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  Second Extreme Ultra-Violet Explorer Catalog (2EUVE, 1997) This catalogue is obsoleted by IX/35
    II/203A/table1(c)All-sky survey (514 rows)
    II/203A/table2(c)Deep Survey of half the ecliptic plane (35 rows)
    II/203A/table3(c)Sources detected in other ways (188 rows)
    II/203A/id1Identifications of table1 (551 rows)
    II/203A/id2Identifications of table2 (37 rows)
    II/203A/id3Identifications of table3 (213 rows)
    II/203A/faint(c)Faint sources detected jointly in EUVE and ROSAT WF (table 1 of Lampton et al., 1997ApJS..108..545L) (534 rows)
  Second EUVE Catalogues (Bowyer+, 1996-99)
    IX/35/survey(c)All-sky survey (1996 paper) (514 rows)
    IX/35/deepsurv(c)Deep Survey of half the ecliptic plane (1996 paper) (35 rows)
    IX/35/detect(c)Sources detected in other ways (1996 paper) (188 rows)
    IX/35/idsurveyIdentifications of survey.dat (1996 paper) (551 rows)
    IX/35/iddeepsuIdentifications of deepsurv.dat (1996 paper) (37 rows)
    IX/35/iddetectIdentifications of detect.dat (1996 paper) (213 rows)
    IX/35/faint(c)Joint EUVE-ROSAT Detections (1997 paper) (534 rows)
    IX/35/rap(c)Right Angle Program (RAP) data (1999 paper) (293 rows)

       (c)  indicates tables which contain celestial coordinates 
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