Catalogues Recently Entered into VizieR

This page details the catalogues entered into the VizieR system in the last month.

Added on 02 Jul 2015:
(J/ApJ/778/188)  z<0.4 sources from Chandra/SDSS (Trichas+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/778/149)  Abundances for 3 stars in Sgr dSph (McWilliam+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/769/40)  Potassium abundance in red giants of GCs (Carretta+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/778/132)  C and O abundances in 55 Cnc (Teske+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/778/128)  GRB-host galaxies photometry (Perley+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/778/127)  UKIDSS+FIRST+SDSS red QSOs candidates (Glikman+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/778/L19)  SN 2011dh (type IIb) 3.6 and 4.5um light curves (Helou+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/778/L13)  Subaru new Ca filter transmission function (Lee+, 2013)

Added on 01 Jul 2015:
(J/AJ/149/153)  Abundances of red giants in 10 globular clusters (Meszaros+, 2015)
(J/AJ/149/154)  CaII spectroscopy of SMC red giants. III. (Parisi+, 2015)
(J/AJ/149/157)  Surface intensity profiles for 10 M33 globular clusters (Ma+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/442/946)  z∼5.7 C IV absorption systems (Diaz+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/442/844)  BVRI light curves of type II-P supernovae (Faran+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/442/577)  Selected ALESS submm galaxies radio properties (Thomson+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/442/533)  Recently quenched elliptical galaxies in SDSS (McIntosh+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/442/220)  Lick indices for FGK stars (Franchini+, 2014)
(J/other/PASA/30.4)  Corrections to the VV13 Catalogue (Flesch, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/424/2086)  LX-T relation in galaxy clusters (Hilton+, 2012)
(J/MNRAS/423/1024)  XCS-DR1 Cluster Catalogue (Mehrtens+, 2012)
(J/ApJ/799/53)  YSO/MS star models in the central molecular zone (Koepferl+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/799/29)  BGPS. XII. DR2 distance catalog (Ellsworth-Bowers+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/799/4)  Robo-AO high angular resolution obs. of binary stars (Riddle+, 2015)
(VIII/91)  Planck Catalog of Compact Sources Release 1 (Planck, 2013)
(J/A+A/560/A4)  Rotation periods of active Kepler stars (Reinhold+, 2013)
(J/A+A/558/A75)  2XMMi/SDSS Galaxy Cluster Survey. II. (Takey+, 2013)
(J/AJ/149/171)  2MASS galaxy group catalog (Tully, 2015)
(J/A+A/574/A108)  Molecular absorption lines in PKS 1830-211 (Schulz+, 2015)
(J/AJ/147/20)  Spectroscopy of 447 nearby M dwarfs (Newton+, 2014)

Added on 30 Jun 2015:
(J/MNRAS/446/3749)  SDSS nearby galaxies morphologies (Yoshino+, 2015)
(J/A+A/579/A46)  Mono-13C acetaldehydes mm/submm wave spectra (Margules+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/798/73)  BANYAN All-Sky Survey (BASS) catalog. V. Nearby YMGs (Gagne+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/798/L27)  CO obs. of molecular clouds in the 2nd quadrant (Sun+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/798/134)  MOJAVE. XII. Acceleration of blazar jets (Homan+, 2015)
(J/AJ/147/69)  Radial velocities in Be 44, Be 81, and NGC 6802 (Hayes+, 2014)

Added on 29 Jun 2015:
(J/ApJS/109/45)  Kitt Peak galaxy redshift survey (Munn+ 1997)
(B/astorb)  Orbits of Minor Planets (Bowell+ 2014)
(B/vsx)  AAVSO International Variable Star Index VSX (Watson+, 2006-2014)
(J/A+A/558/A3)  XMM-Newton point-source catalogue of the SMC (Sturm+, 2013)
(J/A+A/557/A29)  Young stellar clusters in the Rosette (Cambresy+, 2013)
(J/A+A/557/A100)  Fermi and Swift GRBs Epeak-Eiso relation (Heussaff+, 2013)
(B/wds)  The Washington Visual Double Star Catalog (Mason+ 2001-2014)
(J/A+A/557/L10)  Rotation periods of 12000 Kepler stars (Nielsen+, 2013)
(B/eso)  ESO Science Archive Catalog (ESO, 1991-2015)
(B/comets)  Database of the orbital elements of comets (Rocher, 2007)
(B/xmm)  XMM-Newton Observation Log (XMM-Newton Science Operation Center, 2012)
(B/chandra)  The Chandra Archive Log (CXC, 1999-2014)

Added on 26 Jun 2015:
(J/AJ/149/204)  Spectroscopy of 25 stars in M68 (Schaeuble+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/451/3504)  Point source classification in the SMC (Ruffle+, 2015)
(J/AJ/149/200)  VRI photometry in NGC 7129 (Dahm+, 2015)
(J/A+A/561/A138)  Transiting planets search Matlab/Octave source code (Ofir+, 2014)
(J/A+A/576/A48)  5 HARPS long-period giant planets RV (Moutou+, 2015)
(J/A+A/576/A44)  Hot subdwarf binaries from MUCHFUSS (Kupfer+, 2015)
(III/249)  Stellar radial velocities bibliographic catalog (Malaroda+, 2006)
(J/MNRAS/451/3089)  Young clumps embedded in IRDC (Traficante+, 2015)
(J/A+A/579/A58)  Spectra of two mid-L subdwarfs (Lodieu+, 2015)
(J/A+A/579/A51)  Kinematic and thermal structure of IRDCs (Bihr+, 2015)

Added on 25 Jun 2015:
(J/ApJ/776/67)  Rotational tracks (van Saders+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/779/133)  X-ray & radio fluxes of unassociated 2FGL sources (Acero+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/798/129)  Internal proper motions in NGC2392 (Garcia-Diaz+, 2015)

Added on 24 Jun 2015:
(IX/16)  Third Ariel X-Ray Catalogue (3A) (Warwick+ 1981)
(J/AJ/149/162)  The GBT 67-93.6GHz spectral line survey of Orion-KL (Frayer+, 2015)
(J/AJ/149/127)  The SOS project. IV. NGC 1624 and NGC 1931 (Lim+, 2015)
(J/AJ/149/168)  Differential VRI photometry of HI Dra (Papageorgiou+, 2015)
(J/AJ/149/166)  Photometry and spectroscopy of HATS-6 (Hartman+, 2015)
(J/AJ/149/150)  Photometry of multiples at NAOR and ASV in 2012 (Cvetkovic+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/779/109)  5100Å & Hβ light curves of NGC 5548 (Peterson+, 2013)
(J/AJ/147/16)  Spectroscocpy of planetary nebulae in M31 (Kniazev+, 2014)

Added on 23 Jun 2015:
(J/ApJ/798/122)  Abundances from SEGUE Stellar Parameters Pipeline (Miller+, 2015)
(J/AJ/134/973)  SDSS Stripe 82 Variable Source Catalog (Ivezic+, 2007)
(J/AJ/149/195)  Spectroscopy of HD 91962 (Tokovinin+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/441/3543)  Possible planets around A stars (Balona, 2014)
(J/ApJ/783/121)  BANYAN II. Nearby young assoc. candidate members (Gagne+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/788/81)  BANYAN III. RVel and rotation of low-mass stars (Malo+, 2014)
(B/mk)  Catalogue of Stellar Spectral Classifications (Skiff, 2009-2014)
(J/A+A/510/A54)  NaI and CaII interstellar absorption (Welsh+, 2010)
(J/A+A/574/A38)  TRAPPIST monitoring of comet C/2012 F6 (Lemmon) (Opitom+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/442/3565)  L-σ relation for massive bursts of SF (Chavez+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/442/3544)  Kinematic tracers in Umbrella galaxy (NGC4651) (Foster+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/442/3329)  Rotation measures of 2642 quasars (Xu+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/442/3044)  NGC1851 halo+cluster system (Marino+, 2014)
(J/A+A/579/A34)  1WHSP: VHE gamma-ray blazar candidates (Arsioli+, 2015)

Added on 22 Jun 2015:
(J/MNRAS/441/3570)  Nuclear star clusters in 228 spiral galaxies (Georgiev+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/441/2555)  ATLAS 1.4GHz Data Release 2 (Hales+, 2014)
(J/AJ/149/184)  Variability in proto-PNe. IV. (Hrivnak+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/446/2251)  Southern Catalina Survey type-ab RR Lyrae (Torrealba+, 2015)
(J/AJ/149/203)  Reddening of ∼35000 quasars from SDSS (Krawczyk+, 2015)
(J/A+A/579/A29)  The GUViCS FUV diffuse emission (Boissier+, 2015)
(J/A+A/579/A28)  Abundances of 3 CEMP stars (Bonifacio+, 2015)
(J/A+A/566/A103)  Kepler planet host candidates imaging (Lillo-Box+, 2014)

Added on 21 Jun 2015:
(J/A+A/574/A56)  IRC +10216 17.8GHz-26.3GHz spectrum (Gong+, 2015)
(J/A+A/574/A49)  XMMOMCDFS catalogue (Antonucci+, 2015)
(J/A+A/574/A37)  Movies of 2012-10-16 solar flare (Dalmasse+, 2015)
(J/A+A/574/A33)  BVRI photometry of high-mass X-ray binaries (Reig+, 2015)
(J/A+A/574/A29)  Tc IV, Tc V and Tc VI oscillator strengths (Werner+, 2015)
(J/A+A/566/A98)  The Gaia Benchmark Stars - Library (Blanco-Cuaresma+, 2014)

Added on 20 Jun 2015:
(J/other/NewA/34.253)  Light curves of 8 Algol-type systems (Zasche, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/447/1267)  Low-mass members of the Octans association (Murphy+, 2015)
(I/328)  Catalogue of bright IDS stars (Lipaeva+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/778/96)  Spitzer and NEWFIRM observations of NGC 6334 (Willis+, 2013)
(J/AcA/64/359)  Catalog of binary UV Ceti stars (Tamazian+, 2014)
(J/AJ/146/61)  Type II Cepheid candidates. IV. Objects from NSVS (Schmidt+, 2013)

Added on 19 Jun 2015:
(J/AJ/149/183)  gri photometry of variables in NGC 4258 (Hoffmann+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/442/2620)  VRI light curve of 5 eclipsing binaries (Zhang+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/442/2543)  Young clusters intermediate-mass disc fraction (Yasui+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/442/2216)  Abell 1351 galaxies (Barrena+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/442/2381)  Variable stars in M4 primary field (Nascimbeni+, 2014)
(J/PAZh/41/303)  Long-term monitoring of SZ Cam (Gorda+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/801/127)  3.6um, 4.5um, B and V light curves of NGC 6418 (Vazquez+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/441/1992)  Galaxies with disc breaks in S4G and NIRS0S (Laine+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/441/1899)  Fermi bright blazars (Fuhrmann+, 2014)
(J/ApJS/217/32)  S4G galaxy morphologies in the CVRHS system (Buta+, 2015)
(J/A+A/579/A19)  K2 Variable Catalogue (Armstrong+, 2015)
(J/A+A/579/A4)  MCS J1206.2-0847 galaxies spectral classification (Girardi+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/799/115)  Absorption spectrum of SO up to 2.5THz (Martin-Drumel+, 2015)

Added on 18 Jun 2015:
(J/ApJS/217/31)  Kepler planetary candidates. V. 4yr Q1-Q16 (Mullally+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/798/110)  Equivalent widths of LAMOST metal-poor stars (Li+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/798/95)  HE1104-1805 BVRIJ light curves (Blackburne+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/798/77)  Metallicity of RGB stars in 6 M31 dwarf galaxies (Ho+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/798/58)  HELGA VI. Giant molecular cloud associations in M31 (Kirk+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A137)  Seismic sensitivity to solar activity (Salabert+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A136)  Period changes in SuperWASP eclipsing binaries (Lohr+, 2015)

Added on 17 Jun 2015:
(J/ApJ/798/54)  "Under-massive" black hole candidates (Graham+, 2015)

Added on 16 Jun 2015:
(J/ApJ/778/116)  V1647 Ori long-term optical & NIR observations (Ninan+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/778/98)  Cross-correlation of SDSS QSOs and BOSS galaxies (Shen+, 2013)
(J/PASP/126/521)  UBVRIJHK photometry of RR Lyrae in M4 (Stetson+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/798/41)  GALEX NUV observations of bright M-type stars (Ansdell+, 2015)
(J/A+A/575/A70)  VLTS. B-type supergiants (McEvoy+, 2015)
(J/A+A/575/L15)  TrES-4b RV and Ic curves (Sozzetti+, 2015)
(J/A+A/575/A30)  HIFLUGCS XMM/Chandra cross-calibration (Schellenberger+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/450/905)  New SN in SDSS DR9 (Graur+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A131)  Gas and dust in the star-forming region rho OphA (Liseau+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A128)  VI light curves of NGC4590 variables (Kains+, 2015)

Added on 15 Jun 2015:
(J/ApJ/778/56)  Hamburg/ESO Survey extremely metal-poor stars (Cohen+, 2013)
(J/AJ/149/197)  Minima of 10 Kepler eclipsing binaries (Zasche+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/798/23)  Radial velocities of giant stars in NGC 6388 (Lapenna+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/779/L6)  3D kinematic observations of stars in the GC (Do+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/779/188)  Spectra of nearby late K and M Kepler stars (Mann+, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/434/806)  Pre-main-sequence isochrones. II. SFR (Bell+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/779/161)  Metals in SDSS QSOs II. 0.4<z<2.3 MgII absorbers (Seyffert+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/779/137)  HST NIR spectroscopy of ISCS z>1 galaxy clusters (Zeimann+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/767/51)  Masses & extinctions of young clusters in NGC4214 (Andrews+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/766/114)  Water and methanol masers in G75.78+0.34 (Sanchez-Monge+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/780/34)  H160-selected catalog of galaxies in the HUDF (Lundgren+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/451/1307)  HII regions in 10 galaxies (Zaragoza-Cardiel+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/451/2625)  SLUGGS Globular Cluster CaT and [Z/H] (Pastorello+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A116)  Abundances of red giant stars in NGC6093 (M80) (Carretta+, 2015)

Added on 13 Jun 2015:
(I/325)  Radio-optical reference frame link (Zacharias+ 2013)
(J/A+A/573/A129)  HeViCS. SPIRE point-source catalogs (Pappalardo+, 2015)

Added on 12 Jun 2015:
(J/AJ/149/117)  LMC infrared survey. I. Photometry of Cepheids (Macri+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/441/1802)  Low-redshift QSOs in SDSS Stripe 82 (Karhunen+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/276/1341)  Spectroscopy of E and S0 galaxies (Jorgensen+, 1995)
(J/MNRAS/441/1186)  Cataclysmic variables from CRTS (Drake+, 2014)
(J/A+A/576/A30)  NIR light-curve templates for classical Cepheids (Inno+, 2015)
(J/other/RAA/14.1135)  Doppler factor for a Fermi blazar sample (Fan+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/779/119)  HCOOCH2D detection in Orion KL (Coudert+, 2013)
(J/other/RAA/14.942)  Radio point sources rotation measures catalog (Xu+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/779/87)  MAGIICAT. III. Virial masses (Churchill+, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/441/715)  Mid-infrared study of RR Lyrae stars (Gavrilchenko+, 2014)
(J/AJ/149/178)  Redshift catalog of galaxies in GOODS-South field (Morris+, 2015)
(J/AJ/149/131)  Parameters of galactic nearby main-sequence stars (Eker+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/776/114)  MAGIICAT. I. MgII Absorber-Galaxy Catalog (Nielsen+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/779/113)  IR photometry of YSOs in the FoV of W40 (Mallick+, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/451/634)  ExoMol line lists for NaH and NaD (Rivlin+, 2015)
(J/AJ/149/194)  Differential BVR light curves of DK Cyg (Lee+, 2015)
(J/A+A/564/A65)  Cold gas properties of Herschel Reference Survey (Boselli+, 2014)
(J/A+A/578/A110)  Isolated galaxies, pairs and triplets (Argudo-Fernandez+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A109)  Spectra of ON stars (Martins+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A105)  EELGs out to z∼1 in zCOSMOS (Amorin+, 2015)
(J/A+A/574/A17)  Period spacings in gamma Dor stars (Van Reeth+, 2015)
(J/A+A/574/A4)  Radio image of Luminous Infrared Galaxies (Vardoulaki+, 2015)

Added on 11 Jun 2015:
(J/MNRAS/431/2034)  SED of K+A galaxies from UV to mid-IR (Melnick+, 2013)
(J/AJ/149/121)  WOCS. LXV. Abundances in NGC 6819 (Lee-Brown+, 2015)
(J/ApJS/191/143)  HST/ACS Coma cluster survey. II. (Hammer+, 2010)
(J/ApJS/217/27)  Morphologies of z<0.01 SDSS-DR7 galaxies (Ann+, 2015)
(J/ApJS/217/26)  Lick AGN monitoring 2011: light curves (Barth+, 2015)
(VI/145)  ASC Gaia Attitude Star Catalog (Smart, 2015)
(J/ApJS/209/25)  H2O + CH3OH maser survey of Orion protostars (Kang+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/779/104)  Luminous dust-poor SDSS QSOs at z<4.5 (Jun+, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/442/1693)  Gamma-ray-loud blazars optical polarization (Pavlidou+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/442/1680)  Red giants in SMC. Abundances (Dobbie+, 2014)
(J/AJ/149/190)  UBVRI and infrared photometry of NGC 2215 (Fitzgerald+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/442/1663)  Red giants in the SMC. Velocities (Dobbie+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/442/1049)  HST gz magnitude of NGC 1023 star clusters (Forbes+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/429/2264)  Anatomy of Ursa Majoris (Karachentsev+, 2013)
(J/A+A/578/A100)  Infrared massive stellar content of M83 (Williams+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A93)  IC 342 multi-frequency radio polarization study (Beck, 2015)
(J/ApJ/711/928)  Low-redshift Lyα galaxies from GALEX (Cowie+, 2010)
(J/A+A/573/A76)  Multifrequency study of NL Seyfert 1 galaxies (Jarvela+, 2015)
(J/ApJS/217/21)  XMM-Newton survey of local OVII absorbers (Fang+, 2015)

Added on 10 Jun 2015:
(J/ApJ/778/16)  Observations of HCO+ in NGC 7293 (Zeigler+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/778/15)  SAGE-SMC III. Young stellar objects (Sewilo+, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/443/1555)  ATLASGAL massive star forming clumps sample (Urquhart+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/764/133)  Auriga-California giant molecular cloud (Harvey+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/768/91)  ALMA observations of LESS submm galaxies (Hodge+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/779/102)  Metallicities of RGB stars in dwarf galaxies (Kirby+, 2013)
(J/AJ/146/131)  UBVRI standard stars at +50° declination (Landolt, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/403/2157)  Main-sequence star chromospheres (Houdebine+, 2010)
(J/ApJS/196/12)  First results from Mopra HCO+ maps (Barnes+, 2011)
(J/A+A/578/A79)  Galaxy clusters in SDSS Stripe 82 (Durret+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/779/97)  Photodissociation of CN (el-Qadi+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/779/79)  Galactic CHaMP. II. Dense gas clumps. (Ma+, 2013)

Added on 09 Jun 2015:
(J/ApJ/779/61)  SPT-SZ survey point sources at 95, 150 & 220GHz (Mocanu+, 2013)
(J/A+A/559/A132)  AKARI NEP Deep Survey revised catalog (Murata+, 2013)
(J/A+A/548/A29)  IR source catalog of AKARI NEP-Wide field (Kim+, 2012)
(J/AJ/149/158)  The BUD sample. I. L dwarf activity sample (Schmidt+, 2015)
(J/AJ/149/64)  MIPSGAL 24µm point source catalog (Gutermuth+, 2015)
(J/ApJS/217/16)  Kepler planetary candidates. V. 3yr Q1-Q12 (Rowe+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/778/150)  Microlensing events toward the Bulge from MOA-II (Sumi+, 2013)
(J/A+A/576/A16)  Hα3 V. Coma cluster (Gavazzi+, 2015)
(J/other/NewA/32.6)  BP Peg times of maximum light (Wang+, 2014)
(J/other/RAA/14.1251)  Variability of bright X-ray point sources (Jithesh+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/434/3236)  Masses of Praesepe members (Khalaj+, 2013)
(J/A+A/578/L6)  MWC758 asymmetric features (Benisty+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/779/7)  dSph satellites of M31. I. Variables in And XIX (Cusano+, 2013)
(J/A+A/578/A75)  V4332 Sgr spectrum in 2005 (Tylenda+, 2015)

Added on 08 Jun 2015:
(J/ApJ/745/95)  Herschel FIR & submm photometry of KINGFISH sample (Dale+, 2012)
(J/MNRAS/450/2692)  Structural parameters for Galactic GC (Vanderbeke+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/760/87)  Globular clusters of M60 with HST (Strader+, 2012)
(J/MNRAS/446/3562)  Abundances of red giants in NGC752 (Bocek Topcu+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/774/40)  Galaxy clusters aligned with quasars. III. (Andrews+, 2013)

Added on 07 Jun 2015:
(J/ApJ/769/48)  Water maser in Orion-KL with Herschel (Neufeld+, 2013)
(J/A+A/573/A126)  VLT/NaCo Large program I. Sample (Desidera+, 2015)

Added on 06 Jun 2015:
(J/A+A/573/A124)  Kepler-117 (KOI-209) transit-timing variations (Bruno+, 2015)
(J/A+A/573/A115)  Radial velocities in seven globular clusters (Lardo+, 2015)
(J/A+A/573/A111)  Group-dominant elliptical galaxies CO spectra (O'Sullivan+, 2015)
(J/AJ/149/149)  Photometry and spectroscopy of HAT-P-54 (Bakos+, 2015)
(J/AJ/149/146)  UBV(RI)c differential light curves of HR Boo (Samec+, 2015)
(J/AJ/149/128)  Radial velocities of 29 cataclysmic variables (Thorstensen+, 2015)
(J/AJ/149/125)  Iybvu photometry and CCD spectroscopy of RX Gem (Olson+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/446/2055)  Radial velocities of southern SIM grid stars (Makarov+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/777/168)  CIV and SiIV broad absorption line troughs in SDSS (Filiz+, 2013)

Added on 05 Jun 2015:
(J/ApJ/777/160)  NIR imaging survey for planets around MG stars (Biller+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/777/157)  90GHz obs. of high-mass star-forming regions (Hoq+, 2013)
(I/330)  Binary star discoveries in the URAT1 catalog (Nicholson, 2015)
(J/ApJ/777/156)  Spitzer/IRS spectra of GOALS luminous IR galaxies (Inami+, 2013)
(J/AJ/140/1911)  Astrometric Grid Giant Star Survey. III. (Bizyaev+, 2010)
(J/A+A/578/A63)  MHD shock code mhd_vode (Flower+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A65)  Highly rotationally excited HF collisional quenching (Yang+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A64)  tau Bootis A radial velocity curve (Borsa+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A61)  Galaxy groups in the 2M++ (Diaz-Gimenez+, 2015)

Added on 04 Jun 2015:
(J/A+A/530/A28)  Priority targets for the MUCHFUSS project (Geier+, 2011)
(J/AJ/149/11)  Spectra of candidate standard stars for the IRS (Sloan+, 2015)

Added on 03 Jun 2015:
(J/ApJ/804/64)  Empirical and model parameters of 183 M dwarfs (Mann+, 2015)
(J/other/IBVS/6121)  Spectrosocopy of the multiple star HT Vir (Bensch+, 2014)
(J/A+A/575/A75)  MUSE 3D view of HDF-S (Bacon+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A53)  Herschel Dwarf Galaxy Survey PACS spectroscopy (Cormier+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A51)  Near-IR photometry of AGB stars in IC 1613 (Chun+, 2015)

Added on 02 Jun 2015:
(J/MNRAS/443/2561)  Trumpeting M dwarfs with CONCH-SHELL (Gaidos+, 2014)