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  2FGL sources observed between 5-9GHz (Schinzel+, 2015)
    J/ApJS/217/4/table2(c)The 148 objects that were detected at 5.0/5.5 and/or 7.3/9.0GHz within 2.7' of the 137 2FGL counterpart localization (148 rows)
    J/ApJS/217/4/table3(c)The 501 objects that were detected at 5.0/5.5 and/or 7.3/9.0GHz between 2.7' and 6.5' of the 324 2FGL counterpart localization (501 rows)
    J/ApJS/217/4/table4(c)The 216 objects that were detected outside of the 6.5 arcmin and were within the 99% position uncertainty of the 118 2FGL counterpart localization (216 rows)
    J/ApJS/217/4/table5(c)Possible counterparts from previous radio source catalogs, the ALLWISE catalog, and the Supercosmos database for radio sources found in category I (table2), II (table3), and III (table4) (1025 rows)
    J/ApJS/217/4/table6(c)The 117 2FGL fields for which no radio point source was detected within the 4σ localization error at both 5.0/5.5 and 7.3/9.0GHz (117 rows)
    J/ApJS/217/4/table7(c)The 95 VLBI detected radio sources in the fields of 90 2FGL unassociated γ-ray objects (95 rows)
    J/ApJS/217/4/table8The 167 possible associations of 112 2FGL unassociated sources from literature (167 rows)
  X-ray and radio images of SNR G351.0-5.4 (de Gasperin+ 2014) Query images/fits /fits
    J/A+A/568/A107/list(c)List of FITS images[image/fits] (2 rows)
  Application of the D3PO algorithm (Selig+, 2015)
    J/A+A/581/A126/catalog(c)1DF catalog of source candidates (table 3) (3106 rows)
    J/A+A/581/A126/listList of fits file (4 rows)

       (c)  indicates tables which contain celestial coordinates 
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