Catalogues Recently Entered into VizieR

This page details the catalogues entered into the VizieR system in the last month.

Added on 24 Jan 2015:
(J/ApJ/769/54)  Spectroscopy of Damped Lyα (DLA) systems (Neeleman+, 2013)

Added on 23 Jan 2015:
(J/AcA/59/47)  HST photometry of M33 stellar clusters (Zloczewski+, 2009)
(J/MNRAS/439/2211)  Post-AGB/RGB and YSOs in SMC (Kamath+, 2014)
(J/A+A/574/A49)  XMMOMCDFS catalogue (Antonucci+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/446/3749)  SDSS nearby galaxies morphologies (Yoshino+, 2015)
(II/161)  Equatorial Infrared Catalog (Sweeney+ 1990)
(J/A+A/574/A56)  IRC +10216 17.8GHz-26.3GHz spectrum (Gong+, 2015)

Added on 22 Jan 2015:
(J/AJ/144/41)  UBVRI photometry of M33 star clusters. I. (Ma+, 2012)
(J/AJ/145/88)  UBVRI photometry of M33 star clusters. II. (Ma, 2013)
(J/ApJ/769/48)  Water maser in Orion-KL with Herschel (Neufeld+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/769/39)  SN Ibn PS1-12sk optical and NIR light curves (Sanders+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/769/21)  Accretion luminosities of young stars from Pfβ (Salyk+, 2013)
(J/A+A/574/A37)  Solar flares movies (Dalmasse+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/763/128)  Chandra Local Volume Survey: NGC 404 sources (Binder+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/769/20)  22GHz H2O maser survey toward IR sources (Yung+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/769/10)  Spectroscopy of M31 globular clusters (Jacoby+, 2013)
(J/AJ/147/146)  Spectroscopy of Tuc-Hor candidate members (Kraus+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/437/1070)  DYNAMO. Hα luminous galaxies sample (Green+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/437/804)  UBVRI photometry of NGC559 stars (Joshi+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/437/391)  IR excess in Sun-like stars observed by WISE (Cruz-Saenz+, 2014)

Added on 21 Jan 2015:
(J/AJ/145/107)  Zr, Ba, La, and Eu abundances in 19 open clusters (Jacobson+, 2013)
(B/iram)  IRAM Observation Logs (IRAM 1991-2015)
(J/MNRAS/437/2017)  HI-galaxy cross-correlation at z≲1 (Tejos+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/437/1858)  Strong lensing in RX J1347.5-1145 revisited (Kohlinger+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/437/1628)  NGC 7142 Vilnius photometry (Straizys+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/756/28)  IR counterparts to submm H-ATLAS galaxies (Kim+, 2012)
(J/ApJS/215/15)  SMaSH+: observations and companion detection (Sana+, 2014)
(J/ApJS/215/14)  WISE candidate γ-ray blazar radio sources (D'Abrusco+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/443/2907)  3D extinction map of northern Galactic plane (Sale+, 2014)
(J/ApJS/215/12)  BOSS narrow CIV absorption lines. II. zem>2.4 (Chen+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/769/87)  Halo red giants kinematic and orbital parameters (Carollo+, 2013)
(V/136)  Teff and metallicities for Tycho-2 stars (Ammons+, 2006)
(J/A+A/574/A38)  TRAPPIST monitoring of comet C/2012 F6 (Lemmon) (Opitom+, 2015)

Added on 20 Jan 2015:
(J/ApJ/770/7)  WISE/NEOWISE Main Belt asteroids: family members (Masiero+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/769/82)  H2 masses in a broad sample of galaxies (Stark+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/769/149)  IR spectroscopy in Orion A: transitional disks (Kim+, 2013)
(J/AJ/147/94)  Solar neighborhood. XXXII. L and M dwarfs (Dieterich+, 2014)
(J/A+A/566/A98)  The Gaia Benchmark Stars - Library (Blanco-Cuaresma+, 2014)
(J/A+A/574/A33)  BVRI photometry of high-mass X-ray binaries (Reig+, 2015)
(J/A+A/574/A29)  Tc IV, Tc V and Tc VI oscillator strengths (Werner+, 2015)
(J/AcA/64/359)  Binary UV Ceti type flare stars catalog (Tamazian+, 2014)

Added on 19 Jan 2015:
(J/MNRAS/437/185)  W UMa-type contact binaries ages and masses (Yildiz, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/430/2029)  Initial masses of W UMa type contact binaries (Yildiz+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/629/1055)  Evolution of close binary systems (Yakut+, 2005)
(B/astorb)  Orbits of Minor Planets (Bowell+ 2014)
(B/wds)  The Washington Visual Double Star Catalog (Mason+ 2001-2014)
(J/A+A/549/A78)  uvbyβ photometric catalog toward Anticenter (Monguio+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/769/125)  1.4GHz radio variability in FIRST & SDSS Stripe 82 (Hodge+, 2013)
(J/other/SoSyR/45.523)  CCD observations of saturnian satellites (Grosheva+, 2011)
(J/A+A/568/A75)  GRB 130925A GROND light curves (Greiner+, 2014)
(J/A+A/568/A74)  Low-frequency (115-175MHz) image of M51 (Mulcahy+, 2014)
(J/ApJS/156/345)  Surface photometry of BCD galaxies (Gil de Paz+, 2005)
(J/A+A/568/A65)  NGC 7129 FIRS 2 interferometric 1-D spectrum (Fuente+, 2014)
(B/vsx)  AAVSO International Variable Star Index VSX (Watson+, 2006-2014)
(J/A+A/568/A58)  HCOO13CH3 rotational spectrum (Haykal+, 2014)
(J/A+A/568/L13)  K-band spectrum of the very massive star W49nr1 (Wu+, 2014)
(J/A+A/568/L12)  Rotational frequency splitting in Sun-like stars (Nielsen+, 2014)
(B/eso)  ESO Science Archive Catalog (ESO, 1991-2015)
(B/comets)  Database of the orbital elements of comets (Rocher, 2007)
(B/xmm)  XMM-Newton Observation Log (XMM-Newton Science Operation Center, 2012)
(B/chandra)  The Chandra Archive Log (CXC, 1999-2014)

Added on 18 Jan 2015:
(J/A+A/568/L8)  VUDS extreme emission line 0.2≲z≲0.9 galaxies (Amorin+, 2014)
(J/A+A/568/L7)  Reflectance spectra of 12 Trojans and Hildas (Marsset+, 2014)
(J/A+A/568/A56)  mm continuum and line images of G0.253+0.016 (Johnston+, 2014)
(J/A+A/568/A55)  Supergiant fast X-ray transients monitoring (Romano+, 2014)
(J/A+A/568/A51)  Milky Way global survey of star clusters. III. (Schmeja+, 2014)
(J/A+A/568/A49)  Long-term photometry of pre-MS stars (Poljancic Beljan+, 2014)
(J/A+A/568/A46)  High redshift cosmic web with quasar systems (Einasto+, 2014)
(J/A+A/568/A41)  ATLASGAL Compact Source Catalog: 280<l<60 (Urquhart+, 2014)
(J/A+A/568/L5)  HH 212 CO, CS and 850um ALMA images (Codella+, 2014)
(J/A+A/568/A26)  SACY. V. Multiple systems (Elliott+, 2014)
(J/A+A/568/A25)  C and O abundances in stellar populations (Nissen+, 2014)
(J/A+A/568/A22)  Joint analysis of the SDSS-II and SNLS SNe Ia (Betoule+, 2014)

Added on 17 Jan 2015:
(J/A+A/568/A19)  Photometry of 3 γ-ray burst supernovae (Cano+, 2014)
(J/A+A/568/A9)  300-2500nm flux calibration reference spectra (Moehler+, 2014)
(J/A+A/568/A7)  Model SDSS colors for halo stars (Allende Prieto+, 2014)
(J/A+A/568/A5)  XDCP J0044.0-2033 J and Ks images (Fassbender+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/442/3604)  Variability of the PGa star HD 19400 (Hubrig+, 2014)

Added on 16 Jan 2015:
(J/A+A/567/A126)  Warsaw Catalogue of cometary orbits (Krolikowska, 2014)
(VIII/97)  74MHz VLA Low-frequency Sky Survey Redux (VLSSr) (Lane+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/432/1294)  Fermi unassociated sources ATCA observations (Petrov+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/768/172)  Kinematic analysis of red giant in M31 dSphs (Collins+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/768/155)  Radial velocities and photometry of HD 38529 system (Henry+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/768/137)  HST photometry of M84 globular clusters (Yoon+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/768/128)  K-band calibrated visibilities of 24 Be stars (Touhami+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/769/108)  Optical photometry of millisecond pulsars (Breton+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/768/105)  z∼5 QSO luminosity function from SDSS Stripe 82 (McGreer+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/769/107)  RVs and [Fe/H] of star members of NGC 6388 (Lanzoni+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/769/95)  [NeV] or [NeIII] double peaked SDSS quasars (Barrows+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/768/127)  Q1-11 Kepler light curve of KIC 4862625 (Schwamb+, 2013)
(J/AJ/147/82)  Disk-bearing stars in NGC 2264 (Cody+, 2014)
(J/AJ/118/1043)  Herbig Ae/Be stars catalog (Herbst+, 1999)
(J/MNRAS/447/1267)  Low-mass members of the Octans association (Murphy+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/437/1609)  NGC 2808 HB stars abundances (Marino+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/437/1561)  DR 21 Chandra source catalogue (Rivilla+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/437/1216)  VAST Survey. A-type stars multiplicity (De Rosa+, 2014)
(J/A+A/570/A110)  MIR properties of OH maser galaxies (Zhang+, 2014)
(J/A+A/545/A54)  Danks 1, Danks 2, and RCW 79 variables (Chene+, 2012)
(J/A+A/574/A17)  Period spacings in gamma Dor stars (Van Reeth+, 2015)

Added on 15 Jan 2015:
(J/A+A/567/A116)  Maps and datacubes of NGC 7538 IRS 1 (Frau+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/427/343)  Infrared excesses of Hipparcos stars (McDonald+, 2012)
(J/ApJ/769/99)  Nucleosynthetic yields for stars >12Msun (Brown+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/769/80)  Spitzer/IRAC observations of five deep fields (Ashby+, 2013)
(J/AJ/147/70)  Variability in TAOS I. 58 new variable stars (Ishioka+, 2014)
(J/A+A/569/A110)  ISM in the metal-poor dwarf galaxy HS 2236+1344 (Lagos+, 2014)
(J/A+A/569/A115)  TANAMI monitoring of Centaurus A. (Muller+, 2014)
(J/A+A/559/A115)  TANAMI monitoring of Centaurus A. (Muller+, 2013)
(J/A+A/574/A4)  Luminous Infrared Galaxies radio images (Vardoulaki+, 2015)

Added on 14 Jan 2015:
(J/ApJS/210/7)  BOSS narrow CIV absorption lines. I. zem≤2.4 (Chen+, 2014)
(J/other/NewA/34.253)  Light curves of 8 Algol-type systems (Zasche, 2015)
(I/328)  Catalogue of bright IDS stars (Lipaeva+, 2014)

Added on 13 Jan 2015:
(J/MNRAS/419/2379)  NGC 6866 variables V and I light curves (Joshi+, 2012)
(J/ApJS/208/16)  Kepler transit timing observations. VIII. (Mazeh+, 2013)
(J/AJ/146/86)  Cosmicflows-2 catalog (Tully+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/769/52)  SDSS luminous red galaxies concentrations (Wong+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/769/57)  Equivalent widths of metal-poor stars (Frebel+, 2013)
(J/A+A/553/A91)  Halpha3 survey of Virgo and Coma galaxies (Fossati+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/769/79)  Spitzer observations of radio-loud AGNs (CARLA) (Wylezalek+, 2013)
(J/AJ/146/61)  Type II Cepheid candidates. IV. Objects from NSVS (Schmidt+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/769/66)  The ELM survey. V. White dwarf binaries (Brown+, 2013)

Added on 12 Jan 2015:
(J/A+A/567/A109)  Carina nebula optically identified YSOs (Kumar+, 2014)
(J/A+A/567/A108)  Rosette globulettes and shells in the IR (Makela+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/768/99)  X-ray survey of YSOs in Orion A (Pillitteri+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/768/91)  ALMA observations of LESS submm galaxies (Hodge+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/767/64)  Benchmark light curves for exoplanet eclipses (Rogers+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/766/60)  GALEX Time Domain Survey I. UV variable sources (Gezari+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/768/81)  Ethyl cyanide, CH3CH2CN, vibrational states (Daly+, 2013)
(J/A+A/569/A68)  Green Bank Telescope observations of NGC 2403 (de Blok+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/788/L39)  AMIGA galaxies structural parameters (Fernandez Lorenzo+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/422/3178)  Distances of 793 BGPS sources (Eden+, 2012)
(J/ApJS/105/419)  Spectral Atlas of Carbon Stars (Barnbaum+ 1996)
(J/MNRAS/426/1235)  UVEX sources spectroscopic follow-up (Verbeek+, 2012)
(J/MNRAS/424/2528)  RR Lyrae in SDSS Stripe 82 (Suveges+, 2012)
(J/MNRAS/424/1807)  VISTA Magellanic Cloud Survey. V. Cepheids (Ripepi+, 2012)
(J/A+A/558/A53)  Milky Way global survey of star clusters. II. (Kharchenko+, 2013)
(J/A+A/543/A156)  Milky Way global survey of star clusters (Kharchenko+, 2012)
(J/MNRAS/418/2054)  Recession velocities for fossil galaxy groups (Proctor+, 2011)
(J/ApJS/203/8)  Optical SNR candidates in M83 (Blair+, 2012)
(J/ApJS/202/2)  VLA 1.4GHz observations of A370 and A2390 (Wold+, 2012)
(J/ApJS/194/12)  Trumpler 16 in the CCCP (Wolk+, 2011)
(J/ApJ/768/77)  Ultra-compact high velocity clouds from ALFALFA (Adams+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/757/51)  FIRST-2MASS dust-reddened QSO spectra (Glikman+, 2012)
(J/ApJ/756/72)  IRAC identifications for 510 AEGIS20 radio sources (Willner+, 2012)
(J/ApJ/755/40)  HII regions in the Magellanic clouds from MCELS (Pellegrini+, 2012)
(J/PASP/122/1397)  Spitzer Survey of Stellar Structure in Galaxies (Sheth+, 2010)
(J/ApJ/757/22)  Strong and weak lensing analysis of A2261 (Coe+, 2012)
(J/A+A/573/A76)  Multifrequency study of NL Seyfert 1 galaxies (Jarvela+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/752/95)  PHAT stellar cluster survey. I. Year 1 (Johnson+, 2012)
(J/A+A/573/A129)  HeViCS. SPIRE point-source catalogs (Pappalardo+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/753/156)  T/Y brown dwarfs with WISE photometry (Kirkpatrick+, 2012)
(B/sn)  Asiago Supernova Catalogue (Barbon et al., 1999-)

Added on 11 Jan 2015:
(J/A+A/567/A88)  Abundances in HII regions of M81 (Stanghellini+, 2014)
(J/A+A/567/A73)  Photometry of VdBH 222 stars and field stars (Marco+, 2014)
(J/A+A/567/A72)  Stellar parameters and abundances in NGC 6752 (Gruyters+, 2014)
(J/A+A/567/A71)  M31 Herschel images (Viaene+, 2014)

Added on 10 Jan 2015:
(J/ApJ/768/L12)  Abundances in host stars XO-2S and XO-2N (Teske+, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/433/3398)  White dwarf main-sequence binaries (Rebassa-Mansergas+, 2013)
(J/AJ/148/64)  HAZMAT. I. FUV and NUV emission in early M stars (Shkolnik+, 2014)
(J/A+A/567/A49)  Spectra of IPHAS symbiotic stars (Rodriguez-Flores+, 2014)
(J/AJ/148/137)  Merging galaxies in COSMOS to z∼1 (Lackner+, 2014)

Added on 09 Jan 2015:
(J/ApJ/658/815)  Radio loudness of active galactic nuclei (Sikora+, 2007)
(J/A+A/573/A126)  VLT/NaCo Large program I. Sample (Desidera+, 2015)
(J/A+A/573/A124)  Kepler-117 (KOI-209) transit-timing variations (Bruno+, 2015)

Added on 08 Jan 2015:
(J/A+A/567/A1)  BVJH photometry of Andrews-Lindsay 1 field (Majaess+, 2014)
(J/A+A/505/1049)  Parkes HI observations behind Milky Way II (Schroeder+, 2009)
(J/A+A/573/A115)  Radial velocities in seven globular clusters (Lardo+, 2015)

Added on 07 Jan 2015:
(J/other/JAVSO/42.443)  Sloan magnitudes for the brightest stars (Mallama, 2014)
(J/A+A/573/A111)  Group-dominant elliptical galaxies CO spectra (O'Sullivan+, 2015)
(J/ApJ/759/139)  Herschel + MIPS photometry of GOODS sources (Kirkpatrick+, 2012)
(J/ApJ/758/110)  CN and CH indexes in stars of NGC 6791 (Carrera, 2012)

Added on 06 Jan 2015:
(J/MNRAS/433/543)  Choirs, HI galaxy groups (Sweet+, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/433/457)  76 T dwarfs from the UKIDSS LAS (Burningham+, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/433/L30)  Velocity gradient and brightness in disc galaxies (Lelli+ 2013)
(J/A+A/573/A103)  Light curves for variables in 5 clusters (Skottfelt+, 2015)
(J/A+A/573/A100)  WFCAM Variable Star Catalog (Ferreira Lopes+, 2015)

Added on 05 Jan 2015:
(J/MNRAS/439/354)  Sources around Tycho's Supernova 1572 (Bedin+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/433/1312)  SN2009ip UBVRI, UVOT and JHK light curves (Fraser+, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/425/1394)  High proper-motion white dwarfs (Kawka+, 2012)
(J/MNRAS/446/3562)  Red giants abundances in NGC752 (Bocek Topcu+, 2015)
(J/MNRAS/442/2081)  Praesepe members light curves (Kovacs+, 2014)
(J/AJ/148/72)  Photometry & interferometry of nearby secondaries (Tokovinin, 2014)

Added on 03 Jan 2015:
(J/AZh/91/679)  Chandra X-Ray galaxy clusters at z <1.4 (Babyk+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/441/1017)  Multiwavelength photometry of 34 galaxies (Rowlands+, 2014)
(J/A+A/567/A57)  HD 161306 Hα and HeI spectra (Koubsky+, 2014)
(J/A+A/567/A69)  Radial velocity and photometry in NGC 4372 (Kacharov+, 2014)
(J/A+A/567/A56)  CIG 340 (IC 2487) HI mapping (Scott+, 2014)
(J/A+A/567/A55)  Metallicity of the γ Vel cluster (Spina+, 2014)
(J/A+A/567/A30)  HERMES spectra of IP Eri (Merle+, 2014)
(J/A+A/567/A28)  HARPSpol magnetic massive stars (Alecian, 2014)

Added on 02 Jan 2015:
(J/A+A/567/A26)  New standards in 18th century astrometry (Lequeux, 2014)
(J/A+A/548/A92)  VrI light curves of NGC1904 variables (Kains+, 2012)
(J/A+A/569/A95)  SDSS optically selected BL Lac candidates (Kuegler+, 2014)
(J/A+A/569/A52)  Ultra steep spectrum radio sources (Singh+, 2014)

Added on 01 Jan 2015:
(J/A+A/567/L5)  W3(OH) high angular resolution 7mm images (Dzib+, 2014)
(VII/271)  Properties of Galactic Globular Clusters (Francis+, 2014)
(III/275)  Spectral Classes in Kapteyn areas 92-115 (Kharadze+, 2003)
(J/other/NewA/29.65)  MASTER polarization observations (Pruzhinskaya+, 2014)
(J/PAZh/37/837)  SN 2009nr UBVRI light curves (Tsvetkov+, 2011)
(J/MNRAS/442/1821)  ExoMol line list for KCl (Barton+, 2014)
(J/MNRAS/440/1649)  ExoMol line lists for CH4 (Yurchenko+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/774/72)  Measurements of 19 DIBs and 8 other interstellar lines (Kos+, 2013)
(J/A+A/567/A8)  WASP-46b g'r'i'z'JHK occultation light curves (Chen+, 2014)
(J/A+A/567/A3)  Limb-darkening coefficients for MOST (Claret+, 2014)
(J/A+A/567/A18)  Ni XV electron collisional excitation (Del Zanna+, 2014)
(J/A+A/567/A15)  Hen 2-260 emission line fluxes (Hajduk+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/768/74)  PHIBSS: CO observations of star-forming galaxies (Tacconi+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/768/47)  Swift/XRT 0.2-10keV observations of SN2009ip (Ofek+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/768/40)  R-band and polarimetry of the blazar S5 0716+71 (Larionov+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/768/37)  Radio emission from SDSS quasars (Condon+, 2013)

Added on 31 Dec 2014:
(J/ApJ/768/25)  Spitzer and Herschel observations of debris disks (Gaspar+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/768/13)  FIR properties of SDSS type 1 quasars (Hanish+, 2013)
(J/A+A/569/A41)  Radial velocities of NGC1316 globular clusters (Richtler+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/766/109)  Color/age/metallicity gradients of E galaxies (Kim+, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/406/382)  Early-type galaxies in the SDSS Stripe82 (Kaviraj, 2010)
(J/ApJ/767/134)  Abundances of red giant stars in UFD galaxies (Vargas+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/767/127)  Asteroseismic solutions for 77 Kepler stars (Huber+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/767/95)  Improved stellar parameters of smallest KIC stars (Dressing+, 2013)

Added on 30 Dec 2014:
(J/ApJ/767/94)  1.1-1.9GHz SETI survey of KOIs. I. (Siemion+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/767/62)  RR Lyrae stars BV photometry in UMa I (Garofalo+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/767/36)  APEX observations of HOPS protostars (Stutz+, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/446/1423)  Trumpler 5 photometric BV catalog (Donati+, 2015)

Added on 29 Dec 2014:
(J/AJ/148/126)  Light curves of four overcontact binaries (Caliskan+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/767/123)  FeXIV, FeXV and FeXVI transitions (Ferland+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/769/40)  Potassium abundance in red giants of GCs (Carretta+, 2013)

Added on 27 Dec 2014:
(J/ApJ/767/47)  Fe13+, Fe16+, Fe17+ cross-section measurements (Hahn+, 2013)
(J/A+A/567/A14)  RV and g'z' transits of KOI-1089b/Kepler-418b (Tingley+, 2014)
(J/ApJ/767/14)  MASIV survey III. Optical identifications (Pursimo+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/766/88)  Chandra observations of X-ray binaries in Cen A (Burke+, 2013)
(J/ApJ/766/136)  Stellar encounter rates in Galactic GCs (Bahramian+, 2013)

Added on 26 Dec 2014:
(J/ApJ/766/116)  Variability in proto-PNe. II. (Hrivnak+, 2013)
(J/MNRAS/424/2442)  Catalog of bubbles from Milky Way Project (Simpson+, 2012)