Catalogues Recently Entered into VizieR

This page details the catalogues entered into the VizieR system in the last month.

Added on 27 Nov 2014:
(J/A+A/565/A127)  SiO masers v=1,2,3 for 4 AGB (Desmurs+, 2014)
(J/AJ/147/137)  Atmospheric parameters in luminous stars (Luck, 2014)
(J/AJ/148/51)  WIYN Open Cluster. LXI. NGC 6819 photometry (Anthony-Twarog+, 2014)
(J/A+A/572/A50)  J0113+31 light + velocity curves (Gomez Maqueo Chew+, 2014)
(J/A+A/572/A44)  Vibrationally excited vinyl cyanide in Orion-KL (Lopez+, 2014)

Added on 26 Nov 2014:
(J/AJ/148/62)  Spectroscopy of HD 5980 (Koenigsberger+, 2014)
(J/A+A/570/A30)  Halpha emission-line stars in M42 (Pettersson+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/446/2251)  Southern Catalina Survey type-ab RR Lyrae (Torrealba+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/565/208)  Galaxy pairs in the CNOC2 Redshift Survey (Patton+, 2002)
(J/ApJ/764/41)  X-ray binary evolution across cosmic time (Fragos+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/764/34)  HRDS IV. H, He and C radio recombination lines (Wenger+, 2013)
(II/335)  GALEX-GR6/7 data release (Bianchi+ 2014)
(J/MNRAS/435/3667)  Equivalent widths of 6 NGC5694 stars (Mucciarelli+, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/435/3444)  ALHAMBRA survey morphological catalogue (Povic+, 2013)
(J/AJ/148/61)  WIYN open cluster study. LIX. RVs of NGC 6791 (Tofflemire+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/765/94)  Calibration of the mid-IR Tully-Fisher relation (Sorce+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/765/87)  Chandra observations of the 2QZ Cluster 1004+00 (Lehmer+, 2013)
(J/A+A/572/L5)  Mixed modes in red giants (Mosser+, 2014)
(J/A+A/572/A49)  WASP-94AB photometry and radial velocities (Neveu-VanMalle+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/435/3306)  Candidate type II QSOs in SDSS III (Alexandroff+, 2013)
(J/A+A/572/A43)  Saturnian satellites Cassini ISS astrometry (Cooper+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/765/71)  VI light curves of RRL stars in M31 (Contreras Ramos+, 2013)
(J/A+A/572/A42)  SagDIG carbon and oxygen stars (Momany+, 2014)
(J/A+A/572/A41)  VUDS Dicovery of a high-redshift protocluster (Lemaux+, 2014)
(J/A+A/572/A40)  Outflow of hot+cold molecular gas from NGC3256 (Emonts+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/765/62)  SDSS-DR7 optical spectra analysis of radio galaxies (Sikora+, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/435/3058)  VIc photometry of IR-excess stars in NGC6611 (De Marchi+ 2013)
(J/ApJ/765/47)  NB3640 emission for detected LBGs and LAEs at z∼3 (Nestor+, 2013)

Added on 25 Nov 2014:
(J/MNRAS/435/2861)  Star-forming galaxies in near-IR (Martins+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/764/9)  High-z MgII absorption QSOs with FIRE. II. (Matejek+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/764/25)  FUSE spectra analysis of hot subdwarf stars (Jenkins, 2013)
(J/A+A/570/A55)  Spiderweb galaxy 870um and 1.4GHz images (Dannerbauer+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/764/18)  Characteristic frequencies of giant exoplanets (Le Bihan+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/633/638)  Variable quasar sample from SDSS (Wilhite+, 2005)
(J/A+A/567/A128)  X-ray sources in WASP-18 field (Pillitteri+, 2014)
(J/A+A/567/A76)  COSMOS field radio-loud AGN population at z>1 (Baldi+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/436/774)  Progenitors of type Ibc supernovae (Eldridge+, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/436/430)  SCUBA-2 cosmology legacy survey (Roseboom+, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/436/275)  Relaxation parameter of 2092 rich galaxy clusters (Wen+, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/436/136)  LMC clusters age and masses (de Grijs+, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/436/34)  GALEX Arecibo SDSS survey. Final data release (Catinella+, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/435/2474)  USco ZYJHK1K2 photometry and proper motions (Lodieu+, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/435/2161)  Catalogue of bright (K<9) M dwarfs (Frith+, 2013)
(J/A+A/566/A140)  Catalog of XMM X-ray galaxy groups (Gozaliasl+, 2014)
(J/A+A/566/A132)  Teff and L for 7 open cluster stars (Silaj+, 2014)
(J/A+A/564/A39)  VLTS. OVz stars in 30 Dor (Sabin-Sanjulian+, 2014)
(J/AJ/148/3)  Debris disk candidates detected with AKARI/FIS (Liu+, 2014)
(J/A+A/572/A34)  Pulsating solar-like stars rotation & magnetism (Garcia+, 2014)
(J/A+A/572/A33)  Chemical structure of the Galactic discs (Mikolaitis+, 2014)
(J/A+A/572/A29)  Asteroids for a targeted spectroscopic survey (Oszkiewicz+, 2014)
(B/comets)  Database of the orbital elements of comets (Rocher, 2007)

Added on 24 Nov 2014:
(B/astorb)  Orbits of Minor Planets (Bowell+ 2014)
(B/vsx)  AAVSO International Variable Star Index VSX (Watson+, 2006-2014)
(B/wds)  The Washington Visual Double Star Catalog (Mason+ 2001-2014)
(J/AJ/148/42)  S4 0954+658 outburst in 2011 March-April (Morozova+, 2014)
(J/A+A/561/A2)  36 accreting YSOs emission lines (Alcala+, 2014)
(B/sn)  Asiago Supernova Catalogue (Barbon et al., 1999-)
(J/A+A/572/A26)  HST photometry in NGC 6822 (Fusco+, 2014)
(B/eso)  ESO Science Archive Catalog (ESO, 1991-2014)
(B/xmm)  XMM-Newton Observation Log (XMM-Newton Science Operation Center, 2012)
(B/chandra)  The Chandra Archive Log (CXC, 1999-2014)
(J/MNRAS/435/2077)  Properties of Sirius-like binary systems (Holberg+, 2013)

Added on 23 Nov 2014:
(J/MNRAS/435/2003)  G305 star-forming complex in 13CO (Hindson+, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/435/1928)  Dwarf galaxy planes in Local Group (Pawlowski+, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/401/1151)  RASS-6dFGS catalogue (Mahony+, 2010)
(J/MNRAS/403/L54)  Lyα emitters (LAE) in A1689-7.1 (Matsuda+, 2010)
(J/ApJ/763/L26)  SMARTS observations of eps Eridani (Metcalfe+, 2013)

Added on 22 Nov 2014:
(J/A+A/560/A105)  SAO 206462 polarised Ks image (Garufi+, 2013)
(J/A+A/562/A23)  VIMOS Public Extragalactic Survey (VIPERS) DR1 (Garilli+, 2014)
(J/A+A/567/A89)  Swift X-ray Telescope Cluster Survey. II. (Tozzi+, 2014)
(J/A+A/565/A49)  Integrated spectroscopy of 6 LMC clusters (Minniti+, 2014)
(J/A+A/559/A2)  Redshifts in the surroundings of MRC 0156-252 (Galametz+, 2013)
(III/276)  Spectral Classes in the Galaxy Anticenter (Chargeishsvili, 1988)
(I/72)  AGK3R mean positions and proper motions (Corbin, 1978)
(J/ApJ/764/8)  APOSTLE r'-band transit lightcurves of TrES-3b (Kundurthy+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/764/5)  BR photometry of 2012 precursor flare in OJ287 (Pihajoki+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/764/3)  Hα indices in M low-mass stars (Robertson+, 2013)
(J/AJ/148/32)  Globular cluster candidates in NGC 3115 (Jennings+, 2014)
(J/AJ/148/24)  Extinction maps in the bulge from APOGEE (Schultheis+, 2014)
(J/AJ/147/150)  Velocities of globular clusters in M104 (Dowell+, 2014)
(J/AJ/147/136)  Stars of very low metal abundance. VI. Abundances (Roederer+, 2014)

Added on 21 Nov 2014:
(J/AJ/147/134)  Tully-Fisher relation for S4G galaxies (Zaritsky+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/763/133)  Broad-line AGN with host galaxy colors (Trump+, 2013)
(J/A+A/572/A21)  H2O spectra of 29 nearby Class 0/I protostars (Mottram+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/763/111)  X-ray spectral analysis of Swift/BAT AGNs (Vasudevan+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/765/28)  CFHTLS galaxies with faint tidal features (Atkinson+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/765/26)  Very low-z SDSS galaxies with Hα emission (Shim+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/765/12)  Carbon stars and DQ white dwarfs from SDSS-DR7+DR8 (Green, 2013)
(J/ApJ/765/9)  Predicted CO and [CII] fluxes of HUDF galaxies (da Cunha+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/765/2)  FUV radial velocities of 59 Cyg (Peters+, 2013)
(J/AJ/148/48)  CHARA array. II. ome And, HD 178911, ksi Cep (Farrington+, 2014)
(J/A+A/563/A92)  VIPERS: galaxy colours and luminosity function (Fritz+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/446/274)  A deep catalogue of classical Be stars (Raddi+, 2015)

Added on 20 Nov 2014:
(J/BaltA/21/465)  Vilnius photometry in NGC7129 and NGC7142 (Maskoliunas+, 2012)
(J/AJ/148/1)  Optical and ultraviolet photometry of SN 2012fr (Zhang+, 2014)
(III/334)  VISTA Deep Extragalactic Observations (VIDEO) (Jarvis+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/764/L19)  Methanol emission from the Galactic Center (Yusef-Zadeh+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/764/172)  UBVRI photometry of stars toward NGC 1931 (Pandey+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/764/154)  Stellar populations in the central 0.5pc. I. (Do+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/764/135)  2LAC spectroscopic redshifts for BL Lac objects (Shaw+, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/432/998)  Kinematics of Arp 270 (NGC 3395) (Zaragoza-Cardiel+, 2013)
(J/other/PASA/26.454)  Precise positions of methanol masers (Caswell, 2009)
(J/ApJ/493/940)  Water masers in Orion (Gaume+, 1998)
(J/AJ/148/38)  WIYN open cluster study. LX. RV survey of NGC 6819 (Milliman+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/763/101)  Massive field OB stars in the SMC (Lamb+, 2013)

Added on 19 Nov 2014:
(J/AJ/147/119)  Catalog of sources in the Kepler field of view (Coughlin+, 2014)
(J/A+A/505/1049)  Parkes HI observations behind Milky Way II (Schroeder+, 2009)
(J/ApJ/764/102)  First quadrant IRDCs in CS (2-1) with Mopra (Finn+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/764/131)  25 years of Keck & Lick observations of GJ 699 (Choi+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/764/114)  BVRI photometry of stars in Orion A (Hsu+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/764/73)  HST VI photometry of HD 97950 cluster members stars (Pang+, 2013)
(J/A+A/572/A12)  GRB 140506A spectra (Fynbo+, 2014)
(J/AcA/41/73)  Model atmospheres of X-ray bursting neutron stars (Madej, 1991)
(VIII/97)  74MHz VLA Low-frequency Sky Survey Redux (VLSSr) (Lane+, 2014)

Added on 18 Nov 2014:
(J/A+A/538/A38)  Synthetic galaxy spectra (Karampelas+, 2012)
(J/A+A/536/A43)  SDSS WD main-sequence binaries. XII. (Nebot Gomez-Moran+, 2011)
(J/A+A/562/A64)  Fermi detection of BL Lac objects (Wu+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/769/116)  Dust-obscured galaxies in the local universe (Hwang+, 2013)
(J/A+A/572/A10)  Carina dSph star formation history (de Boer+, 2014)

Added on 17 Nov 2014:
(J/MNRAS/433/1300)  HD 165052 radial-velocity measurements (Ferrero+, 2013)
(J/AJ/148/37)  Long-term photometric behavior of V404 Lyr (Lee+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/764/74)  GASS HVCs in the Magellanic Leading Arm region (For+, 2013)
(J/AJ/147/106)  Catalog of member galaxies in A2319 (Yan+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/764/61)  Water maser & NH3 survey of GLIMPSE EGOs (Cyganowski+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/764/45)  Luminosity function of broad-line quasars. II. (Kelly+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/764/21)  Stellar evolutionary models within 13-120Msun (Chieffi+, 2013)
(J/AJ/147/93)  Simulation of massive early type galaxies (Do+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/421/2342)  4 Kepler systems transit timing observations (Steffen+, 2012)
(J/MNRAS/445/1412)  HII regions and GMC in the Antennae (Zaragoza-Cardiel+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/788/55)  HST/WFC3 SNR discoveries in M83 (NGC5236) (Blair+, 2014)
(J/A+A/565/A117)  X-Shooter Spectral Library (XSL). DR1 (Chen+, 2014)
(J/A+A/565/A109)  Herschel/PACS spectra of 48 evolved stars (Blommaert+, 2014)

Added on 16 Nov 2014:
(J/A+A/565/A102)  Mesospheric sodium properties (Pfrommer+, 2014)
(J/A+A/565/A100)  NGC 288 hot horizontal branch stars abundances (Moehler+, 2014)

Added on 15 Nov 2014:
(J/ApJ/763/88)  SDSS-II supernovae Ia cosmological analysis (Campbell+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/763/80)  GBT 350MHz survey. I. 13 new pulsars (Boyles+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/763/73)  Surface density profiles of GOODS-South galaxies (Szomoru+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/763/61)  Abundances of 7 red giant members of BootesI (Gilmore+, 2013)

Added on 14 Nov 2014:
(J/AJ/147/86)  From binaries to multiples. I. The FG-67 sample (Tokovinin, 2014)
(J/AJ/147/87)  From binaries to multiples. II. Statistical data (Tokovinin, 2014)
(J/ApJ/763/42)  X-ray emission from 28 SNe (IIn, Ibn or SLSN-I) (Ofek+, 2013)
(J/AJ/109/218)  Catalogue of globular cluster profiles (Trager+ 1995)
(J/ApJ/763/41)  Kepler multiple-candidate systems radii (Ciardi+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/763/40)  UBVI photometry of GCs in the Fornax galaxy cluster (Kim+, 2013)

Added on 13 Nov 2014:
(J/ApJ/775/92)  MQS. III. AGN behind LMC and SMC (Kozlowski+, 2013)
(J/A+A/571/A73)  Cometary activity of comet C/2006 S3 (LONEOS) (Rousselot+, 2014)
(J/A+A/571/A63)  New catalogue of one-apparition comets (Krolikowska+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/763/L33)  Be-B concentrations in rare CB/CH chondrite (Gounelle+, 2013)

Added on 12 Nov 2014:
(J/ApJ/602/264)  Proper motions and radial velocities in M15 (McNamara+, 2004)
(J/ApJ/763/37)  Metals in SDSS QSOs. I. 1.5<z<4.5 CIV absorbers (Cooksey+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/763/32)  Galactic halo RRab stars from CSS (Drake+, 2013)

Added on 11 Nov 2014:
(J/ApJ/763/15)  Fermi GRB analysis. III. T90 distributions (Qin+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/763/L36)  MgII and FeII flux of the blazar 3C 454.3 (Leon-Tavares+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/763/L27)  RI light curves of the type IIn SN 2009ip (Prieto+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/763/2)  95GHz methanol masers in molecular outflows (Gan+, 2013)
(J/A+A/565/L7)  V1180 Cas outburst optical and NIR spectra (Antoniucci+, 2014)
(J/AJ/129/2138)  Centers of early-type galaxies with HST (Lauer+, 2005)

Added on 10 Nov 2014:
(VIII/96)  6-GHz methanol multibeam maser catalogue (Caswell+, 2010-12)
(V/139)  The SDSS Photometric Catalog, Release 9 (Adelman-McCarthy+, 2012)
(V/144)  Near-IR spectroscopy of low-mass binaries and brown dwarfs (Mace, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/439/2078)  High-frequency A-type pulsators (Holdsworth+, 2014)
(III/92)  A Library of Stellar Spectra (Jacoby+ 1984)
(J/A+A/571/L4)  MWC 349A Halpha lines with 14<n<24 spectra (Beaz-Rubio+, 2014)

Added on 09 Nov 2014:
(J/A+A/548/A107)  U,V photometry in M2 (NGC 7089) (Lardo+, 2012)
(J/A+A/565/A77)  Atomic data for FeIX (Del Zanna+, 2014)
(J/A+A/565/A75)  ATLASGAL. Dust condensations in Galactic plane (Csengeri+, 2014)
(J/A+A/565/A72)  Optical and X-ray light curves of BAT6 sample (Melandri+, 2014)
(J/A+A/565/A71)  NGC1068 MIDI/VLTI observations (Lopez-Gonzaga+, 2014)
(J/A+A/565/A66)  Ketenimine (CH2CNH) submm rest-frequencies (Degli Esposti+, 2014)
(J/A+A/565/A64)  Molecular ions in L1157-B1 (Podio+, 2014)
(J/ApJS/214/26)  Line lists for CN isotopes transitions (Sneden+, 2014)
(J/ApJS/214/25)  Rosseland & Planck gaseous mean opacities (Freedman+, 2014)
(J/ApJS/214/23)  IR spectra and photometry of z<0.5 quasars (Shi+, 2014)
(J/ApJS/214/19)  Suprime-Cam wide-field photometry of Leo A (Stonkute+, 2014)
(J/ApJS/214/20)  AKARI NEP field J- and H- band source catalog (Jeon+, 2014)

Added on 08 Nov 2014:
(J/ApJS/214/18)  VII log(gf) values, and V abundance in HD 84937 (Wood+ 2014)
(J/ApJS/214/17)  Orbital monitoring of AstraLux binaries (Janson+, 2014)
(J/ApJS/214/10)  Optical counterparts of Chandra GBS sources (Britt+, 2014)
(J/ApJS/214/7)  CO survey of molecular clouds. IV. NGC 1333 (Bieging+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/762/L30)  CLASH: MCS J0416.1-2403 strong lensing analysis (Zitrin+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/762/L19)  Quasar pairs spectroscopy (Prochaska+, 2013)
(J/A+A/561/A8)  Binary central stars of SMC PNe (Hajduk+, 2014)
(III/273)  Radial velocities of 107 B8-A0 stars (Albitzky, 1947)
(J/MNRAS/437/1241)  Be 81, NGC 1917 and NGC 2141 BVI photometry (Donati+, 2014)
(J/A+A/565/A56)  Astrometric asteroid masses (Goffin, 2014)
(J/A+A/565/A55)  CoRoT 105906206 frequencies analysis (da Silva+, 2014)
(J/A+A/562/A106)  Planck submillimetre sources in Virgo Cluster (Baes+, 2014)

Added on 06 Nov 2014:
(J/AJ/147/143)  MOJAVE. XI. Spectral distributions (Hovatta+, 2014)
(J/AJ/147/99)  Spectroscopy of 73 stripped core-collapse supernovae (Modjaz+, 2014)
(J/A+A/569/A91)  Optical imaging for S4G (Knapen+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/757/161)  Spectroscopy of 56 exoplanet host stars (Torres+, 2012)
(J/A+A/567/A68)  Gas accretion in nearby spiral galaxies (Di Teodoro+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/431/1405)  griz and CT1 photometry in M87 (Forte+, 2013)
(J/A+A/567/A52)  Membership in stellar kinematic groups (Klutsch+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/435/1680)  SN Ia host galaxy properties (Johansson+, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/435/1671)  SCUBA-2 850um survey in σ Ori cluster (Williams+, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/435/1300)  Intranight optical variability of AGN (Goyal+, 2013)
(J/A+A/571/A53)  4 IRDC data cubes (Beuther+, 2014)
(J/A+A/571/A47)  CH in stellar atmospheres: extensive linelist (Masseron+, 2014)

Added on 05 Nov 2014:
(J/MNRAS/435/1265)  Masses of galaxy clusters (Ettori, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/435/1186)  BI photometry of bulgeless galaxies (Sachdeva, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/435/952)  Lick indices for 51 stars (Sansom+, 2013)
(J/A+A/564/A79)  Proper motions of open clusters from UCAC4 (Dias+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/763/128)  Chandra Local Volume Survey: NGC 404 sources (Binder+, 2013)
(J/A+A/571/A40)  Sr-poor extremely metal-poor stars (Spite+, 2014)

Added on 04 Nov 2014:
(J/A+A/565/A107)  Globulettes in the Carina nebula (Grenman+, 2014)
(J/A+A/570/A109)  Molecular gas associated with IRAS 10361-5830 (Vazzano+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/762/128)  Spitzer/IRS disk parameters in Serpens (Oliveira+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/762/93)  PiGSS. III. ELAIS-N1, Coma & Lockman fields (Croft+, 2013)
(J/AJ/147/145)  Algol-type binaries. VIII. DI Peg & AF Gem (Yang+, 2014)
(J/AJ/147/13)  Disturbers of nearby giant galaxies (Karachentsev+, 2014)
(J/A+A/571/A37)  KOI-1257 photometric and velocimetric data (Santerne+, 2014)
(J/A+A/571/A36)  M dwarfs in b201 tile of VVV survey (Rojas-Ayala+, 2014)
(J/AJ/147/140)  SED of 24 class I and class II FU Orionis stars (Gramajo+, 2014)
(J/ApJS/195/14)  The Bolocam Galactic Plane Survey (BGPS). V. (Schlingman+, 2011)
(J/ApJS/195/10)  The CDF-S survey: 4Ms source catalogs (Xue+, 2011)
(J/ApJ/756/23)  V-band photometric follow-up of RR Lyrae from SEKBO (Akhter+, 2012)
(J/ApJ/743/167)  Radial velocities and membership in Pal 13 (Bradford+, 2011)
(J/ApJ/723/1678)  LensPerfect A1689 analysis (Coe+, 2010)
(J/MNRAS/431/836)  Type 1 AGN at low z. III. (Stern+, 2013)

Added on 03 Nov 2014:
(J/MNRAS/430/3445)  Covering factor of warm dust in quasars (Ma+, 2013)
(J/PASJ/63/S379)  MOIRCS Deep Survey deep and wide catalogs (Kajisawa+, 2011)
(J/MNRAS/417/2651)  AT20G-optical catalogue (Mahony+, 2011)
(J/A+A/546/A2)  Spectroscopy of HII regions in nearby galaxies (Sanchez+, 2012)
(J/A+A/534/A109)  MCXC Meta-Catalogue X-ray galaxy Clusters (Piffaretti+, 2011)
(J/MNRAS/430/3086)  CoNFIG AGN sample (Gendre+, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/430/2797)  ICRF2 sources of the Rio survey (Assafin+, 2013)
(J/AJ/142/139)  A new catalog of HII regions in M31 (Azimlu+, 2011)
(J/AJ/137/4795)  Dynamical state of brightest cluster galaxies (Coziol+, 2009)
(J/MNRAS/430/2633)  The epoch ICRF (Xu+, 2013)
(J/A+A/570/A126)  XShooter spectrum of 4 BL Lacs (Landoni+, 2014)
(J/A+A/570/A106)  VIPERS. Searching for cosmic voids (Micheletti+, 2014)
(J/A+A/570/A100)  BVRc light curves of 5 CoRoT RR Lyrae stars (Szabo+, 2014)

Added on 02 Nov 2014:
(J/A+A/561/A33)  SDSS star-forming galaxies multi-wavelength study (Izotov+, 2014)
(J/A+A/556/A57)  Transitions in OMC-2 FIR 4 in the far-IR (Kama+, 2013)

Added on 01 Nov 2014:
(J/ApJ/762/88)  Young stellar kinematic group candidate members (Malo+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/762/83)  Massive early-type galaxies in K-band (Chang+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/762/77)  PM2GC mass-limited sample surface photometry (Poggianti+, 2013)
(J/AJ/148/29)  Spectroscopy and differential photometry of HATS-4 (Jordan+, 2014)
(J/AJ/148/27)  Photometry in globular clusters. I. NGC 1851 (Cummings+, 2014)
(J/ApJS/213/34)  Velocities of Cygnus OB2 massive binaries (Kobulnicky+, 2014)
(J/ApJS/213/31)  Blazhko effect from 4yr of Kepler data (Benko+, 2014)

Added on 31 Oct 2014:
(J/A+A/570/A116)  Monitoring of the V777 Her star KUV 05134+2605 (Bognar+, 2014)
(J/A+A/570/A113)  Herschel/PACS imaging of pi1 Gruis (HIP110478) (Mayer+, 2014)
(J/A+A/570/A107)  WDMS from LAMOST DR1 (Ren+, 2014)

Added on 30 Oct 2014:
(II/329)  VIKING catalogue data release 1 (Edge+, 2013)
(J/AJ/147/7)  Photometry and spectroscopy of NGC 6520 (Odell, 2014)

Added on 29 Oct 2014:
(J/A+A/570/A96)  GTC spectra of z∼2.3 quasars (Sulentic+, 2014)