Catalogues Recently Entered into VizieR

This page details the catalogues entered into the VizieR system in the last month.

Added on 20 Sep 2015:
(J/A+A/577/A120)  Carrier fit analysis of LQ Hya photometry (Olspert+, 2015)
(J/A+A/577/A109)  Transit times of Qatar-1b (Maciejewski+, 2015)

Added on 19 Sep 2015:
(J/ApJ/799/95)  Structure in 3D galaxy distribution. II. Voids (Way+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/802/93)  Chemical abundance analysis of 5 stars in Sculptor (Simon+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/802/103)  Model predictions for GRB host galaxies (Trenti+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/802/89)  Luminosity function of X-ray-selected AGNs (Buchner+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/802/69)  VLA, ALMA and SMA monitoring of Sgr A* (Bower+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/802/59)  A search for YSO candidates in IRDC G53.2 (Kim+, 2015)

Added on 18 Sep 2015:
(J/A+A/581/A126)  Application of the D3PO algorithm (Selig+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A119)  Starless gas clump IRDC 18310-4 images (Beuther+, 2015)

Added on 17 Sep 2015:
(J/ApJ/802/53)  Global energetics of solar flares. II. (Aschwanden+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/802/30)  NGVS VI. Ultra-compact dwarfs in M87 (Zhang+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/802/60)  Structure of young stellar clusters. II. (Kuhn+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/444/3258)  Velocities and pEW of PTF SNe Ia (Maguire+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/787/107)  Spatial structure of young stellar clusters. I. (Kuhn+, 2014)
(J/AJ/150/1)  Eclipse timings of 27 eclipsing binaries in the SMC (Hong+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/802/L10)  M dwarf SpeX NIR spectroscopy (Terrien+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/444/3015)  Morphologies of S4G galaxies (Laine+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/452/715)  Optical polarization of the Polaris Flare (Panopoulou+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/444/2571)  Binary stars and the UVX in ETG (Hernandez-Perez+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/804/109)  RGB stars equivalent widths in NGC 5053 (Boberg+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/804/79)  HST/COS observations of QSOs within 600kpc of M31 (Lehner+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/797/115)  HSTPROMO I. Observations and NGC7078 results (Bellini+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/803/29)  HSTPROMO catalogs. II. Kinematic profiles (Watkins+, 2015)
(J/AJ/150/9)  VRI light curves of GSC 1537-1557 (Xiang+, 2015)
(J/PASP/122/683)  SAGE-Spec Spitzer legacy program (Kemper+, 2010)
(J/ApJ/801/97)  GOODS-S & UDS stellar mass catalogs from CANDELS (Santini+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/435/2161)  Catalogue of bright (K<9) M dwarfs (Frith+, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/435/1186)  BI photometry of bulgeless galaxies (Sachdeva, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/425/2116)  Arizona CDFS Environment Survey, ACES (Cooper+, 2012)
(J/other/NewA/38.50)  VIr light curves of GK Aqr (Zhang+, 2015)
(J/other/NewA/37.48)  ZZ Cyg times of minima (Yang+, 2015)
(J/AJ/139/878)  RGB stars in 8 LMC clusters (Sharma+, 2010)
(J/other/NewA/36.70)  Astrometry of 3 vdBH open clusters (Orellana+, 2015)
(J/AJ/143/121)  UV properties of Galactic globulars with GALEX. (Schiavon+, 2012)

Added on 16 Sep 2015:
(J/ApJ/779/113)  IR photometry of YSOs in the W40 region (Mallick+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/779/137)  HST NIR spectroscopy of ISCS z>1 galaxy clusters (Zeimann+, 2013)
(J/PAZh/41/367)  Relative proper motions in NGC 6800 (Ananjevskaja+, 2015)
(J/ApJS/200/9)  The ACS-GC catalog (Griffith+, 2012)

Added on 15 Sep 2015:
(J/MNRAS/379/867)  BCG C4 cluster catalog (von der Linden+, 2007)
(J/ApJS/218/30)  Propenal (CH2CHCHO) transition frequencies (Daly+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/444/2498)  Radio-Quiet BAL quasars sample (Rochais+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/444/2456)  Spectral galaxy pairs from SDSS DR9 (Yang+, 2014)
(J/AJ/149/171)  2MASS galaxy group catalog (Tully, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/444/2251)  G0-G3 main-sequence stars with V<15 (Lopez-Valdivia+, 2014)
(J/other/NewA/36.50)  V873 Per BVR light curves (Kriwattanawong+, 2015)
(J/other/NewA/36.32)  V441 Lac VRI light curves (Wang+, 2015)
(J/other/NewA/35.48)  Time minima of EP Aur (Li+, 2015)

Added on 14 Sep 2015:
(III/4)  Bibliography of stellar radial velocities (Abt+ 1972)
(B/astorb)  Orbits of Minor Planets (Bowell+ 2014)
(B/vsx)  AAVSO International Variable Star Index VSX (Watson+, 2006-2014)
(B/wds)  The Washington Visual Double Star Catalog (Mason+ 2001-2014)
(B/sb9)  SB9: 9th Catalogue of Spectroscopic Binary Orbits (Pourbaix+ 2004-2014)
(J/A+A/575/A119)  HARPS RV and stellar activity (Astudillo-Defru+, 2015)
(B/eso)  ESO Science Archive Catalog (ESO, 1991-2015)
(J/MNRAS/452/727)  NGC 6229 variable VI light curves (Arellano Ferro+, 2015)
(B/xmm)  XMM-Newton Observation Log (XMM-Newton Science Operation Center, 2012)
(B/chandra)  The Chandra Archive Log (CXC, 1999-2014)

Added on 11 Sep 2015:
(J/AJ/150/17)  A catalog of point sources toward NGC 1333 (Rebull, 2015)
(J/A+A/577/A148)  The Seven Sisters DANCe. I. Pleiades (Bouy+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/804/76)  ZnII line and collision strengths (Kisielius+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/804/34)  Luminous AGNs and early-type SDSS galaxies (Hong+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/804/27)  NIR photometry of hot dust-obscured galaxies (Assef+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/804/23)  327MHz observations of 124 pulsars (Krishnakumar+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/447/2714)  Flare stars across the H-R diagram (Balona+, 2015)
(B/ocl)  Optically visible open clusters and Candidates (Dias+ 2002-2014)
(J/AJ/149/200)  VRI photometry in NGC 7129 (Dahm+, 2015)

Added on 10 Sep 2015:
(J/A+A/577/A135)  Nearby AGN 12CO and Hα maps (Casasola+, 2015)
(B/sn)  Asiago Supernova Catalogue (Barbon et al., 1999-)

Added on 09 Sep 2015:
(J/A+A/577/A132)  Stellar parameters of early M dwarfs (Maldonado+, 2015)
(J/A+A/577/A128)  CARMENES input catalogue of M dwarfs. I (Alonso-Floriano+, 2015)
(J/AJ/149/103)  Spectroscopy of candidate YSOs in Serpens (Erickson+, 2015)
(J/AJ/149/79)  Spectroscopy of 299 galaxies from NewHa survey (de los Reyes+, 2015)
(J/A+A/577/A91)  Millimeter wave spectrum of vinyl acetate (Kolesnikova+, 2015)
(J/A+A/577/L2)  Barnard 1b-N and 1b-S nascent bipolar outflows (Gerin+, 2015)
(VII/273)  The Half Million Quasars (HMQ) catalogue (Flesch, 2015)
(J/A+A/577/A84)  V352 CMa V-band differential light curve (Kajatkari+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/444/1812)  M54 and Sgr dSph red giants abundances (Mucciarelli+, 2014)
(J/A+A/527/A136)  HD 116956 V-band differential light curve (Lehtinen+, 2011)
(J/MNRAS/444/1793)  25 Ori group low-mass stars (Downes+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/444/1747)  CaII absorbers in SDSS QSOs (Sardane+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/444/1425)  gi photometry of 14 LMC star clusters (Piatti+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/444/1157)  Accretion discs in ONC and Taurus-Auriga (Davies+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/447/3536)  M35 and NGC2158 fields variable stars (Nardiello+, 2015)
(J/other/IBVS/6137)  New variables in M5 (NGC 5904) (Arellano Ferro+, 2015)

Added on 08 Sep 2015:
(J/A+A/498/949)  Velocities of 1253 F-K dwarfs in open clusters (Mermilliod+, 2009)
(J/other/Ap/57.500)  New Hα emission stars in Cep OB3 (Melikian+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/432/998)  Kinematics of Arp 270 (NGC 3395) (Zaragoza-Cardiel+, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/432/62)  PS1 MDS X-ray selected galaxy clusters (Ebeling+, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/431/2917)  NGC5253 star clusters age amd mass (de Grijs+, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/431/1587)  GRS/BGPS sources in Galactic Plane (Eden+, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/428/1845)  PACO spectrally selected sample (Bonaldi+, 2013)
(J/A+A/561/A94)  Velocities and photometry in Trumpler 20 (Donati+, 2014)
(J/A+A/520/A95)  Abundances of red giants in M54 and Sgr dSph (Carretta+, 2010)
(J/PAZh/41/148)  V1329 Cyg UBV light curves and spectrum (Arkhipova+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/780/73)  Redshifts of BL Lac objects from Fermi (Ajello+, 2014)
(J/ApJS/218/25)  Abundances in PNe. III. selenium & krypton (Sterling+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/446/943)  Optical supernova remnants in nearby galaxies (Vucetic+, 2015)
(J/ApJS/218/26)  Characterizing the cool KOIS. VIII. (Swift+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A83)  Metal enriched X-ray bursting neutron star atmos. (Nattila+, 2015)
(II/321)  IPHAS DR2 Source Catalogue (Barentsen+, 2014)
(J/ApJS/210/5)  The twenty-five year Lick planet search (Fischer+, 2014)

Added on 07 Sep 2015:
(J/MNRAS/448/2737)  New PMS K/M Stars in Upper Scorpius (Rizzuto+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A66)  UV variability and accretion in NGC 2264 (Venuti+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A30)  Herschel maps of rho Oph (Rebollido+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A15)  Models for massive low-Z single stars (Szecsi+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/444/L63)  SFRs of Brightest Cluster Galaxies (Fraser-McKelvie+, 2014)
(J/other/ApSS/355.267)  NGC 6811 CCD UBVRI photometry (Yontan+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/804/7)  SaMOSA: opt. spectroscopy of 7 Fermi blazars (Isler+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A73)  Luhman 16AB X-shooter spectra (Lodieu+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A72)  ubvy photometry of NGC2419 (Frank+, 2015)

Added on 06 Sep 2015:
(J/A+A/577/A81)  Deep SDSS Optical Spectroscopy. II. (Fernandez-Alvar+, 2015)

Added on 05 Sep 2015:
(J/A+A/577/A59)  g'i' photometry in 5 isolated elliptical galaxies (Salinas+, 2015)
(J/A+A/577/A54)  HAT-P23 and WASP-48 light curves (Ciceri+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/450/1900)  Chemical abundances of 257 giant stars (Adibekyan+, 2015)

Added on 04 Sep 2015:
(J/A+A/577/A35)  Visible colors of Centaurs and KBOs (Peixinho+, 2015)
(J/ApJS/218/23)  Fermi LAT third source catalog (3FGL) (Acero+, 2015)
(J/A+A/577/A30)  SDC335.579-0.292 6, 8, 23 and 25GHz images (Avison+, 2015)
(J/ApJS/218/20)  Photometric variability search in the CSTAR field (Wang+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/797/50)  Global energetics of solar flares. I. (Aschwanden+, 2014)
(J/AJ/121/362)  Near-Infrared Spectra of IC5117 (Rudy+, 2001)
(J/ApJ/802/127)  PHAT stellar cluster survey. II. AP catalog (Johnson+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A52)  Gaia-ESO Survey: Halpha emission stars catalogue (Traven+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A71)  Orion-KL substructure at 1.3mm (Feng+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/801/143)  Extrasolar Kuiper belts from Herschel (Moro-Martin+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/801/127)  3.6um, 4.5um, B and V light curves of NGC 6418 (Vazquez+, 2015)

Added on 03 Sep 2015:
(J/ApJ/801/125)  Carbon in red giants in GCs and dSph galaxies (Kirby+, 2015)
(VIII/15)  Parkes Radio Sources Catalogue (PKSCAT90) (Wright+ 1990)
(J/A+A/576/A94)  Northern bright planet host stars parameters (Sousa+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/444/846)  AKARI NEP Survey sources at 18um (Pearson+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/444/757)  HII complexes optical and IR emissions (Khramtsova+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/659/1198)  ARAUCARIA project: NGC 3109 blue supergiants (Evans+, 2007)
(J/ApJS/218/18)  2004-2012 BVRI observations of blazar S5 0716+714 (Dai+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/444/744)  EUADP sample. [N/α] distribution (Zafar+, 2014)
(J/ApJS/218/16)  Energy levels & transition rates of Be-like ions (Wang+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/444/711)  Photometric distances of exoplanets (Triaud+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/444/566)  Methanol maser associated outflows (de Villiers+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/803/109)  Spitzer/IRS spectral decompositon of AGN (Hernan-Caballero+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/803/90)  τ Ceti (HD10700) chemical composition (Pagano+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A70)  Grid of NLTE EW and NLTE corrections BaII lines (Korotin+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A67)  Supergranular velocity profiles (Langfellner+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A65)  NGC 4191 counter-rotating stellar components (Coccato+, 2015)

Added on 02 Sep 2015:
(J/ApJ/801/91)  Gould's Belt Very Large Array survey. IV. Taurus (Dzib+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/801/79)  10yr of GJ176 radial velocities & VR photometry (Robertson+, 2015)
(J/other/PASA/31.24)  Milky Way detached double-lined EB catalog (Eker+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/803/69)  Kepler planetary host stars rotation periods (Paz-Chinchon+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/803/34)  z∼4-10 galaxies from HST legacy fields (Bouwens+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/801/74)  Dark matter profiles in dwarf galaxies (Geringer-Sameth+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/803/16)  Giant molecular clouds in NGC4526 based on 12CO (Utomo+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/801/69)  Iron EWs for 21 giant star members of NGC3201 (Mucciarelli+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/801/67)  Grid of binary colors in M30 (NGC7099) (Xin+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/801/3)  Rotation periods for Q3-Q14 KOIs (Mazeh+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A48)  1.3cm line survey toward Orion KL (Gong+, 2015)

Added on 01 Sep 2015:
(J/ApJ/801/L10)  XO-2N and XO-2S equivalent widths (Teske+, 2015)
(J/A+A/577/A36)  Sample of weak blazars at mas resolution (Mantovani+, 2015)
(J/AJ/115/1253)  Deep X-Ray Radio Blazar Survey (DXRBS). I. (Perlman+ 1998)
(J/ApJS/210/18)  X-ray survey of the Galactic Bulge (CXOGBS) (Jonker+, 2014)
(J/A+A/574/A50)  Chemical abundances of giants and subgiants (Jofre+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A47)  Lines and continuum sky emission in the NIR (Oliva+, 2015)

Added on 31 Aug 2015:
(J/ApJ/800/120)  Profiles of z<0.5 galaxies with Pan-STARRS1 (Zheng+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A39)  MWSC IV. 63 new open clusters (Scholz+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/800/135)  HARPS-N radial velocities of KOI-69 (Dressing+, 2015)

Added on 28 Aug 2015:
(J/A+A/579/A113)  BR light curves of GJ1214b (Nascimbeni+, 2015)
(J/AZh/92/834)  A list of tantalum lines (Pakhomov, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A41)  OmegaWINGS BV photometry (Gullieuszik+, 2015)

Added on 27 Aug 2015:
(J/A+A/574/A112)  COSMOS field variability-selected AGN nuclei (De Cicco+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/453/133)  WISE view of RV Tauri stars (Gezer+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/453/1396)  AMI Galactic Plane Survey at 16GHz. II. (Perrott+, 2015)
(J/A+A/532/A24)  Light curves of HAT-P-13b (Nascimbeni+, 2011)
(J/A+A/527/A85)  Light curves of HAT-P-3b and HAT-P-14b (Nascimbeni+, 2011)
(J/A+A/581/A28)  Stellar X-ray flares from the 2XMM catalog (Pye+, 2015)

Added on 26 Aug 2015:
(J/A+A/366/481)  ATCA/VLA OH 1612 MHz survey. III. (Sevenster+, 2001)
(J/A+A/581/A26)  hydrogen Lyman irradiance lines profiles (Lemaire+, 2015)

Added on 25 Aug 2015:
(J/ApJS/217/31)  Kepler planetary candidates. VI. 4yr Q1-Q16 (Mullally+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A14)  Updated Planck catalogue PSZ1 (Planck+, 2015)
(J/A+A/581/A13)  ESO 37-1 (E 3) VI photometry (de la Fuente Marcos+, 2015)

Added on 22 Aug 2015:
(J/ApJ/800/93)  Wide field ugriz photometry of 0.06<z<0.4 AGNs (Scott+, 2015)