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IRAM Memo 2009-1
IRAM-30m EMIR time/sensitivity estimator

J. Pety$^{1,2}$, S. Bardeau$^{1}$, E. Reynier$^{1}$

Feb, 18th 2010
Version 1.1

1. IRAM (Grenoble)


This memo describes the equations used in the IRAM-30m EMIR time/sensitivity estimator available in the GILDAS/ASTRO program. A large part of the memo aims at deriving sensitivity estimate for the case of On-The-Fly observations, which is not clearly documented elsewhere (to our knowledge). Numerical values of the different parameters used in the time/sensitivity estimator are grouped in appendix A.


Version 1.0
(Feb, 04th 2009).
Version 1.1
(Feb, 18th 2010) Simplified.

Gildas manager 2014-07-01