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  Properties of the highly ionized gas of quasars (Lehner+, 2014)
    J/ApJ/788/119/table1(c)Data Sample Summary (20 rows)
    J/ApJ/788/119/table8Results from the Profile Fits (256 rows)
  Ionization states and cooling efficiencies (Gnat+, 2007)
    J/ApJS/168/213/ion_CIEIon fractions for CIE (Collisional Ionization Equilibrium) (201 rows)
    J/ApJS/168/213/ion_chorIon fractions for isochoric cooling (Tables 2b, 2d, 2f, 2h and 2j of the paper) (620 rows)
    J/ApJS/168/213/ion_barIon fractions for isobaric cooling (Tables 2c, 2e, 2g, 2i and 2k of the paper) (657 rows)
    J/ApJS/168/213/cef_CIECIE (Collisional Ionization Equilibrium) cooling efficiencies (201 rows)
    J/ApJS/168/213/cef_chorIsochoric cooling efficiencies (125 rows)
    J/ApJS/168/213/cef_barIsobaric cooling efficiencies (133 rows)
  Study of fine-structure constants (Potekhin+ 1994)
    J/A+AS/104/89/table2C IV absorption wavelengths (741 rows)
    J/A+AS/104/89/table3N V absorption wavelengths (46 rows)
    J/A+AS/104/89/table4O VI absorption wavelengths (13 rows)
    J/A+AS/104/89/table5Mg II absorption wavelengths (404 rows)
    J/A+AS/104/89/table6Al III absorption wavelengths (42 rows)
    J/A+AS/104/89/table7Si IV absorption wavelengths (168 rows)
  Variability of the fine-structure constant (Murphy+, 2003)
    J/MNRAS/345/609/table2Atomic data for the MM transitions in our analysis. (46 rows)
    J/MNRAS/345/609/table3(c)The raw results from the Χ2 minimization procedure (128 rows)
  Variations of the fine-structure constant (Murphy+, 2009)
    J/other/MmSAI/80.833/table1(c)Values of Δ(α)/α and corrections for possible intra-order distortions of the wavelength scale (143 rows)
    J/other/MmSAI/80.833/transTransition codes, from Murphy et al. (2003, Cat. J/MNRAS/345/609) (23 rows)

       (c)  indicates tables which contain celestial coordinates 
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