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4 catalogs found
 Chemical abundances in 7 red giants (Hamdani+, 2000)
    J/A+A/360/509/table3Equivalent widths for the seven red giants (150 rows)
 Li abundances in solar-analog stars (Takeda+, 2007)
    J/A+A/468/663/stars(c)All parameters of the stars studied (tables 2, 4, 5 and 6 of the paper) (118 rows)
    J/A+A/468/663/table3EWs of Fe I/Fe II lines and resulting Fe abundances (18445 rows)
 Abundances of extremely metal-poor carbon stars (Cohen+, 2006)
    J/AJ/132/137/table1(c)The Sample of C Stars Selected as EMP Candidates from the HES, Mostly from the Palomar Sample (17 rows)
    J/AJ/132/137/tablesEquivalent Widths of for 15 stars of the Primary Sample of C-Stars from the HES (tables 3-5 of the paper) (1860 rows)
 Late-G giants abundances (Takeda+, 2005)
    J/PASJ/57/109/table1(c)Basic data and the parameter solutions of the program stars (57 rows)
    J/PASJ/57/109/table2Final results of the normalized abundances. (57 rows)
    J/PASJ/57/109/tablee1a*Initial values of tablee1.dat calculations (Note) (57 rows)
    J/PASJ/57/109/tablee1EW data and the Fe abundances (6814 rows)
    J/PASJ/57/109/tablee2Measured equivalent widths and elemental abundances (7247 rows)
    J/PASJ/57/109/averageAveraged abundances of tablee2.dat calculation (1271 rows)
    J/PASJ/57/109/h104985*HD 104985 second calculation (Note) (124 rows)
    J/PASJ/57/109/h104985aAverage values for h104985 second calculation (22 rows)

       (c)  indicates tables which contain celestial coordinates 
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