Catalogues Recently Entered into VizieR

This page details the catalogues entered into the VizieR system in the last month.

Added on 30 Jul 2015:
(J/A+A/576/A69)  Li abundances in F stars (Delgado+, 2015)
(J/AJ/150/33)  Photometry and spectroscopy of HATS-9 and HATS-10 (Brahm+, 2015)
(J/A+A/575/A87)  Deuteration in massive star formation process (Fontani+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A23)  Stroemgren-Crawford uvbyβ photometry catalog (Paunzen, 2015)
(J/ApJ/457/L99)  25yr CaII-HK observations of F-K nearby stars (Baliunas+, 1996)
(J/ApJ/780/110)  SIII collision strengths (Grieve+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/780/76)  SII energy levels and transition line strengths (Kisielius+, 2014)
(J/AJ/149/171)  2MASS galaxy group catalog (Tully, 2015)
(J/ApJ/799/100)  Herschel FIR observations of NGC3603 (Cecco+, 2015)

Added on 29 Jul 2015:
(J/ApJ/799/86)  Isotropic diffuse gamma-ray emission 0.1-820GeV (Ackermann+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/799/72)  Binary AGNs from the VLA Stripe 82 survey (Fu+, 2015)
(J/AJ/149/190)  UBVRI and infrared photometry of NGC 2215 (Fitzgerald+, 2015)
(J/ApJS/181/62)  Survey of young solar analogs (Metchev+, 2009)
(J/AJ/150/13)  Cepheid Radial Velocities (CRaV) project (Evans+, 2015)
(III/43)  Luminous Stars in the Southern Milky Way (Stephenson+ 1971)
(J/A+A/575/A80)  FIR photometry of 3CR galaxies (Podigachoski+, 2015)
(J/A+A/575/A12)  Stellar CharactEristics Pisa Estimation gRid (Valle+, 2015)
(J/other/NewA/34.234)  Galactic cataclysmic variables distances (Ozdonmez+, 2015)
(J/other/NewA/34.84)  New Galactic embedded clusters (Camargo+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/800/80)  MIR properties of galaxies in A2199 at z∼0.03 (Lee+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/801/44)  HST lensing analysis of the CLASH sample (Zitrin+, 2015)
(B/iram)  IRAM Observation Logs (IRAM 1991-2015)
(J/AJ/107/1814)  Chiron occultations (Bus+, 1994)
(J/ApJ/727/9)  The RR Lyrae population of NGC 6101 (Cohen+, 2011)
(J/ApJ/727/46)  Highly ionized plasmas in the Milky Way (Lehner+, 2011)
(J/MNRAS/325/1411)  ATCA Intraday Variability Survey (Kedziora-Chudczer+, 2001)
(J/A+A/544/A53)  Long-term photometry and spectroscopy of EE Cep (Galan+, 2012)
(J/ApJ/727/20)  The Megamaser Cosmology Project (MCP). III. (Kuo+, 2011)
(J/ApJ/698/1398)  H1743-322 2003 outburst (McClintock+, 2009)
(J/A+A/511/A40)  Near Earth Asteroids positions (Birlan+, 2010)
(J/A+A/441/831)  Electron impact excitation of Ar XVII (Aggarwal+, 2005)
(J/A+A/439/1215)  Effective collision strengths for Fe X trans. (Aggarwal+, 2005)
(J/A+A/434/1107)  UBV(RI)c photometry of stars around V838 Mon (Munari+, 2005)
(J/ApJ/800/22)  Radial velocities of long-period planets (Feng+, 2015)
(J/A+A/428/339)  Capodimonte Deep Field (Alcala+, 2004)
(J/A+A/420/571)  V1974 Cyg IUE spectroscopy (Cassatella+, 2004)
(J/ApJ/800/18)  HST/WFC3 observations of z∼7-8 galaxies in A2744 (Atek+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A43)  Global HI content from a stacking experiment (Gereb+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A51)  SNR G18.8+0.3 data cubes (Paron+, 2015)
(VI/139)  Herschel Observation Log (Herschel Science Centre, 2013)

Added on 28 Jul 2015:
(J/MNRAS/443/3218)  NGC 7538 IRS 1-3 and IRS 9 sources (Mallick+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/800/17)  Mass-transfer sequences in 16 Galactic LMXBs (Fragos+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/443/2815)  F dwarfs Cerro Armazones spectroscopic survey (Pribulla+, 2014)
(J/ApJS/218/11)  The five year Fermi/GBM magnetar burst catalog (Collazzi+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/443/2679)  GEEC2 spectroscopic survey of Galaxy groups (Balogh+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/443/2634)  AGES HI sources in NGC 7448 field (Taylor+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/443/2590)  The VLA-COSMOS Survey. V. 324MHz (Smolcic+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/443/2492)  Δa observations of 3 globular clusters (Paunzen+, 2014)
(J/A+AS/140/79)  Radii of 22 galactic Cepheids (Imbert, 1999)
(J/A+A/575/A9)  M17-SW datacubes in C and CO lines (Perez-Beaupuits+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/800/16)  Swift-XRT long GRB durations (Boer+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/800/7)  Fine-structure lines of Si+ and C+ in DLAs (Neeleman+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A45)  Nova M31N 2008-12a 2014 eruption in optical/UV (Darnley+, 2015)

Added on 27 Jul 2015:
(J/ApJ/799/60)  X-ray galaxy clusters in the CFHTLS fields (Mirkazemi+, 2015)
(J/ApJS/216/10)  DUSTiNGS. I. The Good Source Catalog (Boyer+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/800/51)  DUSTiNGS II. Metal-poor dusty AGB stars (Boyer+, 2015)
(J/A+A/572/A42)  SagDIG carbon and oxygen stars (Momany+, 2014)
(J/A+A/574/A112)  COSMOS field variability-selected AGN nuclei (De Cicco+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/431/1107)  M82 radio sources flux density variations (Gendre+, 2013)
(B/astorb)  Orbits of Minor Planets (Bowell+ 2014)
(B/vsx)  AAVSO International Variable Star Index VSX (Watson+, 2006-2014)
(B/sb9)  SB9: 9th Catalogue of Spectroscopic Binary Orbits (Pourbaix+ 2004-2014)
(J/AJ/150/6)  Solar neighborhood. XXXVI. VRI variability of M dwarfs (Hosey+, 2015)
(B/eso)  ESO Science Archive Catalog (ESO, 1991-2015)
(J/MNRAS/450/1477)  VLA 352MHz image of the Bootes field. I. (Coppejans+, 2015)
(B/chandra)  The Chandra Archive Log (CXC, 1999-2014)
(J/A+A/573/A12)  SN1993J spectra 100 to 500 days post-explosion (Jerkstrand+, 2015)

Added on 26 Jul 2015:
(J/A+A/575/A89)  Center-to-limb polarization of FGK stars (Kostogryz+, 2015)

Added on 25 Jul 2015:
(J/A+A/575/A111)  GAPS V: Global analysis of the XO-2 system (Damasso+, 2015)
(J/A+A/574/A21)  Isolated elliptical galaxies and GC. (Richtler+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/799/53)  YSO/MS star models in the central molecular zone (Koepferl+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/799/29)  BGPS. XII. DR2 distance catalog (Ellsworth-Bowers+, 2015)

Added on 24 Jul 2015:
(J/ApJ/799/4)  Robo-AO observations of binary stars (Riddle+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/447/2404)  Equivalent width of 21 RR Lyrae stars (Pancino+, 2015)
(J/ApJS/218/10)  HET Massive Galaxy Survey (HETMGS) (van den Bosch+, 2015)
(J/ApJS/218/9)  Deep XMM-Newton survey of M33 (Williams+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/773/86)  Star-forming galaxies in ACO 2029 (Tyler+, 2013)

Added on 23 Jul 2015:
(J/AN/336/70)  Velocities and proper motions of Galactic Cepheids (Mel'nik+, 2015)
(J/A+A/575/A79)  SPIRE 250um maps of 4 molecular clouds (Schneider+, 2015)
(J/A+A/575/A73)  Astrometry of the Saturnian satellites 2004-12 (Tajeddine+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/798/73)  BANYAN All-Sky Survey (BASS) catalog. V. Nearby YMGs (Gagne+, 2015)
(J/AJ/150/32)  KELT 2006-2013 photometry of V409 Tau and AA Tau (Rodriguez+, 2015)
(J/ApJS/218/8)  Swift AGN and Cluster Survey (SACS). I. (Dai+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/798/134)  MOJAVE. XII. Acceleration of blazar jets (Homan+, 2015)
(J/A+A/574/A87)  MgV lines collision rates for electron excitation (Tayal+, 2015)
(J/ApJS/218/6)  The Spitzer Interacting Galaxies Survey (SIGS) (Brassington+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A31)  Aldebaran radial velocity variations (Hatzes+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A28)  Astrometric observations of Phobos (Pasewaldt+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A24)  Abundances in dwarfs, subgiants, and giants (da Silva+, 2015)
(J/AJ/150/12)  Spectroscopy of HD 33643 (Bieryla+, 2015)
(J/A+AS/132/361)  Optical observations of eight BL Lacs (Raiteri+ 1998)

Added on 22 Jul 2015:
(J/AcA/60/1)  VI light curves of LMC delta Scuti stars (Poleski+, 2010)
(J/AcA/59/239)  VI light curves of LMC long-period variables (Soszynski+, 2009)
(J/AcA/59/1)  VI light curves of LMC RR Lyrae stars (Soszynski+, 2009)
(J/ApJS/209/10)  UGSs. V. kernel approach (Massaro+, 2013)
(J/ApJS/208/25)  Swift X-ray observations of 1FGL sources (Takeuchi+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/684/905)  z>1 galaxy clusters from IRAC Shallow Survey (Eisenhardt+, 2008)
(J/PASP/125/809)  New nearby M, L, and T dwarfs (Thompson+, 2013)
(J/A+A/566/A103)  Kepler planet host candidates imaging (Lillo-Box+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/424/3178)  Pre-main-sequence isochrones. Pleiades benchmark (Bell+, 2012)
(J/ApJS/218/1)  BGPS. XI. SHARC-II 350um observations (Merello+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/436/1919)  SCUBA observations of COSMOS galaxies (Casey+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/616/71)  Optical properties of SCUBA galaxies (Smail+, 2004)
(J/A+A/580/A18)  Carina Project. VIII. alpha-element abundances (Fabrizio+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A27)  Asteroseismology of KIC 10526294 (Moravveji+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A21)  BEER analysis of CoRoT light curves (Tal-Or+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A19)  Hen 2-155 and Hen 2-161 photometry and spectroscopy (Jones+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/780/83)  X-ray binaries observed in M31 with Chandra (Barnard+, 2014)
(J/A+A/580/A17)  alpha-element abundances of Cepheid stars (Genovali+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/771/110)  Early-type stars in Taurus-Auriga (Mooley+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/799/148)  Massive star-forming and quiescent galaxies (Bezanson+, 2015)

Added on 21 Jul 2015:
(J/A+A/575/A57)  LQ Hya activity and Li variations (Flores Soriano+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/780/173)  Masses of giant molecular clouds in Milky Way (Battisti+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/794/125)  IN-SYNC. I. APOGEE spectra in IC348 & Pleiades (Cottaar+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/443/1821)  Supersoft X-ray sources in M31 (Chiosi+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/443/1629)  Interferometry of chemically peculiar stars (Shulyak+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/443/1614)  YSOs in BRC 5, 7 and 39 (Panwar+, 2014)
(J/A+A/580/A14)  RV of 3 giant stars with planets (Jones+, 2015)

Added on 20 Jul 2015:
(J/A+A/575/A61)  WASP-20b and WASP-28b photometry and RV (Anderson+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/798/L27)  CO obs. of molecular clouds in the 2nd quadrant (Sun+, 2015)
(J/AJ/149/204)  Spectroscopy of 25 stars in M68 (Schaeuble+, 2015)
(J/A+A/575/A55)  Radio jet emission from GeV-emitting NLSy1 (Angelakis+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/799/215)  26 type II-Plateau supernovae parameters (Pejcha+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/780/159)  Rotation-mass-age relationship of old field stars (Epstein+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/799/205)  [OII] emitting galaxies in the HETDEX survey (Bridge+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/799/180)  Radii of 430 KOI Earth- to Neptune-sized planets (Silburt+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A10)  New MnII energy levels (Castelli+, 2015)
(J/A+A/580/A4)  Radial velocities of stars in NGC 2302 field (Costa+, 2015)

Added on 19 Jul 2015:
(J/A+A/576/A48)  Radial velocity monitoring for 6 stars (Moutou+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/448/1704)  ExoMol line lists for formaldehyde H2CO (Al-Refaie+, 2015)
(J/A+A/576/A44)  Hot subdwarf binaries from MUCHFUSS (Kupfer+, 2015)
(III/9)  F2-G5 Stars in a North Galactic Pole Region (Upgren 1963)
(J/ApJ/798/129)  Internal proper motions in NGC2392 (Garcia-Diaz+, 2015)
(J/other/AstBu/70.1)  Galaxies in Leo/Cnc region (Karachentsev+, 2015)
(J/PASP/127/143)  WASP-39b and WASP-43b light curves (Ricci+, 2015)
(J/A+A/575/A52)  Short-term variability of comet C/2012S1 (Santos-Sanz+, 2015)
(J/A+A/575/A51)  Line list for abundance determination in Sun siblings (Liu+, 2015)
(B/wds)  The Washington Visual Double Star Catalog (Mason+ 2001-2014)
(B/xmm)  XMM-Newton Observation Log (XMM-Newton Science Operation Center, 2012)
(J/A+A/575/A49)  H2O spectra of W33B in 1981-1985 (Colom+, 2015)

Added on 18 Jul 2015:
(J/A+A/575/A42)  Optical counterparts of ROSAT X-ray in 2 fields (Greiner+, 2015)
(J/A+A/575/A40)  [OII] luminosity function (Comparat+, 2015)
(J/A+A/575/A36)  BAGEMASS code (Maxted+, 2015)
(J/A+A/575/A35)  Close star encounters (Bailer-Jones, 2015)
(J/ApJ/776/67)  Rotational tracks (van Saders+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/779/109)  Long-term monitoring of NGC 5548 (Peterson+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/798/122)  Abundances from SEGUE Stellar Parameters Pipeline (Miller+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/788/81)  BANYAN III. RVel and rotation of low-mass stars (Malo+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/783/121)  BANYAN II. Nearby young assoc. candidate members (Gagne+, 2014)

Added on 17 Jul 2015:
(I/311)  Hipparcos, the New Reduction (van Leeuwen, 2007)
(J/A+AS/135/503)  Hipparcos southern B8-F2 stars radial velocities (Grenier+ 1999)
(J/AJ/149/195)  Spectroscopy of the quadruple system HD 91962 (Tokovinin+, 2015)
(J/AJ/149/203)  Reddening of ∼35000 quasars from SDSS (Krawczyk+, 2015)
(J/A+A/579/A136)  HAT-P-36 and WASP-11/HAT-P-10 light curves (Mancini+, 2015)
(J/A+A/579/A130)  Near-IR BN/KL outflow images (Bally+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/442/3565)  L-σ relation for massive star formation (Chavez+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/446/2251)  Southern Catalina Survey type-ab RR Lyrae (Torrealba+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/442/3544)  Kinematic tracers in Umbrella galaxy (NGC4651) (Foster+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/442/3329)  Rotation measures of 2642 quasars (Xu+, 2014)

Added on 16 Jul 2015:
(J/MNRAS/442/3044)  Photometry and abundances of NGC1851 stars (Marino+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/798/110)  Equivalent widths of LAMOST metal-poor stars (Li+, 2015)
(VI/138)  Sunspots catalogues, 1853-1870 (Casas+, 2013)
(J/AJ/134/973)  SDSS Stripe 82 star catalogs (Ivezic+, 2007)
(J/ApJ/799/163)  Chandra observations of solar analogs (Miller+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/780/73)  Redshifts of BL Lac objects from Fermi (Ajello+, 2014)
(J/A+A/575/A31)  SED of QSO J1120+064 (ULAS J112001.48+064124.3) (Barnett+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/799/136)  IN-SYNC. II. Candidate young stars in NGC 1333 (Foster+, 2015)

Added on 15 Jul 2015:
(J/A+A/575/A26)  Properties of the Population II star HD 140283 (Creevey+, 2015)
(J/A+A/575/L6)  Optical observations of LS I +61 303 (Paredes-Fortuny+, 2015)
(J/A+A/556/A71)  Blazar 0836+710 long-term multiwavelength studies (Akyuz+, 2013)
(VI/143)  Galaxy stellar mass assembly (Cousin+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/443/1549)  MACSJ0416.1-2403 strong-lensing analysis (Jauzac+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/443/1231)  6dF Galaxy Survey: Fundamental Plane data (Campbell+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/443/1151)  AIMSS Project. I. (Norris+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/443/1044)  GBT HI 21cm obs. of 1194 spiral galaxies (Masters+, 2014)
(J/other/PASA/32.21)  Long-Term Multicolour Phot. of YSOs (Ibryamov+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/799/159)  Globular cluster populations in S4G galaxies (Zaritsky+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/799/155)  Sub-stellar companions in Taurus (Daemgen+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/780/85)  Molecular line study of infrared dark clouds (Vasyunina+, 2014)
(J/AJ/149/200)  VRI photometry in NGC 7129 (Dahm+, 2015)
(J/AJ/149/184)  Long-term photometry for 4 O-rich PPne (Hrivnak+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A131)  Gas and dust in the star-forming region rho OphA (Liseau+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/439/2211)  Post-AGB/RGB and YSOs in SMC (Kamath+, 2014)
(V/145)  SKY2000 Master Catalog, Version 5 (Myers+ 2006)

Added on 14 Jul 2015:
(J/PASJ/65/34)  AKARI IRC slow-scan asteroid catalog, AcuA-ISS (Hasegawa+, 2013)
(J/PASJ/65/119)  Low-resolution NIR spectra of zodiacal light (Tsumura+ 2013)
(J/ApJ/784/53)  AKARI NIR spectral atlas of Galactic HII regions (Mori+, 2014)
(J/A+A/575/A18)  Revising the ages of planet-hosting stars (Bonfanti+, 2015)
(J/A+A/575/A17)  NGC 891 Herschel PACS and SPIRE spectroscopy (Hughes+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/450/905)  New SNe in SDSS DR9 (Graur+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/442/2620)  VRI light curve of 5 eclipsing binaries (Zhang+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/442/2543)  Dust disks around star in young clusters (Yasui+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/442/2381)  Variable stars in M4 primary field (Nascimbeni+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/442/2216)  Redshifts of galaxies in Abell 1351 field (Barrena+, 2014)
(J/AJ/149/183)  gri photometry of variables in NGC 4258 (Hoffmann+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/652/1133)  BVI photometry of NGC 4258 Cepheids (Macri+, 2006)
(J/AJ/133/1470)  TAROT suspected variable star catalog (Damerdji+, 2007)

Added on 13 Jul 2015:
(J/ApJ/799/115)  Absorption spectrum of SO up to 2.5THz (Martin-Drumel+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/798/95)  HE1104-1805 BVRIJ light curves (Blackburne+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/452/715)  Polaris Flare optical polarization map (Panopoulou+, 2015)

Added on 12 Jul 2015:
(J/ApJ/798/77)  Metallicity of RGB stars in 6 M31 dwarf galaxies (Ho+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/798/58)  HELGA VI. Giant molecular cloud associations in M31 (Kirk+, 2015)
(J/A+A/575/A4)  Activity and accretion in γ Vel and Cha I (Frasca+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/764/133)  Auriga-California giant molecular cloud (Harvey+, 2013)

Added on 11 Jul 2015:
(II/309)  Hα emission stars in the Orion Nebula (Parsamian+, 1982)
(J/other/Ser/189.15)  Point source catalogue of M31. DR2 (Galvin+, 2014)
(J/other/BAJ/22.3)  BVRI photometry of 5 PMS stars (Ibryamov+, 2015)
(J/A+A/574/A129)  The First CEMP star in the Sculptor dSph (Skuladottir+, 2015)
(J/A+A/574/A127)  Photodissociation with mechanical heating. (Kazandjian+, 2015)
(J/A+A/574/A125)  Long-term radio variations of QSO J1819+3845 (de Bruyn+, 2015)
(J/A+A/578/A22)  Mrk421 in March 2010 (Aleksic+, 2015)
(J/A+A/574/A124)  Spectroscopy of solar twins and analogues (Datson+, 2015)
(J/A+A/574/A121)  RXJ2314.9+2243 from radio to X-rays (Komossa+, 2015)
(J/A+A/575/A70)  VLT-FLAMES Tarantula Survey: B supergiants (McEvoy+, 2015)
(J/A+A/575/L15)  TrES-4b RV and Ic curves (Sozzetti+, 2015)
(J/A+A/575/A30)  HIFLUGCS XMM/Chandra cross-calibration (Schellenberger+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/798/54)  "Under-massive" black hole candidates (Graham+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/798/41)  GALEX NUV observations of bright M-type stars (Ansdell+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/779/188)  Spectra of nearby late K and M Kepler stars (Mann+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/779/161)  MgII absorbers in 0.4<z<2.3 SDSS QSOs (Seyffert+, 2013)

Added on 10 Jul 2015:
(J/ApJ/799/105)  691nm light curve of the M82 SN 2014J (Siverd+, 2015)

Added on 09 Jul 2015:
(J/ApJ/779/137)  HST NIR spectroscopy of ISCS z>1 galaxy clusters (Zeimann+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/767/51)  Clusters of starburst galaxy NGC4214 (Andrews+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/766/114)  Water and methanol masers in G75.78+0.34 (Sanchez-Monge+, 2013)
(J/AJ/149/64)  MIPSGAL 24µm point source catalog (Gutermuth+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/443/725)  Optical-UV-IR survey of North Celestial Cap (Gorbikov+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/443/454)  UBVIHa photometry of NGC 1893 (Lim+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/443/432)  Eclipsing binaries in LMC (Muraveva+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/443/41)  Deep NIR photometry of HI galaxies in ZoA (Williams+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/394/2197)  Distant radio galaxies in southern hemisphere (Bryant+, 2009)
(J/MNRAS/393/272)  Red giant stars in 12 Galactic clusters (Warren+, 2009)

Added on 08 Jul 2015:
(J/A+A/574/A116)  G and K giant stars stellar parameters (Reffert+, 2015)
(J/A+A/574/A109)  Spectroscopy of Planetary Nebulae in NGC 5128 (Walsh+, 2015)
(J/AJ/149/56)  Masses and photometry of 304 M31 old star clusters (Ma+, 2015)
(J/A+A/574/A104)  Dense cores in L1495/B213 complex (Tafalla+, 2015)
(J/A+A/574/L7)  Gaia-ESO Survey: Li-rich stars in NGC2547 (Sacco+, 2015)
(J/A+A/574/A73)  LOFAR long baselines at 140MHz Calibrators (Moldon+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/779/L6)  3D kinematic observations of stars in Galactic Centre (Do+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/779/119)  HCOOCH2D detection in Orion KL (Coudert+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/779/113)  IR photometry of YSOs in the W40 region (Mallick+, 2013)
(J/AJ/149/34)  Spectroscopy and photometry of IM Per (Lacy+, 2015)
(J/AJ/149/32)  Integrated radio continuum spectra of galaxies (Marvil+, 2015)
(J/A+A/579/A104)  Abundances in NGC 5053 and NGC 5634 (Sbordone+, 2015)
(J/AJ/149/15)  Spectroscopy of NGC 7789 (Overbeek+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/779/133)  X-ray & radio fluxes of unassociated 2FGL sources (Acero+, 2013)

Added on 07 Jul 2015:
(J/AJ/149/103)  Spectroscopy of candidates YSOs in Serpens (Erickson+, 2015)
(J/ApJS/209/30)  MYStIX project: Bayesian matching (Naylor+, 2013)
(J/AJ/149/197)  Minima of 10 Kepler eclipsing binaries (Zasche+, 2015)
(J/A+A/576/A30)  NIR light-curve templates for classical Cepheids (Inno+, 2015)
(J/A+A/579/A102)  Halpha imaging of the HRS (Boselli+, 2015)
(J/A+A/579/A101)  3mm molecular line survey of 8 AGN (Aladro+, 2015)

Added on 06 Jul 2015:
(J/other/RAA/14.1135)  Doppler factor for a Fermi blazar sample (Fan+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/768/99)  X-ray survey of YSOs in Orion A (Pillitteri+, 2013)
(J/A+A/576/A135)  CALIFA DR2 (Garcia-Benito+, 2015)
(J/ApJS/206/22)  Newly EGOs from GLIMPSE II survey. II. MoC (Chen+, 2013)
(J/A+A/576/A130)  Ultra-deep catalog of X-ray groups in ECDF-S (Finoguenov+, 2015)
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Added on 05 Jul 2015:
(J/AJ/149/194)  Differential BVR light curves of DK Cyg (Lee+, 2015)
(J/AJ/149/178)  Redshift catalog of galaxies in GOODS-South field (Morris+, 2015)
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(J/MNRAS/442/1049)  HST gz magnitude of NGC 1023 star clusters (Forbes+, 2014)
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Added on 04 Jul 2015:
(J/ApJ/779/104)  Luminous dust-poor SDSS QSOs at z<4.5 (Jun+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/778/150)  Microlensing events toward the Bulge from MOA-II (Sumi+, 2013)
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(J/ApJ/779/7)  dSph satellites of M31. I. Variables in And XIX (Cusano+, 2013)

Added on 03 Jul 2015:
(J/AJ/149/158)  The BUD sample. I. L dwarf activity sample (Schmidt+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/770/16)  Spectroscopic members of Segue 2 galaxy (Kirby+, 2013)
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(J/other/RAA/14.1251)  Variability of bright X-ray point sources (Jithesh+, 2014)

Added on 02 Jul 2015:
(J/ApJ/778/188)  z<0.4 sources from Chandra/SDSS (Trichas+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/778/149)  Abundances for 3 stars in Sgr dSph (McWilliam+, 2013)
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(J/ApJ/778/L19)  SN 2011dh (type IIb) 3.6 and 4.5um light curves (Helou+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/778/L13)  Subaru new Ca filter transmission function (Lee+, 2013)

Added on 01 Jul 2015:
(J/AJ/149/153)  Abundances of red giants in 10 globular clusters (Meszaros+, 2015)
(J/AJ/149/154)  CaII spectroscopy of SMC red giants. III. (Parisi+, 2015)
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(J/MNRAS/423/1024)  XCS-DR1 Cluster Catalogue (Mehrtens+, 2012)
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(J/A+A/574/A108)  Molecular absorption lines in PKS 1830-211 (Schulz+, 2015)
(J/AJ/147/20)  Spectroscopy of 447 nearby M dwarfs (Newton+, 2014)