
  LibLon deg Longitude libration (pos.lunar.occult)
  LibLat deg Latitude libration (pos.lunar.occult)
  AA deg Axis Angle (instr.offset)
  Scale  Ratio of the apparent to mean lunar radius (phys.size;arith.ratio)
  LimbH arcsec Height of the lunar limb (meta.note)
  OC arcsec O-C residual - height of the star above the lunar limb. (
  PA deg [0,360] Position Angle on the lunar limb. (pos.posAng)
  dOC arcsec/s O-C change for a time difference of +1.0 second. (arith.rate;
  dMoon arcsec/s Apparent rate of motion of moon (arith.rate;phys.veloc;src.orbital.meanMotion)
  PAmoon deg Position Angle of direction of motion of the moon (pos.posAng)

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(n) indicates a possible blank or NULL column  
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